List of Rivers of Guinea


This list contains 49 rivers of Guinea with there draining into location.
Draining Into River Name Sl. No Atlantic Ocean River Name Amazon Basin Sl. No Draining Into Atlantic Ocean Sénégal River (Senegal) Amazon Basin 1 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Falémé River Amazon Basin 2 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Bafing River Amazon Basin 3 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Bakoy River Amazon Basin 4 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Kokoro River Amazon Basin 5 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Gambia River Amazon Basin 6 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Koulountou River Amazon Basin 7 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Geba River Amazon Basin 8 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Corubal River (Koliba River) (Tominé River) Amazon Basin 9 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Kogon River (Compony River) Amazon Basin 10 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Nunez River Amazon Basin 11 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Kitali River (Kapatchez River) (Katako River) Amazon Basin 12 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Pongo River (Fatala River) Amazon Basin 13 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Konkouré River Amazon Basin 14 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Kakrima River Amazon Basin 15 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Soumba River Amazon Basin 16 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Soumbouya River Amazon Basin 17 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Morebaya River Amazon Basin 18 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Forécariah River Amazon Basin 19 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Mellacoree River Amazon Basin 20 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Kolenté River (Great Scarcies River) Amazon Basin 21 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Little Scarcies River Amazon Basin 22 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Mongo River Amazon Basin 23 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Moa Rivera Amazon Basin 24 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Meli River Amazon Basin 25 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Mano River Amazon Basin 26 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Lofa River Amazon Basin 27 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Lawa River (Africa) Amazon Basin 28 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Saint Paul River Amazon Basin 29 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Nianda River Amazon Basin 30 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Saint John River Amazon Basin 31 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Cestos River Amazon Basin 32 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Cavalla River (Cavally River) Amazon Basin 33 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Sassandra River (Côte d'Ivoire) Amazon Basin 34 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Gouan River (Bafing River) Amazon Basin 35 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Férédougouba River (Bagbe River) Amazon Basin 36 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Niger River Amazon Basin 37 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Sankarani River Amazon Basin 38 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Ouassoulou River (Bale River) Amazon Basin 39 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Dion River Amazon Basin 40 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Gbanhala River Amazon Basin 41 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Fié River Amazon Basin 42 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Tinkisso River Amazon Basin 43 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Bouka River Amazon Basin 44 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Milo River Amazon Basin 45 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Baoulé River Amazon Basin 46 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Niandan River Amazon Basin 47 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Kouya River Amazon Basin 48 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Mafou River Amazon Basin 49 Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Colquiri River Amazon Basin 51 Atlantic Ocean Leque River Amazon Basin 52 Atlantic Ocean Sayarani River Amazon Basin 53 Atlantic Ocean Tallija River Amazon Basin 54 Atlantic Ocean Mamoré River including Mamorecillo Amazon Basin 55 Atlantic Ocean Yata River Amazon Basin 56 Atlantic Ocean Benicito River Amazon Basin 57 Atlantic Ocean Iténez (Guaporé) River Amazon Basin 58 Atlantic Ocean Itonmas River or San Miguel or San Julián or San Pablo Amazon Basin 59 Atlantic Ocean Machupo River Amazon Basin 60 Atlantic Ocean Quizer River Amazon Basin 61 Atlantic Ocean Parapetí River usually ends in the Bañados de Izozog depression Amazon Basin 62 Atlantic Ocean Cañón Verde River Amazon Basin 63 Atlantic Ocean Santa Bárbara River Amazon Basin 64 Atlantic Ocean