List of Rivers of Mozambique


This list contains 84 rivers of Mozambique.
Sl. No River Name River Name 1 Congo River (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Angwa River 2 Lukuga River (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Buzi River 3 Lake Tanganyika Capoche River 4 Lufubu River Changane River 5 Kalambo River Cherisse River 6 Luvua River (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Chinde River (distributary) 7 Kalungwishi River Chinizíua River 8 Luangwa River Chiulezi River 9 Luapula River Cuácua River (Rio dos Bons Sinais) (Quelimane River) 10 Mbereshi River Gairezi River (Cauresi River) 11 Luongo River Gorongosa River 12 Lwela River Govuro River 13 Luombwa River Inhaombe River 14 Chambeshi River Inharrime River 15 Lukulu River Komati River (Incomati River) 16 Lwombe River Lake Malawi 17 Zambezi River Licuare River 18 Luia River (Mozambique) Licungo River 19 Capoche River Ligonha River 20 Luangwa River Limpopo River 21 Lunsemfwa River Limpopo River 22 Lukasashi River Lotchese River 23 Mulungushi River Lualua River 24 Lupande River Luambala River 25 Lundazi River Luangua River (Duangua River) 26 Chongwe River Luangwa River 27 Kafue River Luatize River 28 Lufupa River Luchimua River 29 Lunga River Luchulingo River 30 Luswishi River Lucite River 31 Kalomo River Luenha River 32 Machili River Lugenda River 33 Cuando River Luia River 34 Njoko River Lureco River 35 Lumbe River Lúrio River 36 Lui River Mandimbe River 37 Luete River Manyame River (Panhame River) (Hunyani River) 38 Luanginga River Maputo River (Lusutfu River) 39 Luena River Matola River 40 Lungwebungu River Mazimechopes River 41 Kabompo River Mazowe River 42 Dongwe River Mecuburi River 43 Lalafuta River Melela River 44 Musondweji River Melúli River 45 Maninga River Messalo River 46 West Lunga River Messenguézi River 47 Mwafwe River Messinge River (Msinje River) 48 Sakeji River Metamboa River 49 Momba River (Tanzania) Micelo River 50 Saisi River Monapo River 51 Lumi River Montepuez River 52 Nentón River Msinje River 53 Nica River Muangadeze River 54 Nil River Muar River 55 Nima I River Mucanha River 56 Nima River Mucarau River 57 Oc River Mugincual River 58 Ocosito River Mupa River 59 Ostúa River Mwenezi River 60 Pantaleón River Ngalamu River 61 Pasabien River Nhamapasa River 62 Pasión River (Río de la Pasión) Nwanedzi River 63 Paso Hondo River Nwaswitsontso River 64 Paz River Olifants River 65 Petacalapa River Pompué River 66 Polochic River Pongola River 67 Poxte River Pungwe River 68 Río Grande de Zacapa Raraga River 69 Salamá River Revúboé River 70 Revué River 71 Ruvuma River 72 Ruya River (Luia River) 73 Sabie River 74 Sangussi River 75 Sanhute River 76 Save River (Sabi River) 77 Shingwidzi River 78 Shire River 79 Tembe River 80 Tumbulumundo River 81 Umbuluzi River River 82 Vunduzi River 83 Zambezi River 84 Zangue River

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