List of Rivers of Cuba


This list contains 34 rivers of Cuba with there draining into location.
Sl. No River Name River Name Draining Into 1 Achiguate River Agabama River (Manatí River) South Coast 2 Acomé River Almendares River Gulf of Honduras 3 Aguacapa River Bayamo River Gulf of Honduras 4 Belize River (Belize) Buey River Gulf of Mexico 5 Blanco River (San Marcos) Canímar River Gulf of Honduras 6 Bobos River Caonao River Pacific Ocean 7 Cabajchum River Cauto River Pacific Ocean 8 Cabúz River Contramaestre River Gulf of Mexico 9 Cahabón River Cuyaguateje River (Guane River) Pacific Ocean 10 Cancuén River Damují River (Rodas River) South Coast 11 Chahal River Guamá River South Coast 12 Chisna River Guantánamo River South Coast 13 Chixoy River (Río Negro) Guaso River South Coast 14 Chiyu River Hanabana River (Amarillas River) South Coast 15 Chocón Machacas River Jaibo River South Coast 16 Chocón River Jiquí River South Coast 17 Coyolate River Jobabo River South Coast 18 Cuilco River Mantua River North Coast 19 Cutzulchimá River Máximo River North Coast 20 Dulce River Mayabeque River South Coast 21 El Tambor River Najasa River (San Juan de Najasa River) South Coast 22 Franco River Quibo River North Coast 23 Gracias a Dios River Río de la Palma North Coast 24 Grijalva River (Mexico) Río Jatibonico del Norte North Coast 25 Hondo River (Río Azul) Río Jatibonico del Sur South Coast 26 Icán River Sagua la Chica River North Coast 27 Ixben River Sagua la Grande River North Coast 28 Ixcán River Salado River South Coast 29 Ixtacapa River San Diego River South Coast 30 Jalapa River San Pedro River South Coast 31 Jupilingo River Saramaguacán River North Coast 32 Lacantún River (Mexico) Tana River South Coast 33 Lake Amatitlán Toa River North Coast 34 Lake Izabal Yumurí River North Coast Lanquin River 35 Las Animas River 36 Las Manzanas River 37 Las Vacas River 38 Lempa River 39 Los Esclavos River 40 Machaquila River 41 Madre Vieja River 42 Pacific Ocean María Linda River 43 Gulf of Honduras Matanzas River 44 Pacific Ocean Michatoya River 45 Gulf of Honduras Moho River 46 Gulf of Honduras Mopan River 47 Gulf of Honduras Motagua River 48 Pacific Ocean Mujulia River 49 Pacific Ocean Nahualate River 50 Pacific Ocean Naranjo River 51 Gulf of Mexico Nentón River 52 Pacific Ocean Nica River 53 Pacific Ocean Nil River 54 Pacific Ocean Nima I River 55 Pacific Ocean Nima River 56 Pacific Ocean Oc River 57 Pacific Ocean Ocosito River 58 Pacific Ocean Ostúa River 59 Pacific Ocean Pantaleón River 60 Gulf of Honduras Pasabien River 61 Gulf of Mexico Pasión River (Río de la Pasión) 62 Pacific Ocean Paso Hondo River 63 Pacific Ocean Paz River 64 Pacific Ocean Petacalapa River 65 Gulf of Honduras Polochic River 66 Gulf of Mexico Poxte River 67 Gulf of Honduras Río Grande de Zacapa 68 Gulf of Mexico Salamá River 69

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