List of Rivers of Croatia


Download Excel File List of Presidents of Croatia

This is a list of Presidents of Croatia. Historically, the heads of state of Croatia as a constituent country of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia were referred to as "Presidents".[citation needed] Prior to 1974, Croatia's head of state was the speaker of the Croatian parliament.[citation needed] The Parliament of Croatia was known as the People's Assembly (Narodna Skupština) 1945-1953, and then re-assumed its old name, the Sabor, in 1953 ("Sabor" is translated "Parliament" in the table).

Download Excel File List of Prime Ministers of Croatia

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, or President of the Government in literal translation (Croatian: Predsjednik Vlade Republike Hrvatske), is Croatia's head of government, and is the de facto most powerful and influential state officeholder in the Croatian system of government. Following the first-time establishment of the office in 1945, the 1990-2001 semi-presidential period is the only exception where the President of Croatia held de facto authority.
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