Río Blanco or Baures or Agua Caliente Amazon Basin 65 Atlantic Ocean San Martin River Amazon Basin 66 Atlantic Ocean Negro River or San Joaquin Amazon Basin 67 Atlantic Ocean San Simón River Amazon Basin 68 Atlantic Ocean Paragúa River Amazon Basin 69 Atlantic Ocean San Ramón River Amazon Basin 70 Atlantic Ocean Tarvo River Amazon Basin 71 Atlantic Ocean Verde River Amazon Basin 72 Atlantic Ocean Paucerna River Amazon Basin 73 Atlantic Ocean San Agustín River Amazon Basin 74 Atlantic Ocean Yacuma River Amazon Basin 75 Atlantic Ocean Rápulo River Amazon Basin 76 Atlantic Ocean Maniqui River Amazon Basin 77 Atlantic Ocean San Geronimo River Amazon Basin 78 Atlantic Ocean Bio River Amazon Basin 79 Atlantic Ocean Apere River Amazon Basin 80 Atlantic Ocean Matos River Amazon Basin 81 Atlantic Ocean Curico River Amazon Basin 82 Atlantic Ocean Tijamuchi River Amazon Basin 83 Atlantic Ocean Ibare River Amazon Basin 84 Atlantic Ocean Isiboro River Amazon Basin 85 Atlantic Ocean Sécure River Amazon Basin 86 Atlantic Ocean Ichoa River Amazon Basin 87 Atlantic Ocean Chipiriri River Amazon Basin 88 Atlantic Ocean Tayota River Amazon Basin 89 Atlantic Ocean Río Grande or Guapay Amazon Basin 90 Atlantic Ocean Yapacaní River Amazon Basin 91 Atlantic Ocean Palacios River Amazon Basin 92 Atlantic Ocean Alturas del Yapacaní River Amazon Basin 93 Atlantic Ocean Surutú River Amazon Basin 94 Atlantic Ocean Paila River Amazon Basin 95 Atlantic Ocean Piray River Amazon Basin 96 Atlantic Ocean Bermejo River Amazon Basin 97 Atlantic Ocean Piojeras River Amazon Basin 98 Atlantic Ocean Azero River Amazon Basin 99 Atlantic Ocean Mizque River Amazon Basin 100 Atlantic Ocean Julpe River Amazon Basin 101 Atlantic Ocean Tomina River Amazon Basin 102 Atlantic Ocean Charobamba River Amazon Basin 103 Atlantic Ocean Chico River Amazon Basin 104 Atlantic Ocean San Pedro River Amazon Basin 105 Atlantic Ocean Chayanta River Amazon Basin 106 Atlantic Ocean Caine River Amazon Basin 107 Atlantic Ocean Arque River Amazon Basin 108 Atlantic Ocean Rocha River Amazon Basin 109 Atlantic Ocean Chapare River Amazon Basin 110 Atlantic Ocean Espíritu Santo River Amazon Basin 111 Atlantic Ocean San Matéo River Amazon Basin 112 Atlantic Ocean Ichilo River includes Alto Ichilo Amazon Basin 113 Atlantic Ocean Useuta River Amazon Basin 114 Atlantic Ocean Choré River Amazon Basin 115 Atlantic Ocean Ibabo River Amazon Basin 116 Atlantic Ocean Chimoré River Amazon Basin 117 Atlantic Ocean Sacta River Amazon Basin 118 Atlantic Ocean Víbora River Amazon Basin 119 Atlantic Ocean San Matéo River Amazon Basin 120 Atlantic Ocean Moija River Amazon Basin 121 Atlantic Ocean Purus River (Brazil) Amazon Basin 122 Atlantic Ocean Acre River Amazon Basin 123 Atlantic Ocean Paraná River (Argentina) La Plata Basin 124 Atlantic Ocean Paraguay River La Plata Basin 125 Atlantic Ocean Bermejo River La Plata Basin 126 Atlantic Ocean Río Grande de Tarija La Plata Basin 127 Atlantic Ocean Itaú River La Plata Basin 128 Atlantic Ocean Tarija River La Plata Basin 129 Atlantic Ocean Salinas River La Plata Basin 130 Atlantic Ocean Camacho River La Plata Basin 131 Atlantic Ocean Guadalquivir River La Plata Basin 132 Atlantic Ocean Pilcomayo River La Plata Basin 133 Atlantic Ocean Pilaya River La Plata Basin 134 Atlantic Ocean San Juan del Oro River La Plata Basin 135 Atlantic Ocean Tupiza River La Plata Basin 136 Atlantic Ocean Tumusla River La Plata Basin 137 Atlantic Ocean Yura River La Plata Basin 138 Atlantic Ocean Callama River La Plata Basin 139 Atlantic Ocean San Juan River La Plata Basin 140 Atlantic Ocean Qaysa River La Plata Basin 141 Atlantic Ocean Cotagaita River La Plata Basin 142 Atlantic Ocean Río Blanco La Plata Basin 143 Atlantic Ocean Camargo River La Plata Basin 144 Atlantic Ocean Inka Wasi River La Plata Basin 145 Atlantic Ocean Parapetí River usually ends in the Bañados de Izozog depression La Plata Basin 146 Atlantic Ocean Bamburral River or Negro La Plata Basin 147 Atlantic Ocean Tucavaca River La Plata Basin 148 Atlantic Ocean San Rafael River La Plata Basin 149 Atlantic Ocean Curiche Grande River La Plata Basin 150 Atlantic Ocean Río de la Fortuna La Plata Basin 151 Pacific Ocean Loa River (Chile) 152 Pacific Ocean San Pedro de Inacaliri River (Chile) 153 Pacific Ocean Silala River 154 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Desaguadero River Poopó Lake 155 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Mauri River Poopó Lake 156 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Lake Titicaca Poopó Lake 157 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Suches River Poopó Lake 158 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Márquez River Poopó Lake 159 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Laq'a Jawira Lake Coipasa or Salar de Coipasa 160 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Lauca River Lake Coipasa or Salar de Coipasa 161 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Sajama River Lake Coipasa or Salar de Coipasa 162 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Sabaya River Lake Coipasa or Salar de Coipasa 163 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Puka Mayu Salar de Uyuni 164 