List of Rivers of Haiti


This list contains 31 rivers of Haiti with there draining into location.
Draining Into Sl. No River Nmae Comments Atlantic Ocean 1 Dajabón River (Massacre River) Borders Nicaragua. (Central America)  Atlantic Ocean 2 Grande Rivière du Nord Borders Nicaragua. Atlantic Ocean 3 Rivière du Limbè Atlantic Ocean 4 Les Trois Rivières Gulf of Gonâve 5 Rivière la Quinte Gulf of Gonâve 6 Rivière l'Estère Gulf of Gonâve 7 Artibonite River is the largest in Honduras and the second largest in Central America. Gulf of Gonâve 8 Rivière de Fer à Cheval Gulf of Gonâve 9 Macasía River Gulf of Gonâve 10 Guayamouc River Gulf of Gonâve 11 Rivière Bouyaha Gulf of Gonâve 12 Rivière Canot Gulf of Gonâve 13 Rivière Lociane Gulf of Gonâve 14 Libón River Gulf of Gonâve 15 Rivière de Saint-Marc Gulf of Gonâve 16 Rivière Montrouis Gulf of Gonâve 17 Rivière Blanche (Artibonite) Gulf of Gonâve 18 Rivière Blanche (Ouest) Gulf of Gonâve 19 Rivière Grise (Grande Riviere du Cul de Sac) Gulf of Gonâve 20 Momance River Gulf of Gonâve 21 Rivière de Grand Goâve Gulf of Gonâve 22 Grande Rivière de Nippes Gulf of Gonâve 23 Grande-Anse River Caribbean Sea 24 Acul River Caribbean Sea 25 Ravine du Sud Caribbean Sea 26 Rivière de Cavaillon Caribbean Sea 27 Rivière des Côtes de Fer Caribbean Sea 28 Rivière de Bainet Caribbean Sea 29 Grande Rivière de Jacmel Is the most important river economically. Caribbean Sea 30 Petite Rivière de Jacmel Caribbean Sea 31 Pedernales River Blanco River Caribbean Sea 32 Otoro River (Río Grande de Otoro) Caribbean Sea 33 Jicatuyo River Caribbean Sea 34 Higuito River Caribbean Sea 35 Chamelecón River Caribbean Sea 36 Motagua River Caribbean Sea 37 Choluteca River Pacific Ocean 38 Goascorán River  Pacific Ocean 39 Divides El Salvador from Honduras. Guarajambala River Pacific Ocean 40 Lempa River Pacific Ocean 41 Mocal River Pacific Ocean 42 Nacaome River Pacific Ocean 43 Petacon River Pacific Ocean 44 Azacualpa River Pacific Ocean 45 De la Sonta River Pacific Ocean 46 Negro River Pacific Ocean 47 Sumpul River Pacific Ocean 48 Torola River Pacific Ocean

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