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This contains list of 129 National Monuments of US.

National Monuments in the United States are areas that have been designated by the President of the United States as having cultural, historical, scientific, or other important significance.

National Monuments are managed by various federal agencies, including the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Forest Service. The management of each monument varies depending on its location and significance, but all are intended to be protected and preserved for future generations.

National Monuments can be visited by the public, and many offer hiking trails, campgrounds, and other recreational opportunities. Visitors are encouraged to respect the natural and cultural resources of the monuments and to help preserve them for future generations.

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No,Name,Location,Area,Date established,Visitors (2018),Agency1,Birmingham Civil Rights,"Alabama333047N 864854W / 33.513N 86.815W",0.88 acres (0.004km),"January 12, 2017",,National Park Service2,Freedom Riders,"Alabama333929N 854952W / 33.658N 85.831W",5.96 acres (0.02km),"January 12, 2017",,National Park Service3,Russell Cave,"Alabama3458N 8548W / 34.97N 85.80W",310.45 acres (1.3km),"May 11, 1961","21,620",National Park Service4,Aleutian Islands World War II,"Alaska5252N 17310W / 52.87N 173.16W","4,950 acres (20.0km)","December 5, 2008",,Fish and Wildlife Service5,Misty Fjords,"Alaska5537N 13037W / 55.62N 130.61W","2,294,072 acres (9,283.8km)","December 1, 1978",,United States Forest Service6,Aniakchak,"Alaska5654N 15809W / 56.9N 158.15W","137,176 acres (555.1km)","December 1, 1978",100,National Park Service7,Admiralty Island,"Alaska5738N 13421W / 57.64N 134.35W","1,019,861 acres (4,127.2km)","December 1, 1978",,United States Forest Service8,Cape Krusenstern,"Alaska6725N 16330W / 67.41N 163.50W","649,096.15 acres (2,626.8km)","December 1, 1978","15,087",National Park Service9,Rose Atoll Marine,"American Samoa1433S 16832W / 14.55S 168.54W","8,609,045 acres (34,839.6km)","January 6, 2009",,"Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"10,Chiricahua,"Arizona3201N 10921W / 32.02N 109.35W","12,024.73 acres (48.7km)","April 18, 1924","60,577",National Park Service11,Organ Pipe Cactus,"Arizona3202N 11252W / 32.04N 112.86W","330,688.86 acres (1,338.3km)","April 13, 1937","260,375",National Park Service12,Ironwood Forest,"Arizona3228N 11134W / 32.46N 111.57W","129,055 acres (522.3km)","June 9, 2000",,Bureau of Land Management13,Casa Grande Ruins,"Arizona3259N 11132W / 32.99N 111.54W",472.5 acres (1.9km),"August 3, 1918","62,995",National Park Service14,Sonoran Desert,"Arizona3300N 11228W / 33.00N 112.46W","486,400 acres (1,968.4km)","January 17, 2001",,Bureau of Land Management15,Hohokam Pima,"Arizona3311N 11155W / 33.19N 111.91W","1,690 acres (6.8km)","October 21, 1972",,National Park Service16,Tonto,"Arizona3339N 11105W / 33.65N 111.09W","1,120 acres (4.5km)","October 21, 1907","39,822",National Park Service17,Agua Fria,"Arizona3409N 11205W / 34.15N 112.08W","70,980 acres (287.2km)","January 11, 2000",,Bureau of Land Management18,Montezuma Castle,"Arizona3437N 11150W / 34.61N 111.84W","1,015.52 acres (4.1km)","December 8, 1906","390,151",National Park Service19,Tuzigoot,"Arizona3447N 11202W / 34.79N 112.04W",811.89 acres (3.3km),"July 25, 1939","98,090",National Park Service20,Walnut Canyon,"Arizona3510N 11131W / 35.17N 111.51W","3,529.26 acres (14.3km)","November 30, 1915","167,736",National Park Service21,Sunset Crater Volcano,"Arizona3522N 11130W / 35.36N 111.50W","3,040 acres (12.3km)","May 30, 1930","104,583",National Park Service22,Wupatki,"Arizona3531N 11122W / 35.52N 111.37W","35,422.13 