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Río Grande de Lipez Salar de Uyuni 165 Endorheic basins in the Altiplano Río Colorado Salar de Uyuni 166 167 Buranhém River Três Forquilhas River 168 Buricá River Tributo River 169 Buriti River Tricolor River 170 Buriticupu River Tromaí River 171 Burro Branco River Trombetas River 172 Butiá River Trombudo River 173 Caá-Iari River Das Tropas River 174 Caatinga River Truçu River 175 Cabaçal River Tubarão River 176 Cabixi River Tucunduba River 177 Cabuçu de Cima River (Guapira River) Tucurui River 178 Cabuçu River Tucutol River 179 Caçador Grande River Tueré River 180 Cacequi River Tumiã River 181 Caceribu River Tupana River 182 Cachimbau River Turiaçu River 183 Cachoeira Grande River Turvo River 184 Cachoeira River (Do Engenho River) Turvo River 185 Cachoeira River Turvo River 186 Cachoeira River Turvo River 187 Cachoeira River Turvo River 188 Cachoeira River Turvo River 189 Cachoeirinha River Turvo River 190 Cachorro River Turvo River 191 Cachorro River Tutuí River 192 Cachorro River Uaçá River 193 Cadeia River Uaicurapa River 194 Caeté River Uailan River 195 Caeté River Uarini River 196 Cafuini River Uatatas River 197 Cafundó River Uatumã River 198 Cágado River Uauaris River 199 Cágado River Ubatiba River 200 Caí River Ubatuba River 201 Caiapó River Ubazinho River 202 Caiapó River Uberaba River 203 Caiapozinho River Uberaba River 204 Igarapé Caipora Uberabinha River 205 Cairari River Uimeerê River 206 Cais River Umari River 207 Caiuá River Umari River 208 Dos Caixões River Do Umbuzeiro River 209 Cajari River Umbuzerio River 210 Cajari River Una River 211 Cajàzeira River Una River 212 Caju River Una River 213 Cajupiranga River Una River 214 Calabouço River Una River 215 Calçado River Una River 216 Calçado River Una do Prelado River 217 Calçado River Uneiuxi River 218 Calçoene River Unini River 219 Caldas River Upanema River 220 Camaipi River do Maracá River Uraim River 221 Camaipi River do Vila Nova River Uraricaá River 222 Camaiú River Uraricoera River 223 Camanaú River Uriurana River 224 Camanducaia River Uru River 225 Camanducaia River Uru River 226 Camaoi River Uruá River 227 Camaquã River Urubaxi River 228 Camaragibe River Urubu River 229 Camaraipe River Urubu River 230 Camararé River Urubu River 231 Camarazinho River Urubu Grande River (Das Pedras River) 232 Camboriú River Urucaua River 233 Camburu River Urucu River 234 Camisas River Uruçuí Prêto River 235 Da Campanha River Urucuia River 236 Campista River Uruçuí-Vermelho River 237 Campo Alegre River Uruguay River 238 Campo Belo River Urupá River 239 Campo Novo do Sul River Urupaça River 240 Campo Real River Urupadi River 241 Campos Novos River Ururaí River 242 Cana Brava River Urussanga River 243 Cana Brava River Utinga River 244 Cana Brava River Vacacaí River 245 Cana Brava River Vacacaí-Mirim River 246 Canã River Vacaria River 247 Canaticú River Vacaria River 248 Candeias River Vacas Gordas River 249 Cangati River Valparaiso River 250 Canindé River Varadouro River 251 Canindé River Vargem do Braço River 252 Canoas River Da Várzea River 253 Canoas River Da Várzea River 254 Canoas River Da Várzea River 255 Canoinhas River Uaupés River 256 Cantarinho River Vaza-Barris River 257 Canto River Vazante Grande 258 Cantú River Veado River 259 Canumã River Do Veado River 260 Capanema River Das Velhas River 261 Capão Grande River Verde Grande River 262 Capetinga River Verde Pequeno River 263 Capiá River Verde River 264 Capibaribe River Verde River 265 Capim River Verde River 266 Capitão Cardoso River Verde River (Verdão River) 267 Capivara River Verde River 268 Capivara River Verde River 269 Capivara River Verde River 270 Capivara River Verde River 271 Capivara River Verde River 272 Capivara River Verde River 273 Capivara River Verde River 274 Capivara River Verde River 275 Capivara River Verde River 276 Capivaras River Verde River 277 Capivari River Verde River 278 Capivari River Verde River 279 Capivari River Verde River 280 Capivari River Verdinho River 281 Capivari River Vereda Pimenteira 282 Capivari River Veríssimo River 283 Capivari River Vermelho River 284 Capivari River Vermelho River 285 Capricórnio River Vermelho River 286 Capucapu River Vermelho River 287 Carabinani River Vermelho River 288 Caracol River Vermelho River 289 Caracol River Vermelho River 290 Caracol River Vermelho River 291 Caracu River Vermelho River 292 Caraíba de Dentro River Vermelho River 293 Caraíba de Fora River Vermelho River 294 Caraíva River Vila Nova River 295 Carajá River Viruaquim River 296 Carajarí River Vitorino River 297 Carangola River Vorá River 298 Carantuva River Xambrê River 299 Caravelas River Xaparu River 300 Carecuru River Xapuri River 301 Cariaçã River Xavante River 302 Carinhanha River Xavante River 303 Carioca River Xavantinho River 304 Caripi River Xeriuini River 305 Caripunás River Xeruã River 306 Cariús River Xie River 307 Do Carmo River Ximim-Ximim River 308 Carnaúba River Xingu River 309 Caroaebe River Xinxim River 310 Carreiro River Xipamanu River 311 Caru River Zumbi River 312 Carucango River Zutia River 313 Da Casca River Cunhaporanga River 314 Cassanje River Das Cunhãs River 315 Cassiporé River Cuniuá River 316 