Download Excel File List of Mayors of Washington, D.C.


This list provides comprehensive information about the Mayors of Washington, D.C. It includes details about when they served, which political party they belonged to, and the specific elections they won. The list is conveniently available in multiple file formats, including MS Excel, CSV, PDF, and a compressed file that contains all the formats.

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S.No.,Mayor,Term in Office,Party,Election1,"Muriel Bowser(born 1972)","January 2, 2015Incumbent",Democratic,"2022 2018 2014"2,"Vincent C. Gray(born 1942)","January 2, 2011January 2, 2015",Democratic,20103,"Adrian Fenty(born 1970)","January 2, 2007January 2, 2011",Democratic,20064,"Anthony A. Williams(born 1951)","January 2, 1999January 2, 2007",Democratic,"20021998"5,"Marion Barry(19362014)","January 2, 1995January 2, 1999",Democratic,19946,"Sharon Pratt Kelly(born 1944)","January 2, 1991January 2, 1995",Democratic,19907,"Marion Barry(19362014)","January 2, 1979January 2, 1991",Democratic,"19861982 1978"8,"Walter Washington(19152003)","January 2, 1975January 2, 1979",Democratic,1974,,,,,,,,