acres (143.3km)","December 9, 1924","205,122",National Park Service23,Canyon de Chelly,"Arizona3608N 10928W / 36.13N 109.47W","83,840 acres (339.3km)","April 1, 1931","439,306",National Park Service24,Grand Canyon-Parashant,"Arizona3624N 11342W / 36.4N 113.7W","1,021,030 acres (4,132.0km)","January 11, 2000",,"Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service"25,Navajo,"Arizona3641N 11032W / 36.68N 110.53W",360 acres (1.5km),"March 20, 1909","61,195",National Park Service26,Vermilion Cliffs,"Arizona3649N 11144W / 36.81N 111.74W","279,566 acres (1,131.4km)","November 9, 2000",,Bureau of Land Management27,Pipe Spring,"Arizona3652N 11244W / 36.86N 112.73W",40 acres (0.2km),"May 31, 1923","25,179",National Park Service28,Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine,"Atlantic Ocean4024N 6800W / 40.4N 68W","3,144,320 acres (12,724.6km)","September 15, 2016",,"Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"29,Cabrillo,"California3240N 11714W / 32.67N 117.24W",159.94 acres (0.6km),"October 14, 1913","842,104",National Park Service30,Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains,"California3348N 11642W / 33.80N 116.70W","280,009 acres (1,133.2km)","October 24, 2000",,"Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service"31,Sand to Snow,"California3405N 11641W / 34.08N 116.68W","154,000 acres (623.2km)","February 12, 2016",,"Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service"32,San Gabriel Mountains,"California3413N 11804W / 34.22N 118.06W","345,222 acres (1,397.1km)","October 10, 2014",,United States Forest Service33,Saint Francis Dam Disaster,"California3433N 11831W / 34.55N 118.51W",353 acres (1.4km),"March 12, 2019",,United States Forest Service34,Mojave Trails,"California3436N 11600W / 34.6N 116.0W","1,600,000 acres (6,475.0km)","February 12, 2016",,Bureau of Land Management35,Carrizo Plain,"California3510N 11945W / 35.16N 119.75W","211,045 acres (854.1km)","January 12, 2001",,Bureau of Land Management36,Csar E. Chvez,"California351338N 1183341W / 35.2273N 118.5614W",116.56 acres (0.5km),"October 8, 2012","12,769",National Park Service37,Castle Mountains,"California3515N 11507W / 35.25N 115.11W","21,025.5 acres (85.1km)","February 12, 2016",,National Park Service38,Giant Sequoia,"California3602N 11830W / 36.04N 118.50W","352,626 acres (1,427.0km)","April 15, 2000",,United States Forest Service39,Fort Ord,"California363821N 1214407W / 36.639167N 121.735278W","14,658 acres (59.3km)","April 20, 2012",,Bureau of Land Management40,California Coastal,"California3653N 12211W / 36.89N 122.18W","2,628 acres (10.6km)","January 11, 2000",,Bureau of Land Management41,Devils Postpile,"California3730N 11905W / 37.50N 119.08W",800.19 acres (3.2km),"July 6, 1911","139,724",National Park Service42,Muir Woods,"California3753N 12235W / 37.89N 122.58W",553.55 acres (2.2km),"January 9, 1908","957,932",National Park Service43,Berryessa Snow Mountain,"California3913N 12246W / 39.22N 122.77W","330,780 acres (1,338.6km)","July 10, 2015",,"United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management"44,Lava Beds,"California4143N 12131W / 41.71N 121.51W","46,692.42 acres (189.0km)","November 21, 1925","127,771",National Park Service45,Tule Lake,"California4153N 12122W / 41.89N 121.37W","1,391 acres (5.629km)","December 5, 2008",,"National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service"46,Chimney Rock,"Colorado371130N 1071823W / 37.1917N 107.3064W","4,724 acres (19.1km)","September 21, 2012",,United States Forest Service47,Yucca House,"Colorado3715N 10841W / 37.25N 108.69W",33.87 acres (0.1km),"December 19, 1919",,National Park Service48,Canyons of the Ancients,"Colorado3722N 10900W / 37.37N 109W","176,370 acres (713.7km)","June 9, 2000",,Bureau