Castelo River Cupido River 317 Catete River Cupiró River 318 Cati River Cupixi River 319 Catolé Grande River Curaçá River 320 Catrimani River Curapi River 321 Catu River Curiaú River 322 Catundó River Curiche Grande River (Corixa Grande River) 323 Cauaburi River Curicuriari River 324 Cauamé River Curimataí River 325 Cauaruau River Curimataú River 326 Caurés River Curisevo River 327 Cautário River Curiuaú River 328 Dos Cavalos River Currais Novos River 329 Caveiras River Curu River 330 Cavernoso River Curuá do Sul River 331 Caxambu River Curuá River 332 Caxias River Curuá River 333 Caxitoré River Curuá River 334 Caxixa River Curuá Una River 335 Ceará-Mirim River Curuaés River 336 Do Cedro River Curuçá River 337 Dos Cedros River Curuçá River 338 Cerquinha River Curuduri River 339 Chalana River Curupara River 340 Chambuiaco River Curuquetê River 341 Chandless River Cururu River 342 Chapecó River Cururu River 343 Chapecozinho River Cururuaçu River 344 Chiché River Cutanji River 345 Chopim River Cutia River 346 Choró River Daraá River 347 Cinco Voltas River Demini River 348 Das Cinzas River Descoberto River 349 Cipó River Desquite River 350 Ciriquiri River Diamantina River 351 Citaré River Diamantino River 352 Claro River Da Direita River 353 Claro River Da Divisa River 354 Claro River Doce River 355 Claro River Doce River 356 Claro River Doce River 357 Claro River Dois de Setembro River 358 Claro River Dois Rios River 359 Claro River Douradinho River 360 Claro River Dourado River 361 Claro River Dourado River 362 Coari River Dourado River 363 Das Cobras River Dourados River 364 Do Cobre River Dourados River 365 Igarapé Cochichá Dourados River 366 Do Coco River Dueré River 367 Codòzinho River D'Una River 368 Coimim River Dos Duques River 369 Coitinho River Da Dúvida River 370 Do Colégio River Das Éguas River (Correntina River) 371 Colindó River Eiru River 372 Colônia River Elvas River 373 Colorado River Embu-Guaçu River 374 Comandaí River Embu-Mirim River 375 Combate River Encantado River 376 Comemoração River Endimari River 377 Comprido River Engano River 378 Conceição River Engano River 379 Conceição River Do Engano River 380 Conceição River Enjeitado River 381 Congonhas River Envira River 382 Das Contas River Erechim River 383 Contendas River Ereo River 384 Copatana River Ericó River 385 Coraci River Escondido River 386 Corda River Escurinho River 387 Coreaú River Escuro River 388 Corrente River Esfolado River 389 Corrente River Espalha River 390 Corrente River Espingarda River 391 Corrente River Espinharas River 392 Corrente River Estiva River 393 Corrente River Da Faca River 394 Correntes River Fagundes River 395 Correntes River Falsino River 396 Correntes River Fanado River 397 Corumbá River Faria River 398 Corumbataí River Faria Timbó River 399 Corumbataí River Farinha River 400 Corumbiara River Da Farinha River 401 Coruripe River Da Fartura River 402 Cotegipe River Feio River 403 Coti River Feitosa River 404 Cotia River Feliciano River 405 Cotingo River Das Fêmeas River 406 Cotinguiba River Ferro River 407 Couto de Magalhães River Fidalgo River 408 Coxá River Figueiredo River 409 Coxim River Do Filipe River 410 Coxipó River Fiúza River 411 Crauari River Flechal River 412 Crepori River Flor do Prado River 413 Cricou River Das Flores River 414 Ribeirão Crisóstomo Das Flores River 415 Cristalino River Das Flores River 416 Cristalino River Floriano River 417 Crixás Açu River Floriano River 418 Crixás Mirim River Do Fogo River 419 Crixás River Formiga River 420 Crixás River Formiga River 421 Cruxati River Formoso River 422 Cubatão River Formoso River 423 Cubatão River Formoso River 424 Cubatão River Formoso River 425 Cubatão River Formoso River (Cristalino River) 426 Cubatãozinho River Forqueta River 427 Cubate River Forquetinha River 428 Cuc River Forquilha River 429 Cuiabá River Fortaleza River 430 Cuiari River Do Frade River 431 Cuiaté River Dos Frades River 432 Cuieiras River Francês River 433 Cuieiras River Freire Muniz River 434 Cuini River Fresco River 435 Culari River Fumaça River 436 Culuene River Da Fumaça River 437 Cumbuco River Fundão River 438 Cuminapanema River Fundo River 439 Cunani River Fundo River 440 Cunaú River Do Funil River 441 Cunhãmati River Furo do Tajapuru 442 Pilões River Furo Santa Rosa 443 Pimenta Bueno River Furuba River 444 Pimpão River Do Gado River 445 Ribeirão Pindaíba Gajapara River 446 Pindaré River Do Galé River 447 Pinhal Grande River Galera River 448 Pinhal River Galheirão River 449 Pinhão River Gameleira River 450 Pinheirinho River Garça River 451 Pinheiros River (Jurabatuba River) Das Garças River 452 Pinhuã River Das Garças River 453 Pintado River Garcia River 454 Do Pinto River Garou River 455 Piorini River Gavião River 456 Pipiripau River Gemuuma River 457 Piquiri River Goiana River 458 Piquirí River Goiatá River 459 Pirabeiraba River Goio-Bang River 460 Piracanjuba River Goio-Erê River 461 Piracanjuba River Gonçalves Dias River 462 Piracicaba River Gongogi River 463 Piracicaba River Gorutuba River 464 Piraçupiá River Grajaú River 465 Piracuruca River Grajaú River 466 Piraí River Gramame River 467 Piraí River Grande River 468 Piraí River Grande River 469 Piraí-Mirim River Grande