Download Excel File List of Governors of American Samoa


This list provides information about the governors of American Samoa, including details such as their term of office, party affiliation and the election they won. The list can be obtained in various file formats such as MS Excel, CSV, PDF, and a compressed file that contains all the formats.

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S.No.,Governor,Term of Office,Party,Election1,"Lemanu Peleti Mauga(born 1949)","January 3, 2021Incumbent",Democratic,20202,"Lolo Matalasi Moliga(born 1947)","January 3, 2013January 3, 2021","DemocraticIndependent","20162012"3,"Togiola Tulafono(born 1947)","April 7, 2003January 3, 2013March 26, 2003April 7, 2003",Democratic,"20082004"4,"Tauese Sunia(19412003)","January 3, 1997March 26, 2003",Democratic,"20001996"5,"A. P. Lutali(19192002)","January 3, 1993January 3, 1997",Democratic,19926,"Peter Tali Coleman(19191997)","January 2, 1989January 3, 1993",Republican,19887,"A. P. Lutali(19192002)","January 3, 1985January 2, 1989",Democratic,19848,"Peter Tali Coleman(19191997)","January 3, 1978January 3, 1985",Republican,"19801977",,,,,,,,