of Land Management49,Browns Canyon,"Colorado383654N 1060332W / 38.615N 106.059W","21,604 acres (87.4km)","February 19, 2015",,"Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service"50,Florissant Fossil Beds,"Colorado3855N 10516W / 38.92N 105.27W","6,300 acres (25.5km)","August 20, 1969","79,568",National Park Service51,Colorado,"Colorado3902N 10841W / 39.04N 108.69W","20,536.39 acres (83.1km)","May 24, 1911","375,467",National Park Service52,Camp Hale  Continental Divide,"Colorado3926N 10622W / 39.44N 106.37W","53,804 acres (217.7km)","October 12, 2022",,United States Forest Service53,Hovenweep,"Colorado, Utah3723N 10905W / 37.38N 109.08W",784.93 acres (3.2km),"March 2, 1923","40,574",National Park Service54,Dinosaur,"Colorado, Utah4032N 10859W / 40.53N 108.98W","210,281.92 acres (851.0km)","October 4, 1915","304,468",National Park Service55,Belmont-Paul Women's Equality,"District of Columbia3853N 7700W / 38.89N 77.00W",0.34 acres (0.001km),"April 12, 2016","9,081",National Park Service56,President Lincoln and Soldiers Home,"District of Columbia385630N 770042W / 38.9416N 77.0117W",2.3 acres (0.01km),"July 7, 2000",,Armed Forces Retirement Home57,Fort Matanzas,"Florida294254N 811420W / 29.715N 81.239W",300.11 acres (1.2km),"October 15, 1924","608,103",National Park Service58,Castillo de San Marcos,"Florida295353N 811840W / 29.898N 81.311W",19.38 acres (0.1km),"October 15, 1924","748,058",National Park Service59,Fort Frederica,"Georgia311326N 812335W / 31.224N 81.393W",305 acres (1.2km),"May 26, 1936","183,591",National Park Service60,Fort Pulaski,"Georgia320137N 805324W / 32.027N 80.890W","5,623.1 acres (22.8km)","October 15, 1924","419,930",National Park Service61,Papahnaumokukea Marine,"Hawaii, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands2542N 17144W / 25.7N 171.73W","372,848,597 acres (1,508,864.7km)","June 15, 2006",,"Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"62,Hagerman Fossil Beds,"Idaho4247N 11457W / 42.79N 114.95W","4,351.15 acres (17.6km)","November 18, 1988","26,477",National Park Service63,Craters of the Moon,"Idaho4325N 11331W / 43.42N 113.52W","343,000 acres (1,388.1km)","May 2, 1924","263,506","National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management"64,Effigy Mounds,"Iowa4305N 9111W / 43.09N 91.19W","2,526.39 acres (10.2km)","October 25, 1949","55,576",National Park Service65,Mill Springs Battlefield,"Kentucky3704N 8444W / 37.07N 84.74W","1,459 acres (5.9km)","September 22, 2020",,National Park Service66,Camp Nelson,"Kentucky3747N 8436W / 37.78N 84.60W",373 acres (1.5km),"October 26, 2018",,National Park Service67,Poverty Point,"Louisiana3238N 9125W / 32.63N 91.41W",910.85 acres (3.7km),"October 31, 1988",,National Park Service68,Katahdin Woods and Waters,"Maine4558N 6837W / 45.97N 68.62W","87,564.27 acres (354.4km)","August 24, 2016",,National Park Service69,Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad,"Maryland382654N 760819W / 38.4483N 76.1387W",480 acres (1.9km),"March 25, 2013",,Fish and Wildlife Service70,Fort McHenry,"Maryland391547N 763444W / 39.263N 76.579W",43.26 acres (0.2km),"March 3, 1925","486,113",National Park Service71,Pipestone,"Minnesota4401N 9620W / 44.01N 96.33W",281.78 acres (1.1km),"August 25, 1937","73,267",National Park Service72,Grand Portage,"Minnesota4758N 8941W / 47.96N 89.68W",709.97 acres (2.9km),"January 27, 1960","94,137",National Park Service73,Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home,"Mississippi322028N 901247W / 32.341N 90.213W",0.74 acres (0.0km),"December 10, 2020",,National Park Service74,George Washington Carver,"Missouri365910N 942114W / 36.986N 94.354W",210 acres (0.8km),"July 14, 1943","44,411",National Park Service75,Little Bighorn Battlefield,"Montana4534N 10726W / 45.57N 107.43W",765.34 acres (3.1km),"July 1, 1940","272,591",National Park Service76,Pompeys Pillar,"Montana455924N 1080004W / 45.99N 108.001W",51 acres (0.2km),"January 17, 2001",,Bureau of Land Management77,Upper Missouri River Breaks,"Montana4747N 10901W / 47.78N 109.02W","377,346 acres (1,527.1km)","January 17, 2001",,Bureau of Land Management78,Scotts Bluff,"Nebraska4150N 10342W / 41.83N 103.70W","3,004.73 acres (12.2km)","December 12, 1919","142,028",National Park Service79,Agate Fossil Beds,"Nebraska422458N 1034341W / 42.416N 103.728W","3,057.87 acres (12.4km)","June 14, 1997","16,238",National Park Service80,Gold Butte,"Nevada361652N 1141204W / 36.281N 114.201W","296,937 acres (1,201.7km)","December 28, 2016",,Bureau of Land Management81,Tule Springs Fossil Beds,"Nevada3619N 11516W / 36.32N 115.27W","22,650 acres (91.7km)","December 19, 2014",,National Park Service82,Basin and Range,"Nevada3754N 11524W / 37.9N 115.4W","703,585 acres (2,847.3km)","July 10, 2015",,Bureau of Land Management83,Organ MountainsDesert Peaks,"New Mexico3218N 10633W / 32.3N 106.55W","419,532 acres (1,697.8km)","May 21, 2014",,Bureau of Land Management84,Prehistoric Trackways,"New Mexico3221N 10654W / 32.35N 106.9W","5,280 acres (21.4km)","March 30, 2009",,Bureau of Land Management85,Gila Cliff Dwellings,"New Mexico3314N 10817W / 33.24N 108.28W",533.13 acres (2.2km),"November 16, 1907","79,108",National Park Service86,Salinas Pueblo Missions,"New Mexico3416N 10604W / 34.26N 106.06W","1,071.42 acres (4.3km)","November 1, 1909","34,629",National Park Service87,El Malpais,"New Mexico3453N 10803W / 34.88N 108.05W","114,347.11 acres (462.7km)","December 31, 1987","154,368",National Park Service88,El Morro,"New Mexico3502N 10821W / 35.04N 108.35W","1,278.72 acres (5.2km)","December 8, 1906","65,453",National Park Service89,Petroglyph,"New Mexico3510N 10646W / 35.16N 106.76W","7,209.3 acres (29.2km)","June 27, 1990","268,613",National Park Service90,Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks,"New Mexico3540N 10625W / 35.67N 106.42W","4,647 acres (18.8km)","January 17, 2001",,Bureau of Land Management91,Bandelier,"New Mexico3547N 10616W / 35.78N 106.27W","33,676.67 acres (136.3km)","February 11, 1916","198,441",National Park Service92,Fort Union,"New Mexico355530N 1050032W / 35.925N 105.009W",720.6 acres (2.9km),"April 5, 1956","10,860",National Park Service93,Ro Grande del Norte,"New Mexico364000N 1054200W / 36.66667N 105.7W","242,710 acres (982.2km)","March 25, 2013",,Bureau of Land Management94,Capulin Volcano,"New Mexico3647N 10358W / 36.79N 103.96W",792.84 acres (3.2km),"August 9, 1916","67,411",National Park Service95,Aztec Ruins,"New Mexico3650N 10700W / 36.83N 107.00W",318.4 acres (1.3km),"January 24, 1923","54,933",National Park Service96,Governors Island,"New York404128N 740058W / 40.691N 74.016W",22.91 acres (0.1km),"January 19, 2001","589,798",National Park Service97,Castle Clinton,"New York404213N 740101W / 40.7036N 74.0169W",1 acre (0.004km),"August 12, 1946","4,533,564",National Park Service98,African Burial Ground,"New York404252N 740015W / 40.7144N 74.0042W",0.35 acres (0.001km),"February 27, 2006","45,035",National Park Service99,Stonewall,"New York404401N 740008W / 40.73364N 74.00212W",7.7 acres (0.0km),"June 24, 2016","511,220",National Park Service100,Fort Stanwix,"New York431305N 752732W / 43.218N 75.459W",15.52 acres (0.1km),"August 21, 1935","90,507",National Park Service101,Statue of Liberty,"New York, New Jersey4041N 7402W / 40.69N 74.04W",58.38 acres (0.2km),"October 15, 1924","4,335,431",National Park Service102,Marianas Trench Marine,"Northern Mariana Islands, Guam20N 145E / 20N 145E","61,077,668 acres (247,172.6km)","January 6, 