River 470 Piraju River Grande River 471 Pirajuí River Grande River 472 Piranema River Gravatá River 473 Pirangi River Gravatá River 474 Piranhas River Gravatá River 475 Piranhas River Gravataí River 476 Piranhas River Gregório River 477 Piranhas River Palmeiras River 478 Piranji River Groaíras River 479 Piranji River Grotão das Arraias River 480 Pirapama River Guaiamã River 481 Pirapemas River Guaíba River 482 Pirapetinga River Guaio River 483 Pirapetinga River Guajará River 484 Pirapó River Guajará River 485 Pirapozinho River Guaji River 486 Piraquara River Guaju River 487 Piraquê Açu River Guamá River 488 Piraquê River Guandu River 489 Piraquê-Mirim River Guandu River 490 Pirari River Guandu River 491 Piratinga River Guandu-Mirim River 492 Piratini River Guapi-Áçu River 493 Piratini River Guaporé River 494 Piratucu River Guaporé River 495 Piriá River Guara River 496 Piriá River Guará River 497 Piripucu River Guarani River 498 Pitanga River Guarapari River 499 Pitanga River Guarapiranga River 500 Pitanga River Guarapó River 501 Pitangueiras River Guaratinguetá River 502 Pitangui River Guarauninha River 503 Pitimbu River Da Guarda River (Itaguaí River) 504 Pitinga River Guareí River 505 Pium River Guareí River 506 Poana River Guariba River 507 Poço Bonito River Guaribe River 508 Poço Triste River Guarijuba River 509 Poguba River (Vermelho River) Guarita River 510 Pojuca River Guaritire River 511 Pomba River Guaxindiba River 512 Pomonga River Guaxindiba River 513 Pongal River Guaxindibe River 514 Ponta Grossa River Guaxupé River 515 Pontal River Gurguéia River 516 Ponte Alta River Gurinhém River 517 Ponte de Pedra River Gurinhenzinho River 518 Porcos River Gurjaú River 519 Das Porcos River Gurupi River 520 Dos Porcos River Gurupí River 521 Dos Portões River Huaiá-Miçu River 522 Potengi River (Potenji River, Rio Grande do Norte) Humaitã River 523 Poti River Humboldt River 524 Potinga River Iá River 525 Povoamento River Iaco River 526 Poxim Açu River Iapó River 527 Poxim Mirim River Iaué River 528 Poxim River Ibicuí da Armada River 529 Pracaí River Ibicuí da Cruz River 530 Pracumba River Ibicuí River 531 Pracupí River Ibicuí-Mirim River 532 Pracuúba River Ibirapuitã Chico River 533 Da Prata River Ibirapuitã River 534 Da Prata River Ibirubá River 535 Da Prata River Icamaquã River 536 Da Prata River Içana River 537 Da Prata River Iconha River 538 Da Prata River Igapó River 539 Da Prata River Igarapé Humaitá 540 Da Prata River Iguaçu River 541 Prataji River Iguará River 542 Prato River Iguatemi River 543 Pratudão River Iguazu River 544 Preguiças River Ijuí River 545 Preto da Eva River Ijuizinho River 546 Preto de Candeias River Imabu River 547 Preto do Crespo River Imaruí River (Marium River) 548 Prêto do Igapó-Açu River Imbariê River 549 Preto River Imbaú River 550 Preto River Do Imbé River 551 Preto River Imbituva River 552 Preto River Imboacica River 553 Preto River Imuti River 554 Preto River (Itauninhas River) Iná River 555 Preto River Inajá River 556 Preto River Inauini River 557 Preto River Indaiá River 558 Preto River Indaiá Grande River 559 Preto River Indiaroba River 560 Preto River Do Indio River 561 Preto River Dos Indios River 562 Preto River Dos Indios River 563 Preto River Dos Indios River 564 Preto River Inferno Grande River 565 Preto River Ingá River 566 Preto River Ingaí River 567 Preto River Inhandava River 568 Preto River Inhomirim River 569 Preto River Inhumas River 570 Preto River Inhumas River 571 Preto River Inipaco River 572 Preto River Ipanema River 573 Puduari River Ipiranga River 574 Puim River Ipiranga River 575 Púlpito River Ipiranga River 576 Punaú River Ipitinga River 577 Pureté River Ipixuna River 578 Puruê River Ipixuna River 579 Purus River Ipixuna River 580 Içá River Ipojuca River 581 Puturã River Iporã River 582 Quaraí River Iquê River 583 Quartel River Iracema River 584 Do Quati River Irani River 585 Quatro Cachoeiras River Iraputã River 586 Quebra-Anzol River Iratapina River 587 Quebra-Dentes River Iratapuru River 588 Queimados River Iratim River 589 Quilombo River Iratinzinho River 590 Quilombo River Maú River 591 Quinó River Iriri Novo River 592 Quinze de Novembro River Iriri River 593 Quinze de Novembro River Iriri River 594 Quitauau River Itã River 595 Quitéria River Itabapoana River 596 Quitéro River Itacaiunas River 597 Quixeramobim River Itacambiruçu River 598 Quixito River Itacanoeira River 599 Rancho Grande River Itacarambi River 600 Das Rãs River Itacolomi River 601 Ratones River Itagacaba River 602 Real River Itaguari River 603 Regame River Itaim River 604 Reis Magos River Itaim River 605 Represa Grande River Itaim River 606 Riachão River Itajaí do Norte River 607 Riacho River Itajaí do Oeste River 608 Ribeira de Iguape River Itajaí do Sul River 609 Ribeira River Itajaí-Açu River 610 Ribeira River Itajaí-Mirim River 611 Ribeirão River (Araraduara River) Itamarandiba River 612 Rio de Janeiro Itambacurí River 613 Riozinho River Itamirim River 614 Riozinho River Itanhaém River 615 Riozinho River Itanhauá River 616 Riozinho River Itapanhaú River 617 Igarapé Riozinho Itapará River 618 Do Rocha River Itaparaná River 619 Roda Velha River Itapecerica River 620 Rodeador River Itapecuru