List of Presidents of Pakistan


This contains list of 12 Presidents of Pakistan.

The President of Pakistan is the head of state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the President has "powers, subject to Supreme Court approval or veto, to dissolve the National Assembly, triggering new elections, and thereby dismissing the Prime Minister". These powers were repeatedly modified through amendments to the constitution, which were introduced as the results of military coups and changes in government. Since the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 2010, Pakistan has been shifted back from semi-presidential to a parliamentary democratic republic. Under that system, the president has limited ruling powers, and performs ceremonial duties while the Prime Minister enjoys more powers to execute decisions. The president is chosen by the Electoral College composed of the Senate, the National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies.
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No.,Name,Took office,Left office,Elections,Political party,Note(s),(Birthdeath),,,,,1,Iskander Mirza,23-Mar-56,27-Oct-58,,Republican Party,"Mirza served as the last Governor-General of Pakistan and became its first president after the 1956 Constitution was promulgated, which established a republic. He was deposed in a 1958 coup d'tat by General Ayub Khan, whom Mirza had appointed as the Chief Martial Law Administrator in 1957.",(18991969),,,,,2,Ayub Khan,27-Oct-58,08-Jun-62,,,"Ayub took control over the country after the 1958 coup d'tat. He led Pakistan into the 1965 war against India. In 1969, Ayub resigned under pressure from opposition and handed over power to General Yahya Khan.",(190774),08-Jun-62,25-Mar-69,02-Jan-65,Pakistan Muslim League (C),3,Yahya Khan,25-Mar-69,20-Dec-71,,,Yahya took office after the resignation of Ayub Khan in 1969. He resigned after Pakistan's defeat to India in the 1971 war.,(191780),,,,,4,Zulfikar Ali Bhutto,20-Dec-71,13-Aug-73,20-Dec-71,Pakistan People's Party,"Bhutto resigned as president to become the Prime Minister after the 1973 Constitution was promulgated, which established a parliamentary system of government.",(192879),,,,,5,Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry,14-Aug-73,16-Sep-78,14-Aug-73,Pakistan People's Party,"Chaudhry was the constitutional president, whose authority was exercised by Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Chaudhry resigned in 1978 and handed over the presidency to General Zia.",(190482),,,,,6,Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq,16-Sep-78,17-Aug-88,,,"Zia took de facto control over the country by leading the 1977 coup d'tat. He served as the Chief Martial Law Administrator until 1979. He was killed in a plane crash, becoming the only president to die in office.",(192488),,,,,7,Ghulam Ishaq Khan,17-Aug-88,18-Jul-93,13-Dec-88,Independent,"Khan took office after the Zia's 1988 death. He attempted to dismiss the Nawaz Sharif government in 1993, but the Supreme Court overturned the president's decision. Khan eventually resigned, along with Sharif, in an agreement brokered by the Armed Forces.",(19152006),,,,,A,Wasim Sajjad,18-Jul-93,14-Nov-93,,Pakistan Muslim League (N),"He was Chairman of the Senate, serving his first term as acting President.",(1941 ),,,,,8,Farooq Leghari,14-Nov-93,02-Dec-97,14-Nov-93,Pakistan People's Party,"Leghari was elected president in 1993, after the resignation of Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Afterwards, Leghari clashed with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and he finally resigned after being forced by the conservatives and persuaded by the Armed Forces.",(19402010),,,,,A,Wasim Sajjad,02-Dec-97,01-Jan-98,,Pakistan Muslim League (N),"He was Chairman of the Senate, serving his second term as acting President.",(1941 ),,,,,9,Muhammad Rafiq Tarar,01-Jan-98,20-Jun-01,31-Dec-97,Pakistan Muslim League (N),"Tarar was the constitutional president, whose authority was exercised by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Tarar resigned in 2001.",(1929),,,,,10,Pervez Musharraf,20-Jun-01,06-Oct-07,01-Jan-04,,"Musharraf took de facto control over the country by leading the 1999 Pakistani coup d'tat. He served as the Chief Executive until 2002. Musharraf resigned the presidency in 2008, to avoid impeachment.",(1943 ),06-Oct-07,18-Aug-08,06-Oct-07,Pakistan Muslim League (Q),A,Muhammad Mian Soomro,18-Aug-08,09-Sep-08,,Pakistan Muslim League (Q),"He was Chairman of the Senate, serving as acting President.",(1950 ),,,,,11,Asif Ali Zardari,09-Sep-08,08-Sep-13,06-Sep-08,Pakistan People's Party,Zardari was elected after Musharraf's resignation in 2008. The passage of the 18th Amendment in 2010 reduced his vast presidential powers to that of a ceremonial figurehead.,(1955 ),,,,,12,Mamnoon Hussain,09-Sep-13,Incumbent,30-Jul-13,Pakistan Muslim League (N),"Hussain was elected the 12th President of Pakistan by a comfortable majority, and took office on 9 September 2013.",(1940 ),,,,,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,