2009",,"Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"103,Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers,"Ohio394226N 835325W / 39.7072N 83.8903W",59.66 acres (0.2km),"March 25, 2013","31,448",National Park Service104,Oregon Caves,"Oregon4206N 12325W / 42.10N 123.41W","4,554.03 acres (18.4km)","July 12, 1909","67,417",National Park Service105,Newberry Volcanic,"Oregon4341N 12115W / 43.69N 121.25W","57,323 acres (232.0km)","November 5, 1990","225,000 (2018)",United States Forest Service106,John Day Fossil Beds,"Oregon4440N 12003W / 44.67N 120.05W","14,062.02 acres (56.9km)","October 26, 1974","204,621",National Park Service107,CascadeSiskiyou,"Oregon, California4205N 12228W / 42.08N 122.46W","114,000 acres (461.3km)","June 9, 2000",,Bureau of Land Management108,Jewel Cave,"South Dakota4344N 10350W / 43.73N 103.83W","1,273.51 acres (5.2km)","February 7, 1908","142,356",National Park Service109,Military Working Dog Teams,"Texas292324N 983701W / 29.390N 98.617W",,"October 28, 2013",,DOD110,Waco Mammoth,"Texas313622N 971026W / 31.606N 97.174W",107.23 acres (0.4km),"July 10, 2015","106,932",National Park Service111,Alibates Flint Quarries,"Texas3534N 10140W / 35.57N 101.67W","1,370.97 acres (5.5km)","August 21, 1965","7,415",National Park Service112,Pacific Remote Islands Marine,"US Minor Outlying Islands south-southwest of Hawaii 1645N 16931W / 16.75N 169.52W","313,941,851 acres (1,270,477.6km)","January 6, 2009",,"Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"113,Buck Island Reef,"US Virgin Islands1747N 6437W / 17.79N 64.62W","19,015.47 acres (77.0km)","December 28, 1961","31,411",National Park Service114,Virgin Islands Coral Reef,"US Virgin Islands1819N 6443W / 18.31N 64.72W","12,708.07 acres (51.4km)","January 17, 2001",,National Park Service115,Rainbow Bridge,"Utah3705N 11058W / 37.08N 110.96W",160 acres (0.6km),"May 30, 1910","110,904",National Park Service116,Grand StaircaseEscalante,"Utah3724N 11141W / 37.4N 111.68W","1,870,000 acres (7,567.6km)","September 18, 1996",,Bureau of Land Management117,Natural Bridges,"Utah3735N 11000W / 37.58N 110W","7,636.49 acres (30.9km)","April 16, 1908","103,118",National Park Service118,Bears Ears,"Utah3738N 10952W / 37.63N 109.86W","1,360,000 acres (5,503.7km)","December 28, 2016",,"Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service"119,Cedar Breaks,"Utah3738N 11251W / 37.63N 112.85W","6,154.6 acres (24.9km)","August 22, 1933","644,515",National Park Service120,Jurassic,"Utah3919N 11041W / 39.32N 110.69W",850 acres (3.4km),"March 12, 2019",,Bureau of Land Management121,Timpanogos Cave,"Utah4026N 11143W / 40.44N 111.71W",250 acres (1.0km),"October 14, 1922","121,311",National Park Service122,Fort Monroe,"Virginia370014N 761829W / 37.004N 76.308W",367.12 acres (1.5km),"November 1, 2011",,National Park Service123,Booker T. Washington,"Virginia370723N 794558W / 37.123N 79.766W",239.01 acres (1.0km),"April 2, 1956","22,732",National Park Service124,George Washington Birthplace,"Virginia381110N 765550W / 38.1861N 76.9305W",653.18 acres (2.6km),"January 23, 1930","111,058",National Park Service125,Mount St. Helens Volcanic,"Washington4614N 12211W / 46.23N 122.18W","113,205 acres (458.1km)","August 27, 1982","183,000 (2016)",United States Forest Service126,Hanford Reach,"Washington4629N 11932W / 46.48N 119.53W","194,450.93 acres (786.9km)","June 8, 2000",,"Fish and Wildlife Service, DOE"127,San Juan Islands,"Washington4832N 12302W / 48.53N 123.03W",970 acres (3.9km),"March 25, 2013",,Bureau of Land Management128,Fossil Butte,"Wyoming4152N 11046W / 41.86N 110.77W","8,198 acres (33.2km)","October 23, 1972","21,349",National Park Service129,Devils Tower,"Wyoming4435N 10443W / 44.59N 104.72W","1,347.21 acres (5.5km)","September 24, 1906","468,216",National Park Service,,,,,,,,,,,,