List of Rivers of Panama


This list contains 44 rivers of Panama with there draining into location.
Draining Into Sl. No River Name Atlantic Ocean 1 Sixaola river Atlantic Ocean 2 Yorkin River Atlantic Ocean 3 San Carlos River Atlantic Ocean 4 Teribe River Atlantic Ocean 5 Sini River Atlantic Ocean 6 Changuinola River Atlantic Ocean 7 Tigre River Atlantic Ocean 8 Quebrada El Mono Atlantic Ocean 9 Quebrada Carbon Atlantic Ocean 10 Quebrada Junco Atlantic Ocean 11 Guariviara River Atlantic Ocean 12 Cricamola River Atlantic Ocean 13 Caloveborhia River Atlantic Ocean 14 Cocle del Norte River Atlantic Ocean 15 Toabrhié River Atlantic Ocean 16 Indio River Atlantic Ocean 17 Chagres River Atlantic Ocean 18 Gatún River Atlantic Ocean 19 Cascajal River Atlantic Ocean 20 Nombre de Dios River Atlantic Ocean 21 Cangandi River Pacific Ocean 22 Chiriquí Viejo River Pacific Ocean 23 Chiriquí River Pacific Ocean 24 David River Pacific Ocean 25 Majagua River Pacific Ocean 26 San Felix River Pacific Ocean 27 Tabasara River Pacific Ocean 28 San Pablo River Pacific Ocean 29 Cobre River Pacific Ocean 30 La Villa River Pacific Ocean 31 Santa Maria River Pacific Ocean 32 Cocle del Sur River Pacific Ocean 33 Chico River Pacific Ocean 34 Grande River Pacific Ocean 35 Pacora River Pacific Ocean 36 Chepo River (Bayano River) Pacific Ocean 37 Mamoni River Pacific Ocean 38 Lara River Pacific Ocean 39 Congo River Pacific Ocean 40 Sabanas River Pacific Ocean 41 Tuira River Pacific Ocean 42 Balsas River Pacific Ocean 43 Chucunaque River Pacific Ocean 44 Sambú River Río Cibuco North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 45 Río Indio North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 46 Río Morovis North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 47 Río Unibón North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 48 Río Mavilla North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 49 Río Corozal North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 50 Río de los Negros North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 51 Río Dos Bocas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 52 Río de la Plata North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 53 Río Nuevo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 54 Río Lajas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 55 Río Bucarabones North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 56 Río Cañas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 57 Río Cuesta Arriba North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 58 Río Guadiana North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 59 Río Arroyata North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 60 Río Hondo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 61 Río Caliente North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 62 Río Frío North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 63 Río Usabón North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 64 Río de Barranquitas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 65 Río de Aibonito North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 66 Río Maton North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 67 Río Guavate North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 68 Río Chiquito North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 69 Río Cocal North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 70 Río Bayamón North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 71 Río Hondo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 72 Río Guaynabo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 73 Río Minillas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 74 Río Clavijo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 75 Río Puerto Nuevo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 76 Río Piedras North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 77 Río Grande de Loíza North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 78 Río Canóvanas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 79 Río Cubuy North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 80 Río Canovanillas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 81 Río Cañas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 82 Río Gurabo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 83 Río Valenciano North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 84 Río Bairoa North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 85 Río Caguitas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 86 Río Cañaboncito North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 87 Río Turabo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 88 Río Cayaguas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 89 Río de las Vegas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 90 Río Emajagua North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 91 Río Herrera North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 92 Río Grande (Río El Yunque) North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 93 Río Espíritu Santo North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 94 Río Mameyes North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 95 Río de la Mina North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 96 Río Sabana North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 97 Río Pitahaya North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 98 Río del Cristal North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 99 Río Camándulas North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 100 Río Juan Martín North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) 101 Río Fajardo East Coast (Vieques Passage) 102 Río Demajagua East Coast (Vieques Passage) 103 Río Daguao East Coast (Vieques Passage) 104 Río Santiago East Coast (Vieques Passage) 105 Río Blanco East Coast (Vieques Passage) 106 Río Cubuy East Coast (Vieques Passage) 