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This list contains table of 31 National Memorials of United States with its location, area and established date. The list can be obtained in various file formats such as MS Excel, CSV, PDF, and a compressed file that contains all the formats.

National Memorials in the United States are sites that are designated to commemorate and honor significant people, events, and ideas that have played an important role in American history. These memorials are typically administered by the National Park Service and are open to the public for visitation and exploration.

There are currently 31 National Memorials in the United States, each of which has its own unique history and significance. Some of the most famous National Memorials include the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. These sites attract millions of visitors each year and serve as powerful symbols of the nation's heritage and values.

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S.No.,Name,Location,Area,Date established 1,Coronado,"Arizona 3120?N 11015?W? / ?31.34N 110.25W","4,830.22 acres (19.5472km2)","November 5, 1952"2,Arkansas Post,"Arkansas 3401?N 9121?W? / ?34.02N 91.35W",757.51 acres (3.0655km2),"July 6, 1960"3,Port Chicago Naval Magazine,"California 3803?22?N 12201?48?W? / ?38.056N 122.030W",5.00 acres (0.0202km2),"October 28, 1992"4,Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac,"District of Columbia 3852?37?N 7703?00?W? / ?38.877N 77.050W",17.00 acres (0.0688km2),"September 27, 1974"5,Thomas Jefferson Memorial,"District of Columbia 3852?52?N 7702?13?W? / ?38.881N 77.037W",18.36 acres (0.0743km2),"April 13, 1943"6,Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial,"District of Columbia 3852?59?N 7702?35?W? / ?38.883N 77.043W",8.14 acres (0.0329km2),"May 2, 1997"7,Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial,"District of Columbia 3853?10?N 7702?38?W? / ?38.886N 77.044W",2.74 acres (0.0111km2),"August 28, 2011"8,Korean War Veterans Memorial,"District of Columbia 3853?17?N 7702?53?W? / ?38.888N 77.048W",1.56 acres (0.0063km2),"July 27, 1995"9,Washington Monument,"District of Columbia 3853?20?N 7702?06?W? / ?38.889N 77.035W",106.01 acres (0.4290km2),"February 21, 1885"10,World War II Memorial,"District of Columbia 3853?20?N 7702?24?W? / ?38.889N 77.040W",8.25 acres (0.0334km2),"May 29, 2004"11,Lincoln Memorial,"District of Columbia 3853?20?N 7703?00?W? / ?38.889N 77.050W",7.29 acres (0.0295km2),"May 30, 1922"12,Vietnam Veterans Memorial,"District of Columbia 3853?28?N 7702?53?W? / ?38.891N 77.048W",2.18 acres (0.0088km2),"November 13, 1982"13,World War I Memorial,"District of Columbia 3853?46?N 7701?59?W? / ?38.896N 77.033W",1.76 acres (0.0071km2),"December 19, 2014"14,Theodore Roosevelt Island,"District of Columbia 3853?49?N 7703?50?W? / ?38.897N 77.064W",88.50 acres (0.3581km2),"October 27, 1967"15,Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial,"District of Columbia3853?N 7701?W? / ?38.89N 77.02W",3.39 acres (0.0137km2),"September 17, 2020"16,De Soto,"Florida 2731?N 8238?W? / ?27.52N 82.64W",30 acres (0.12km2),"March 11, 1948"17,Fort Caroline,"Florida 3023?10?N 8129?53?W? / ?30.386N 81.498W",138.39 acres (0.5600km2),"January 16, 1953"18,Pearl Harbor,"Hawaii 2122?N 15757?W? / ?21.36N 157.95W",21.30 acres (0.0862km2),"March 12, 2019"19,Lincoln Boyhood,"Indiana 3806?47?N 8659?46?W? / ?38.113N 86.996W",199.65 acres (0.8080km2),"February 19, 1962"20,Federal Hall,"New York 4042?25?N 7400?36?W? / ?40.707N 74.010W",0.45 acres (0.0018km2),"August 11, 1955"21,General Grant,"New York 4048?47?N 7357?47?W? / ?40.813N 73.963W",0.76 acres (0.0031km2),"May 1, 1959"22,Hamilton Grange,"New York 4049?16?N 7356?49?W? / ?40.821N 73.947W",1.04 acres (0.0042km2),"November 19, 1988"23,Wright Brothers,"North Carolina 3600?50?N 7540?05?W? / ?36.014N 75.668W",428.44 acres (1.7338km2),"December 4, 1953"24,Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial,"Ohio 4139?14?N 8248?40?W? / ?41.654N 82.811W",25.38 acres (0.1027km2),"October 26, 1972"25,Thaddeus Kosciuszko,"Pennsylvania 3956?35?N 7508?49?W? / ?39.943N 75.147W",0.02 acres (0.0081 hectares),"October 21, 1972"26,Flight 93,"Pennsylvania 4003?18?N 7854?04?W? / ?40.055N 78.901W","2,319.96 acres (9.3885km2)","September 10, 2011"27,Johnstown Flood,"Pennsylvania 4021?00?N 7846?16?W? / ?40.350N 78.771W",177.76 acres (0.7194km2),"August 31, 1964"28,Roger Williams,"Rhode Island 4149?52?N 7124?40?W? / ?41.831N 71.411W",4.56 acres (0.0185km2),"October 22, 1965"29,Mount Rushmore,"South Dakota 4352?44?N 10327?32?W? / ?43.879N 103.459W","1,278.45 acres (5.1737km2)","July 1, 1939"30,Chamizal,"Texas 3146?N 10627?W? / ?31.77N 106.45W",54.90 acres (0.2222km2),"February 4, 1974"31,"Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial","Virginia 3852?52?N 7704?23?W? / ?38.881N 77.073W",28.08 acres (0.1136km2),"June 25, 1955",,,,,,,,