River 621 Rolante River Itapecuruzinho River 622 Rolim de Moura River Itapemirim River 623 Rondi Toró River Itapeti River 624 Ronuro River Itapetininga River 625 Roosevelt River Itapicuru River 626 Rubim do Norte River Itapicuru-Açu River 627 Rubim do Sul River Itapicuru-Mirim River 628 Sabugi River Itapirapuã River 629 Saco River Itapoama River 630 Saco River Itapoçu River 631 Do Saco River Itapocuzinho River 632 Sacraiú River Itaquai River 633 Sacre River Itaquiraí River 634 Sacuriuiná River Itararé River 635 Sagradouro Grande River Itata River 636 Do Sal River Itaueira River 637 Do Sal River Itaúna River 638 Sal Amargo River Itaúnas River 639 Salabro River Itauninha River 640 Salgadinho River Itaxueiras River 641 Salgado River Itimitim River 642 Salgado River Itinga River 643 Salgado River (Amargoso River) Itiquira River 644 Salgado River Itoupava River 645 Salgado River Itu River 646 Salgado River Itucumã River 647 Salinas River Ituí River 648 Das Salinas River Ituim River 649 Salitre River Itupeva River 650 Salobra River Ituxi River 651 Salto River Ivaí River 652 Do Salto River Ivaí River 653 Do Salto River Ivaizinho River 654 Salvador River Ivinhema River 655 Samambaia River Jabiberi River 656 Samambaia River Jaboatão River 657 Sambito River Jabotá River 658 Sana River Jaburu River 659 Sangue River Jacaraípe River 660 Do Sangue River Jacarandá River 661 Sanhauá River Jacaré Pepira River 662 Santa Catarina River Jacaré River 663 Santa Catarina River Jacaré River 664 Santa Cruz River Jacaré River 665 Santa Joana River Jacaré River 666 Santa Júlia River Jacaré River 667 Santa Maria da Vitória River Jacaré River 668 Santa Maria do Rio Doce River Jacaré River 669 Santa Maria River Jacaré River 670 Santa Maria River Jacaré River 671 Santa Maria River Jacaré River 672 Ribeirão Santa Maria Jacarecica River 673 Santa Quitéria River Jacaré-Guaçu River 674 Santa Rosa River Jacarezinho River 675 Santa Rosa River Jaciparaná River 676 Santa Tereza River Jacoca River 677 Santana River Jacoca River 678 Santana River Jacu River 679 Santana River Jacuba River 680 Santana River Jacuí River 681 Santana River Jacuí River 682 Santana River Jacuí-Mirim River 683 Santana River Jacuípe River 684 Sant'Ana River Jacuípe River 685 Sant'Ana River Jacuípe River 686 Ribeirão Santana Jacuizinho River 687 Santo Agostinho River Jacundá River 688 Santo Anastácio River Jacundá River 689 Santo António River Jacupiranga River 690 Santo Antônio River Jacuriaí River 691 Santo Antônio River Jacurutu River 692 Santo Antônio River Jacutinga River 693 Santo Antônio River Jacutinga River 694 Santo Antônio River Jacutinga River 695 Santo Antônio River Da Jacutinga River 696 Santo Antônio River Jaguarão River 697 Santo Antônio River Jaguari Mirim River 698 Santo Antônio Grande River Jaguari River 699 Santo Cristo River Jaguari River 700 Santo Onofre River Jaguari River 701 São Bartolomeu River Jaguariaíva River 702 São Benedito River Jaguariatu River 703 São Bento River Jaguaribe River 704 São Bento River Jaguarizinho River 705 São Bento River Jagui River 706 São Bernardo River Jaibaras River 707 São Bernardo River Jamanxim River 708 São Desidério River Jamari River 709 São Domingos Grande River Jamicia River 710 São Domingos River Jaminauá River 711 São Domingos River Jandiatuba River 712 São Domingos River Jangada River 713 São Domingos River Jangada River 714 São Domingos River Japaratuba River 715 São Domingos River Japoré River 716 São Domingos River Japuiba River 717 São Domingos River Japurá River 718 São Domingos River Jaqueri River 719 São Fernando River Jaquirana River 720 São Francisco River Jaracatiá River 721 São Francisco River Jararaca River 722 São Francisco River Jaraucu River 723 São Francisco River Jardim River 724 São Francisco River Jardim River 725 São Francisco River Jari River 726 São Francisco River Jari River 727 São Francisco River Jaru River 728 São Francisco Falso Braço Norte River Jataí River 729 São Francisco Falso Braço Sul River Jatapu River 730 São Gonçalo Channel Jatobá River 731 São Gonçalo River Jatuarana River 732 São Jerônimo River Jaú River 733 São Jerônimo River Jaú River 734 São João da Barra River Jauaperi River 735 São João de Meriti River (Meriti River) Jauaru River 736 São João do Paraíso River Jauquara River 737 São João Grande River Jauru River 738 São João Pequeno River Jauru River 739 São João River Javary River 740 São João River Jenipapo River 741 São João River Jequiá River 742 São João River Jequiá River (on Governador Island) 743 São João River Jequié River 744 São João River Jequiriçá River 745 São João River Jequitaí River 746 São João River Jequitinhonha River 747 São João River Dos Jesuítas River 748 São João River Ji-Paraná River (Machado River) 749 São João River Jirituba River 750 São João River João de Tiba River 751 São João River João Leite River 752 Igarapé São João João Paulo River 753 São João Surrá River Jordão River 754 São José do Guapiara River Jordão River 755 São José dos Cordeiros River Jorigue River 756 São José dos Dourados River Juami River 757 São José River Juari River 758 São Lourenço River Juazeiro River 759 São Lourenço River Juba River 760 São Lourenço River Jucá River 761 São