List of Rivers of Israel


This list contains 47 rivers of Israel with there draining into location.
Draining Into Sl. No River Name Mediterranean Sea 1 Nahal Betzet Mediterranean Sea 2 Nahal Kziv Mediterranean Sea 3 Ga'aton River Mediterranean Sea 4 Nahal Na‘aman Mediterranean Sea 5 Kishon River Mediterranean Sea 6 Nahal Taninim Mediterranean Sea 7 Hadera Stream Mediterranean Sea 8 Nahal Alexander Mediterranean Sea 9 Nahal Poleg Mediterranean Sea 10 Yarkon River Mediterranean Sea 11 Ayalon River Mediterranean Sea 12 Nahal Qana Mediterranean Sea 13 Nahal Shillo Mediterranean Sea 14 Nahal Sorek Mediterranean Sea 15 Lakhish River Mediterranean Sea 16 Nahal Shikma Mediterranean Sea 17 HaBesor Stream Mediterranean Sea 18 Nahal Gerar Mediterranean Sea 19 Nahal Be'er Sheva Mediterranean Sea 20 Nahal Havron Dead Sea 21 Jordan River Dead Sea 22 Nahal Harod Dead Sea 23 Nahal Yissakhar Dead Sea 24 Nahal Tavor Dead Sea 25 Yarmouk River Dead Sea 26 Nahal Yavne’el Dead Sea 27 Nahal Arbel Dead Sea 28 Nahal Amud Dead Sea 29 Nahal Korazim Dead Sea 30 Nahal Hazor Dead Sea 31 Nahal Dishon Dead Sea 32 Hasbani River Dead Sea 33 Nahal Ayun Dead Sea 34 Dan River Dead Sea 35 Banias River Dead Sea 36 Nahal HaArava Dead Sea 37 Nahal Neqarot Dead Sea 38 Nahal Ramon Dead Sea 39 Nahal Shivya Dead Sea 40 Nahal Paran Dead Sea 41 Nahal Hiyyon Dead Sea 42 Nahal Zin Dead Sea 43 Tze'elim Stream Dead Sea 44 Nahal Mishmar Dead Sea 45 Nahal Hever Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba) 46 Nahal Shahmon Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba) 47 Nahal Shelomo

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