Download Excel File List of Cities of Philippines

Cities in the Philippines are divided into three main categories based on their population size, income, and political status:

  • Highly Urbanized Cities (HUCs) - These are cities that have a minimum population of 200,000 and an annual income of at least 50 million pesos. They are independent of any province and have their own government units.


Download Excel File List of Cities in Russia

Russia is divided into 3 level of division subject level, district level and rural level. Subject level is called federal subjects. Federal subjects is divided into 47 oblasts, 22 republics,  4 autonomous okrugs, 9 krais, 1 autonomous oblast. District level is divided into 2027 districts(raion) and 561 cities and towns of federal subject. Rural level is divided into towns, settlements.


Download Excel File List of Territories of US

The United States has 14 territories, which include five organized territories with varying degrees of self-government and nine unorganized territories that are under federal jurisdiction. The organized territories are American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.



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