Lourenço River Jucu Braço Norte River 762 São Lourenço River Jucu Braço Sul River 763 São Luis River Jucu River 764 São Marcos River Jucurucu River 765 São Mateus River Jufari River 766 São Mateus River Juína River 767 São Miguel River Juína-Mirim River 768 São Miguel River Juininha River 769 São Miguel River Juma River 770 São Miguel River Jundiá River 771 São Nicolau River Jundiá River 772 São Patrício River Jundiaí River 773 São Pedro River Jundiaí River 774 São Pedro River Jundiaí River 775 São Pedro River Jundiaí River 776 São Pedro River Jundiuvira River 777 São Pedro River Jupati River 778 São Pedro River Juquiá River 779 São Pedro River Jurema River 780 São Pedro River Juriti River 781 São Sebastião River Juruá River 782 São Sebastião River Juruá River 783 São Sepe River Juruá-Mirim River 784 São Simão River Juruazinho River 785 São Tomás River Juruena River 786 São Tomé River Jurupari River 787 São Venceslau River Jutai River 788 São Vitório River Jutaizinho River 789 Sapão River Jutuva River 790 Sapucaí River Kariniutu River 791 Sapucaí River (Reboucas River) Kevuaieli River 792 Sapucaia River Lacerda de Almeida River 793 Sapucai-Mirim River Da Laguna River (Pauxis River) 794 Saracura River Lajeado Grande River 795 Saracuruna River Lajeado River 796 Sarapuí River (Sapucai River) Lajeado River 797 Sarapuí River Lajeado River 798 Sararé River Das Lajes River 799 Sargento River Ribeirão das Lajes 800 Satuba River Lambari River 801 Saudades River Lambedor River 802 Saudades River Laranjaí River 803 Sauêruiná River Laranjal River 804 Sepatini River Laranjeiras River 805 Sepoti River Laranjeiras River 806 Sepotuba River Laranjinha River 807 Sereno River Lava-Tudo River 808 Sergipe River Leão River 809 Seridó River Do Leão River 810 Seriema River Lençóis River 811 Serra Negra River Leste River 812 Seruini River Lever River (Itaberaí River) 813 Sesmarias River Liberdade River 814 Sete de Setembro River Liberdade River 815 Setúbal River Ligeiro River 816 Siemens River Lôbo d'Almada River 817 Igarapé Sindrichal Longá River 818 Dos Sinos River Lonqueador River 819 Siriji River Lontra River 820 Sirinhaém River Ribeirão Lontra 821 Siriri River Das Lontras River 822 Sitiá River Lourenço River 823 Sobradinho Creek Lourenço Velho River 824 Socavão River Luís Alves River 825 Socorro River Luna River 826 Soé River Macabu River 827 Sombrio River Macabuzinho River 828 Do Sono River Maçacara River 829 Do Sono River Macaco Branco River 830 Sorocaba River Macaco River 831 Sororò River Macacoari River 832 Sotério River Macacos River 833 Soturno River Macacos River 834 Suaçuí Grande River Macacu River 835 Suaçuí Pequeno River Macaé River 836 Suçuarana River Macambira River (Inhuçu River) 837 Sucunduri River Macambira River 838 Sucuriú River Macari River 839 Sucuru River Macauã River 840 Suia-Miçu River Macaúba River 841 Sumidouro Grande River Macaxeira River 842 Sumidouro River Machadinho River 843 Surubiu River Machado River 844 Suruí River Lajeado Macuco 845 Surumu River Macucuaú River 846 Suzana River Madeira River 847 Tabatinga River Madeirinha River 848 Taboco River Mãe Luzia River 849 Tacaniça River Magé River 850 Tacunapi River Magu River 851 Tacutu River Maiá River 852 Tadarimana River Maici River 853 Taiaçupeba River Maicuru River 854 Taiaçupeba-Mirim River Mainart River 855 Tainhas River Maiquinique River 856 Taió River Mamanguape River 857 Taíras River Mamboré River 858 Tajaul River Mambucaba River 859 Tamanduá River Mamiá River 860 Tamanduateí River Mamiá River 861 Tamitatoale River Mamoré River 862 Tanaru River Mamoriá River 863 Tangararé River Mampituba River 864 Tapacurã River Mamuru River 865 Tapajós River Manacapuru River 866 Tapauá River Manguaba River 867 Tapera River Dos Mangues River 868 Tapera River Manhuaçu River 869 Taperoá River Manicoré River 870 Tapira River Manicorezinho River 871 Tapiracuí River Manissauá-Miçu River 872 Tapirapé River Mansinho River 873 Tapirapé River Manso River 874 Tapirucu River Manso River 875 Tapuio River Manso River 876 Taquara River Manuel Alves da Natividade River 877 Taquaraçu River Manuel Alves Grande River 878 Taquaraçu River Manuel Alves Pequeno River 879 Taquari River Manoel Alves River 880 Taquari River Mapaoni River 881 Taquari-Mirim River Mapari River 882 Taquari-Guaçu River Mapiá Grande River 883 Taquari-Mirim River Mapiri River 884 Taquaruçu River Mapuá River 885 Taquaruçu River Mapuera River 886 Tarauacá River Maquiné River 887 Tartarugal Grande River Maracá River 888 Tartarugalzinho River Maracacumé River 889 Tarumã Açu River Maracaí River 890 Tarumã Mirim River Maracajá River (Baracaju River) 891 Tarunã River Maracanã River 892 Tatuamunha River Maracanã River 893 Tatuí River Maracani River 894 Tatuí River Maracá-Pucu River 895 Tauini River Maranhão River 896 Tavares River Marapí River 897 Tea River Marari River 898 Tefé River Maratá River 899 Tejo River Maratasã River 900 Teles Pires River Marauiá River 901 Da Telha River Maré River 902 Tenente Marques River Maria Paula River 903 Tererê River Mariaquã River Terra Nova River Marié River Tesoura River Mariepauá River Tibagi River Marimari River Tibiri River Mario Preta River Tibiriça River Mariricu River Tietê River