List of Rivers of Togo


This list contains 15 rivers names flowing in Togo with draining into location.
Draining Into Sl. No Countries sharing the same river River Name Gulf of Guinea 1 Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine Volta River (Ghana) Gulf of Guinea 2 Ukraine, Romania, Hungary Todzie River Gulf of Guinea 3 Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Oti River (Pendjari River) Gulf of Guinea 4 none Mo River Gulf of Guinea 5 Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina Kara River Gulf of Guinea 6 Romania Koumongou River Gulf of Guinea 7 Albania Koulpéolgo River Gulf of Guinea 8 Macedonia Mono River Gulf of Guinea 9 Montenegro Couffo River Gulf of Guinea 10 Romania Gbaga Canal Gulf of Guinea 11 Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina Lake Togo Gulf of Guinea 12 Bulgaria Haho River Gulf of Guinea 13 Bulgaria Sio River Gulf of Guinea 14 Croatia Amou River Gulf of Guinea 15 Romania Anie River Mlava Serbia none 16 Toplica Serbia none 17 Pek Serbia none 18 Plazović Vojvodina Hungary 19 Pčinja Serbia Macedonia 20 Nera Vojvodina Romania 21 Kolubara Serbia none 22 Uvac Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina 23 Zlatica Vojvodina Romania 24 Karaš Vojvodina Romania 25 Krivaja Vojvodina none 26 Čik Vojvodina none 27 Rasina Serbia none 28 Sitnica Kosovo none 29 Tamnava Serbia none 30 Temštica Serbia Bulgaria 31 Jablanica Serbia none 32 Crni Timok Serbia none 33 Nadela Vojvodina none 34 Jasenica Serbia none 35 Jadar Serbia none 36 Gruža Serbia none 37 Lepenac Kosovo Macedonia 38 Đetinja Serbia none 39 Veternica Serbia none 40 Jerma Serbia Bulgaria 41 Lab Kosovo none 42 Rzav (Zlatibor) Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina 43 Pusta reka Serbia none 44 Mostonga Vojvodina none 45 Kereš Serbia Hungary 46 Radika Serbia Macedonia 47 Vlasina Serbia none 48 Resava Serbia none 49 Jegrička Vojvodina none 50 Dragovištica Serbia Bulgaria 51 Pećka Bistrica Kosovo Montenegro 52 Klina Kosovo none 53 Rzav (Golija) Serbia none 54 Studenica Serbia none 55 Raška Serbia none 56 Sokobanjska Moravica Serbia none 57 Ub Serbia none 58 Lugomir Serbia none 59 Jerez Serbia none 60 Jasenička reka Serbia none 61 Dečanska Bistrica Kosovo none 62 Jarčina Vojvodina, Serbia none 63 Budovar Vojvodina none 64 Drenica Kosovo none 65 Ralja Serbia none 66 Erenik Kosovo none 67 Porečka reka Serbia none 68 Trgoviški Timok Serbia none 69

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