List of Rivers of Lebanon


This list contains 16 rivers of Lebanon with there other name, ancient name and originating location.
Ancient Name Sl. No Originating Location River Name Other Names Eleutherus River 1 The Lebanon Mountains Nahr al-Kabir al-Janoubi Nahr al-Kabir 2 The Lebanon Mountains Astoun River 3 The Lebanon Mountains Arqa River 4 The Lebanon Mountains Nahr al-Bared 5 The Lebanon Mountains Kadisha River Nahr Abu Ali 6 The Lebanon Mountains Al-Jawz River Adonis River 7 The Lebanon Mountains Abraham River Nahr Ibrahim Lycus River 8 The Lebanon Mountains Nahr al-Kalb Dog River Magoras River 9 The Lebanon Mountains Beirut River nahr Beirut Damoros river, Tamyrus river 10 The Lebanon Mountains Damour River Nahr Al Damour Asclepius River 11 The Lebanon Mountains Awali River 12 The Lebanon Mountains Siniq River 13 The Lebanon Mountains Zahrani River Leontes River 14 The Lebanese hinterland Litani River Qasimiyeh River Orontes River 15 The Lebanese hinterland Asi River 16 The Lebanese hinterland Hasbani River Nahal Snir 17 Caribbean Sea Suerte River 18 Caribbean Sea Tortuguero River 19 Caribbean Sea Reventazón River 20 Caribbean Sea Parismina River 21 Caribbean Sea Jiménez River 22 Caribbean Sea Atirro River 23 Caribbean Sea Pejibaye River 24 Caribbean Sea Orosí River 25 Caribbean Sea Pacuare River 26 Caribbean Sea Matina River 27 Caribbean Sea Chirripó Duchi River (Chirripó Atlañtico River) 28 Caribbean Sea Banano River 29 Caribbean Sea Estrella River 30 Caribbean Sea Sixaola River 31 Caribbean Sea Yorkin River 32 Caribbean Sea Uren River 33 Caribbean Sea Lari River 34 Caribbean Sea Coen River 35 Caribbean Sea Telire River 36 Pacific Ocean Tamarindo River 37 Pacific Ocean Nosara River 38 Pacific Ocean Tempisque River 39 Pacific Ocean Bebedero River 40 Pacific Ocean Cañas River Aranjuez River 41 Pacific Ocean Piedras River Barranca River 42 Pacific Ocean Corobicí River Jesús María River 43 Pacific Ocean Tenorio River Tárcoles River 44 Pacific Ocean Cañas River Pirris River 45 Pacific Ocean Salto River Naranjo River 46 Pacific Ocean Liberia River Savegre River 47 Pacific Ocean Colorado River Térraba River 48 Pacific Ocean Abangares River Coto Brus River 49 Pacific Ocean Lagarto River General River 50 Pacific Ocean Guacimal River Chirripó Pacifico River 51 Pacific Ocean Sierpe River 52 Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Coto Colorado River 53 Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Río Ceibo 54 Pacific Ocean Pacific Ocean Chacuaco River 55 Pacific Ocean Claro River (Costa Rica) 56 Pacific Ocean Colón River 57 Pacific Ocean Conte River 58 Pacific Ocean Diamante River (Costa Rica) 59 Pacific Ocean Jaba River (Costa Rica) 60 Pacific Ocean La Palma River 61 Pacific Ocean Limón River (Costa Rica) 62 Pacific Ocean Negro River (Costa Rica) 63 Rincón River 64 Riyito River (Costa Rica) 65 Síngrí River 66 Pacific Ocean Tigre River (Costa Rica) 67 Pacific Ocean Volcán River 68 Pacific Ocean United States 69 Pacific Ocean 70 Pacific Ocean 71 Pacific Ocean 72 Pacific Ocean 73 Pacific Ocean 74 Pacific Ocean 75 Pacific Ocean 76 Pacific Ocean 77 Pacific Ocean 78 Pacific Ocean 78 Susquehanna River 79 Yukon Canada/United States 80 Tanana River United States Phrae 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88

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