Marituba River Tijipió River Marmelada River Tijucas River Dos Marmelos River Tijuco River Marombas River Tijuípe River Marrecas River Timbó River Marrecas River Timbozinho River Das Marrecas River Timbuí River Maruanum River Timonha River Marupi River Tinguá River Matapi River Tiúba River Mataruna River Tocantins River Mataurá River Tocantins River Matipó River Tocantizinho River Do Mato River Todos os Santos River Mato Rico River Tomé River Dos Matos River Tonantins River Matrinxã River Toototobi_River Matupiri River Tormenta River Maués Açu River Toropi River Maurício River Tourinho River Maxaranguape River Dos Touros River Mazomba River Tracunhaém River Mearim River Traida River Medonho River Traipu River Meia Ponte River Traira River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Do Meio River Pardo River Meirim River Pardo River Melchior River Pardo River Melissa River Dos Pardos River Membeca River Parecis River Mequéns River Paricarana River Mequéns River Parima River Dos Meros River Parimé River Miang River Pariquera-Açu River Das Minas River Parnaíba River Mineruázinho River Parnaìbinha River Miranda River Parnamirim River Mirapuxi River Paroeira River Miringuava River Dos Patos River Miriri River Dos Patos River Miriti River Dos Patos River Mitéuca River Dos Patos River Moa River Paru de Oeste River (Cuminá River) Moacir Ávidos River Paru River Mocambo River Passa Cinco River Mocatu River Passa Dois River Moções River Passa Três River Mocotó River Passa Una River Moji-Guaçu River Passo Fundo River Moji-Mirim River Pataxós River Moju River (Acará) Pati River (Bóia River) Moju dos Campos River Pato Branco River Monjolinho River Pau Alto River Morro Alegre River Pau Atravessado River Rio das Mortes Pau d'Arco River Rio das Mortes Pau Gigante River Morto River Pauini River Mosquito River Pauini River Mosquito River Paulista River Do Moura River (Paraná da Viúva River) Paulo Diniz River Mourão River Pau-Seco River Moxotó River Pavuna River Muaco River Ribeirão da Paz Mucajaí River Pedra d´Água River Mucum River Das Pedras River Mucuri River Das Pedras River Mucutá River Das Pedras River Muguilhão River Das Pedras River Mumbaba River Das Pedras River Mundaú River Pedreira River Mundaú River Peixe River Munim River Peixe River Muqui do Norte River Peixe River Muqui do Sul River Peixe River Muqui River Peixe River Muriaé River Peixe River Muribaca River Peixe River Muricizal River Do Peixe River Muru River Do Peixe River Mururé River Do Peixe River Mutuacá River Do Peixe River Mutum River Do Peixe River Mutum River Do Peixe River Mutum River Do Peixe River Mutum River Do Peixe River Mutumparaná River Do Peixe River Mutura River Do Peixe River Muzambo River Do Peixe River Nabileque River Dos Peixes River Igarapé Natal Peixoto de Azevedo River Do Navio River Pelotas River Negrinho River Pelotinhas River Negrinho River Pendotiba River Negro River Peperiguaçu River Negro River Pequeno River Negro River Pequeno River Negro River Perdida River Negro River Perdido River Rio Negro Perdido River Río Negro Perequê-Áçu River Nhamundá River Periá River Nioaque River Perimbó River Noidoro River Peritoró River Noucouru River Persinuga River Do Norte River Peruaçu River Nova Lombárdia River Perucaba River Novo River Peruípe River Novo River Da Pescaria River Novo River Pesqueiro River Novo River Petita River (Porto Alegre River) Novo River Piabanha River Novo River Piaçaca River Novo River Piaí River Novo River Piancó River Novo River Piauí River Novo River Piauí River Novo River Piauí River Novo River Piauí River Obim River Piauitinga River Ocoi River Piaus River Dos Oeiras River Picuí River Dos Oitis River Pilões River Da Onça River Do Ouro River Das Ondas River Do Ouro River Orgarantim River Do Ouro River Oriçanga River Ouro Preto River Orobó River Oiapoque River Ouricuri River Pacaás Novos River Ouro River Pacajá River Do Ouro River Paciá River Do Ouro River Paciência River Padauari River Pacoti River Pagão River Pacu River Pajé River Pacu River Pajeú River Pacu River Palha River Pacuí River Palhano River Pacuí River Palheiro River Pacuma River Palma River Pacuneiro River Palmares River Paraibuna River Palmeiras River Paraim River Palmeiras River Paraitinga River Palmital River Paraitinga River Palmital River Paramirim River Palmital River Paraná River Palmital River Paraná River Pampã River Igarapé Paraná Panari River Paraná Urariá Panaúba River Paranã River Pancas River Paranã River Pandeiros River Paranaíba River Panquinhas River Paranaíta River Pântano River Paranapanema River Papagaio River Paranhana River Papagaio River Paranoá River Dos Papagaios River Paraopeba River Papocas River Paratari River Papuri River Parateí River (Lambari-Parateí River) Paquequer River Paratibe River Paquequer River Paratiji River Pará Mirim River Paraú River Pará River Parauapebas River Pará River Parauari River Paracaí River Pardinho River Paracatu River Paraguay River Paracatu River Paraguazinho River Paracauari River Paraíba River Paracauti River Paraíba River Paraconi River Paraíba do Sul Paracori River Paraibinha River Parado River Paraibinha River Paraguaçu River Paraibuna River

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