List of Rivers of Sudan


This contains list of Rivers of Sudan with there draining into location.
Flowing Into Sl. No Name Comments Mediterranean Sea 1 Adar River (South Sudan) Mediterranean Sea 2 Adda River Mediterranean Sea 3 Angereb River (or Greater Angereb River) Also connects to Lake Edward and the Semliki River via the Kazinga Channel Mediterranean Sea 4 Atbarah River Jequetepeque River Mediterranean Sea 5 Bahr al-Arab Juruá River or Yurua Mediterranean Sea 6 Bahr el Ghazal La Leche River Red Sea 7 Barka River Lacramarca River Mediterranean Sea 8 Blue Nile Lake Titicaca Mediterranean Sea 9 Dinder River Llaucano River Endorheic basins (Lake Kundi) 10 Ibrah River Locumba River Mediterranean Sea (only reaches the Atbarah in times of flood) 11 Mareb River (or Gash River) Lurín River Mediterranean Sea 12 Nile Madeira River (Brazil) Mediterranean Sea 13 Rahad River Madre de Dios River Mediterranean Sea 14 Tekezé River (or Setit) Mala River Mediterranean Sea 15 Umbelasha River Mamuripi River Endorheic basins (Libyan Desert) 16 Wadi Howar (remnant of the Yellow Nile, an ancient tributary of the Nile) Mantaro River Mediterranean Sea 17 White Nile Manú River Mediterranean Sea 18 Yabus River Atlantic Ocean River Kafu (Kabi River) Moche River Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean River Muzizi Monzón River Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean Rutshuru River Morona River, 402 km Mediterranean Sea Pacific Ocean Semliki River Motupe River Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean Sezibwa River Muymano River Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean Suam River Nanay River Lake Turkana Pacific Ocean Turkwel River Napo River Lake Turkana Atlantic Ocean Victoria Nile Nepeña River Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean White Nile Nieva River Mediterranean Sea Atlantic Ocean Guanache River Nucuray River Pacific Ocean Heath River Occoro River Atlantic Ocean Higueras RIver Ocoña River Atlantic Ocean Huallaga River Olmos River Atlantic Ocean Huancabamba River or Huayabamba Omas River Pacific Ocean Huancané River Orthon River (Bolivia) Pacific Ocean Huarmey River Osmore River or Moquegua or Ilo Pacific Ocean Huarpa River Pachachaka River Huasaga River Pachitea River Huaura River Palcazu River Huenque River Pampas River Iaco River or Yaco Pangoa River

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