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This list comprises of 19 Presidents of Croatia.

This is a list of Presidents of Croatia. Historically, the heads of state of Croatia as a constituent country of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia were referred to as "Presidents".[citation needed] Prior to 1974, Croatia's head of state was the speaker of the Croatian parliament.[citation needed] The Parliament of Croatia was known as the People's Assembly (Narodna Skupština) 1945-1953, and then re-assumed its old name, the Sabor, in 1953 ("Sabor" is translated "Parliament" in the table). Since the Christmas Constitution, the President of the Republic (Predsjednik) is directly elected to a five-year term and is limited to a maximum of two terms. Since the changes to the Constitution of Croatia in 2001, the President of the Republic of Croatia cannot be a member of any political party.[1] He or she can be elected as a member of a party, but once elected must resign from membership in any political party.
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No.,President,Lifespan,Term of office,,Party,Notes,,,,,,,,,Electoral,,,,,,mandates,,,Presidents of the Presidium of the Parliament,,,,,,1943-1953,,,,,,1,Vladimir Nazor,18761949,13-Jun,19-Jun,Independent,From 1943 to 1945 formal head of state as Speaker of the ZAVNOH (Croatian wartime assembly). Post-war served as head of state in the function of President of the Presidium of the Parliament. First head of state of modern Croatia. Died in office.,,,1943,1949,"(member of the Unitary National Liberation Front, i.e. the National Front)",2,Karlo Mrazovi?,19021987,15-Oct,1952,Communist Party of Yugoslavia,,,,1949,,,3,Vicko Krstulovi?,19051988,1952,06-Feb,Communist Party of Yugoslavia,,,,,1953,(renamed in 1952),,,,,,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,,,(renamed in 1952),Speakers of the Parliament,,,,,,1953-1974,,,,,,4,Zlatan Sremec,18981971,06-Feb,December,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,Speaker of Parliament since 1946; became formal head of state (as Speaker) on 6 February 1953 with the abolition of the Presidium.,,,1953,1953,,5,Vladimir Bakari?,19121983,December,December,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,"Longest term to date as Croatian head of state, also served as Prime Minister of Croatia. People's Hero of Yugoslavia",,,1953,1963,,6,Ivan Kraja?i?,19061986,December,June,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1963,1967,,7,Jakov Blaevi?,19121996,June,April,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1967,1974,,8,Ivo Periin,19232009,April,08-May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,"Ceased to be the head of state with the establishment of the collective Presidency on 8 May 1974; continued on as Speaker until 1978. Also at one time held the positions of Prime Minister of Croatia, and Mayor of Split.",,,1974,1974,,Presidents of the Presidency,,,,,,1974-1990,,,,,,9,Jakov Blaevi?,19121996,08-May,May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1974,1982,,10,Marijan Cvetkovi?,19201990,May,May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1982,1983,,11,Milutin Balti?,19202013,May,10-May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1983,1984,,12,Jaka Petri?,19221993,10-May,10-May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1984,1985,,13,Pero Car,19201985,10-May,20-Nov,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1985,1985,,14,Ema Derosi-Bjelajac,1926,20-Nov,10-May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1985,1986,,15,Ante Markovi?,19242011,10-May,May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,"Also at one time Prime Minister of Croatia, and last Prime Minister of Yugoslavia. Led successful reforms terminated by the ensuing Yugoslav Wars.",,,1986,1988,,16,Ivo Latin,19292002,May,30-May,League of Communists of Yugoslavia,,,,1988,1990,,Presidents,,,,,,since 1990,,,,,,1,Franjo Tu?man,19221999,30-May,10-Dec,Croatian Democratic Union,Two terms. Initially held the office as President of the Presidency of Croatia. From 26 November 1999 until his death on 10 December 1999 represented by acting president Vlatko Pavleti? (the Speaker of the Parliament). Died while formally in office.,,,1990,1999,,,,,"1992, 1997",,,N/A,Vlatko Pavleti?,19302007,26-Nov,02-Feb,Croatian Democratic Union,"Speaker of the Parliament serving as acting president (for Tu?man until 10 December 1999, then in his own right).",(acting),,1999,2000,,N/A,Zlatko Tom?i?,1945,02-Feb,18-Feb,Croatian Peasant Party,Speaker of the Parliament serving as acting president until the inauguration of an elected president (Tom?i? replaced Pavleti? as Speaker after the 2000 parliamentary election).,(acting),,2000,2000,,2,Stjepan Mesi?,1934,18-Feb,18-Feb,Independent,Two terms. Previously served as the last President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia.,,,2000,2010,,,,,"2000, 2005",,,3,Ivo Josipovi?,1957,18-Feb,Incumbent,Social Democratic Party,,,,2010,,,,,,200910,,,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,