Download List Of Endangered Animals In Pakistan

In Pakistan there are 24 mammals, 1 reptiles, 42 birds, 2 fishes and 23 corals which are endangered.


Download Excel File List of Prime Ministers of Pakistan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is the political leader and head of government of the country, and is responsible for nominating the rest of the government, chairing Cabinet meetings and deciding when to call general elections for the National Assembly. The office of prime minister was created immediately after the establishment of Pakistan by the Indian Independence Act 1947.

List of Presidents of Pakistan

The President of Pakistan is the head of state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the President has "powers, subject to Supreme Court approval or veto, to dissolve the National Assembly, triggering new elections, and thereby dismissing the Prime Minister". These powers were repeatedly modified through amendments to the constitution, which were introduced as the results of military coups and changes in government.
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