Download List Of Municipalities in China


This contains list of 04 Municipalities of China with population figures and Number of Districts and Counties in each municipality (city).

A Municipality (simplified Chinese: 直辖市; traditional Chinese: 直轄市; pinyin: zhíxiáshì), also translated as direct-controlled municipality (formally), municipality directly under the central government, or province-level municipality is the highest level classification for cities used by the People's Republic of China (PRC). Municipalities are the highest-ranked cities in the PRC.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,SNo,ISO,Division name,Simplified Chinese,Pinyin,Abbr.,Region,Population,Area (km),Density (/km),Divisions,City seat,Province split from1,CN-11,Municipality of Beijing,,Bijng Sh, jng,North,"19,612,368","16,801","1,167",14 districts and 02 counties.,Dongcheng District,Hebei,,,,,,,,,,,,(Oct. 1949)2,CN-12,Municipality of Tianjin,,Tinjn Sh, jn,North,"12,938,224","11,760","1,100",13 districts and 03 counties.,Heping District,Hebei,,,,,,,,,,,,(Jan. 1967)3,CN-31,Municipality of Shanghai,,Shnghi Sh, h,East,"23,019,148","6,340","3,630",16 districts and 01 county.,Huangpu District,Jiangsu,,,,,,,,,,,,(Mar. 1927)4,CN-50,Municipality of Chongqing,,Chngqng Sh, y,Southwest,"28,846,170","82,300",350,"19 districts, 15 counties, and 04 autonomous counties.",Yuzhong District,Sichuan,,,,,,,"(City Core 16,240,026)","(City Core 6,268)",(City Core 2158),(City Core: 16 districts and 03 counties).,,(May 1997),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"For other information, kindly visit :",,,,,,,,,,