107 Río Icacos East Coast (Vieques Passage) 108 Río Sabana East Coast (Vieques Passage) 109 Río Prieto East Coast (Vieques Passage) 110 Río Anton Ruiz East Coast (Vieques Passage) 111 Río Humacao East Coast (Vieques Passage) 112 Río Candelero East Coast (Vieques Passage) 113 Río Guayanes East Coast (Vieques Passage) 114 Río del Ingenio East Coast (Vieques Passage) 115 Río Limones East Coast (Vieques Passage) 116 Río Arenas East Coast (Vieques Passage) 117 Río Prieto East Coast (Vieques Passage) 118 Caño de Santiago East Coast (Vieques Passage) 119 Río Loco South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 120 Río Cañas South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 121 Río Yauco South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 122 Río Duey South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 123 Río Naranjo South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 124 Río Chiquito South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 125 Río Guayanilla South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 126 Río Macaná South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 127 Río Tallaboa South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 128 Río Guayanés South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 129 Río Matilde South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 130 Río Cañas South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 131 Río Pastillo South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 132 Río Portugués South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 133 Río Chiquito South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 134 Río Corcho South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 135 Río Bucaná South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 136 Río Bayagán South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 137 Río Cerrillos South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 138 Río San Patricio South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 139 Río Prieto South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 140 Río Inabón South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 141 Río Guayo South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 142 Río Anón South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 143 Río Jacaguas South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 144 Río Toa Vaca South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 145 Río Cañas South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 146 Río Descalabrado South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 147 Río Coamo South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 148 Río de la Mina South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 149 Río del Pasto South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 150 Río Cuyón South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 151 Río Cayures South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 152 Río Jueyes South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 153 Río Nigua (Río Salina) South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 154 Río Majada South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 155 Río Lapa South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 156 Río Jájome South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 157 Río Seco South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 158 Río Guamaní South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 159 Río Nigua South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 160 Río Grande de Patillas South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 161 Río Marín South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 162 Río Chico South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 163 Río de Apeadero South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 164 Río Jacaboa South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 165 Río Maunabo South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 166 Río Lachi South Coast (Caribbean Sea) 167 Río Culebrinas West Coast (Mona Passage) 168 Río Cañas West Coast (Mona Passage) 169 Río Guatemala West Coast (Mona Passage) 170 Río Juncal West Coast (Mona Passage) 171 Río Guayabo West Coast (Mona Passage) 172 Río Culebra West Coast (Mona Passage) 173 Río Ingenio West Coast (Mona Passage) 174 Río Grande West Coast (Mona Passage) 175 Río Hondo West Coast (Mona Passage) 176 Río Grande de Añasco West Coast (Mona Passage) 177 Río Dagüey West Coast (Mona Passage) 178 Río Cañas West Coast (Mona Passage) 179 Río Casei West Coast (Mona Passage) 180 Río Humata West Coast (Mona Passage) 181 Río Sonador West Coast (Mona Passage) 182 Río Arenas West Coast (Mona Passage) 183 Río Guaba West Coast (Mona Passage) 184 Río Bonelli West Coast (Mona Passage) 185 Río Postrero West Coast (Mona Passage) 186 Río Blanco West Coast (Mona Passage) 187 Río Guilarte West Coast (Mona Passage) 188 Río Limaní West Coast (Mona Passage) 189 Río Yahuecas West Coast (Mona Passage) 190 Río Prieto West Coast (Mona Passage) 191 Río Toro West Coast (Mona Passage) 192 Río Sapo West Coast (Mona Passage) 193 Río Yagüez West Coast (Mona Passage) 194 Río Guanajibo West Coast (Mona Passage) 195 Río Hondo West Coast (Mona Passage) 196 Río Rosario West Coast (Mona Passage) 197 Río Prieto West Coast (Mona Passage) 198 Río Maricao West Coast (Mona Passage) 199 Río Viejo West Coast (Mona Passage) 200 Río Hoconuco West Coast (Mona Passage) 201 Río Duey West Coast (Mona Passage) 202 Río Nueve Pasos West Coast (Mona Passage) 203 Río Cain West Coast (Mona Passage) 204 Río Cupeyes West Coast (Mona Passage) 205 Río Cruces West Coast (Mona Passage) 206 Río Flores West Coast (Mona Passage) 207 Río Grande West Coast (Mona Passage) 208 Río Coco West Coast (Mona Passage) 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 X3 220 221 222 223 224 225

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