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This list Contains 3 Chief Ministers of Bombay State and 18 Chief Ministers of Maharashtra State.

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List of Chief Ministers Bombay and  Maharashtra,,,,,No,Name,Term of office,,Party,Days in officeChief Ministers of Bombay State,,,,,1,B. G. Kher,15 August 1947,21 April 1952,Indian National Congress,1711 Days2,"Morarji Desai MLA for Bulsar Chikhli",21 April 1952,31 October 1956,,1654 Days3,"Yashwantrao Chavan MLA for Karad North",1 November 1956,5 April 1957,,1307 Days,,5 April 1957,30 April 1960,,Chief Ministers of Maharashtra,,,,,1,"Yashwantrao Chavan MLA for Karad North",1 May 1960,19 November 1962,Indian National Congress,933 Days2,"Marotrao Kannamwar MLA for Saoli",20 November 1962,24 November 1963,,370 Days3,"P. K. Sawant MLA for Chiplun",25 November 1963,4 December 1963,,10 Days4,"Vasantrao Naik MLA for Pusad",5 December 1963,1 March 1967,,1548 Days,,1 March 1967,13 March 1972,,1840 Days,,13 March 1972,20 February 1975,,709 Days [Total 4097 Days]5,"Shankarrao Chavan MLA for Bhokar",21 February 1975,16 May 1977,,816 Days6,Vasantdada Patil,17 May 1977,5 March 1978,,293 Days,,5 March 1978,18 July 1978,,134 Days7,"Sharad Pawar MLA for Baramati",18 July 1978,17 February 1980,Progressive Democratic Front,580 Days-,"Vacant (President's rule)",17 February 1980,8 June 1980,N/A,113 Days8,"Abdul Rehman Antulay MLA for Shrivardhan",9 June 1980,12 January 1982,Indian National Congress,583 Days9,"Babasaheb Bhosale MLA for Nehrunagar",21 January 1982,1 February 1983,,377 Days6,Vasantdada Patil ,2 February 1983,1 June 1985,,851 Days [Total 1304 Days]10,"Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar MLA for Nilanga",3 June 1985,6 March 1986,,277 Days5,Shankarrao Chavan ,12 March 1986,26 June 1988,,837 Days [Total 1623 Days]7,"Sharad Pawar  MLA for Baramati",26 June 1988,25 June 1991,,1094 Days11,"Sudhakarrao Naik MLA for Pusad",25 June 1991,22 February 1993,,608 Days7,"Sharad Pawar  MLA for Baramati",6 March 1993,14 March 1995,,739 Days [Total 2413 Days]12,"Manohar Joshi MLA for Dadar",14 March 1995,31 January 1999,Shiv Sena,1419 Days13,"Narayan Rane MLA for Malvan",1 February 1999,17 October 1999,,259 Days14,"Vilasrao Deshmukh MLA for Latur",18 October 1999,16 January 2003,Indian National Congress,1187 Days15,Sushilkumar Shinde,18 January 2003,30 October 2004,,651 Days14,"Vilasrao Deshmukh  MLA for Latur",1 November 2004,4 December 2008,,1494 Days [Total 2681 Days]16,"Ashok Chavan MLA for Bhokar",8 December 2008,15 October 2009,,311 Days,,7 November 2009,9 November 2010,,368 Days [Total 679 Days]17,"Prithviraj Chavan MLA for Karad South",11 November 2010,26 September 2014,,1415 Days-,"Vacant (President's rule)",28 September 2014,31 October 2014,N/A,32 days18,"Devendra Fadnavis MLA for Nagpur South West",31 October 2014,Incumbent,Bharatiya Janata Party,1172,,,,,,,,,,