List of Rivers of Taiwan


This list contains 62 rivers of Taiwan with there city/county location and length in kilometers and miles.
Location (City/ County) Sl. No Length (Km / Mi) River Name Kaohsiung City 1 38 km (24 mi) Agongdian River  Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County 2 69 km (43 mi) Ailiao River  Tainan City 3 20 km (12 mi) Baishui River (白水溪) Chiayi County, Tainan City 4 81 km (50 mi) Bazhang River  Yunlin County、Chiayi County 5 82 km (51 mi) Beigang River  Taitung County 6 84 km (52 mi) Beinan River  New Taipei City, Yilan County 7 50 km (31 mi) Beishi River  Miaoli County, Taichung City  8 96 km (60 mi) Da'an River  Taichung City, Changhua County, Nantou County  9 116 km (72 mi) Dadu River (Wu River) New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County 10 135 km (84 mi) Dahan River (Takekan River) Taichung City 11 124 km (77 mi) Dajia River  Kaohsiung City 12 32 km (20 mi) Dianbao River  Pingtung County 13 47 km (29 mi) Donggang River  Yilan County 14 24 km (15 mi) Dongshan River  Tainan City, Kaohsiung City 15 65 km (40 mi) Erren River  Miaoli County 16 Fanziliao River  Hualien County 17 37 km (23 mi) Fengping River  Hsinchu County 18 45 km (28 mi) Fengshan River  Kaohsiung City 19 20 km (12 mi) Fengshan River  Hualien County 20 28 km (17 mi) Fuyuan River   Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County  21 171 km (106 mi) Gaoping River  Tainan City 22 35 km (22 mi) Guichong River  Nantou County, Tainan City 23 51.4 km (31.9 mi) Houku River   Miaoli County  24 58 km (36 mi) Houlong River  Hualien County 25 57 km (35 mi) Hualian River  New Taipei City, Taipei City 26 28.1 km (17.5 mi) Jingmei River  Tainan City 27 65 km (40 mi) Jishui River  Taichung City 28 48 km (30 mi) Kashe River  New Taipei City, Taipei City, Keelung City  29 89.4 km (55.6 mi) Keelung River   Yilan County  30 73 km (45 mi) Lanyang River  Kaohsiung City 31 136 km (85 mi) Laonong River  Hualien County 32 54 km (34 mi) Lekuleku River  Pingtung County 33 42 km (26 mi) Linbian River  Yilan County 34 21 km (13 mi) Luodong River  Taichung City, Changhua County, Nantou County 35 47 km (29 mi) Maoluo River  Hualien County 36 42 km (26 mi) Mukua River  Taoyuan City 37 31 km (19 mi) Nankan River  Taichung City 38 34 km (21 mi) Nankang River  New Taipei City 39 45 km (28 mi) Nanshi River  Chiayi County 40 75 km (47 mi) Puzi River  Yilan County 41 25 km (16 mi) Qingshui River  Taichung City, Chiayi County, Tainan City  42 51 km (32 mi) Qingshui River  Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County 43 117 km (73 mi) Qishan River  Chiayi County 44 35 km (22 mi) Sandie River  New Taipei City 45 22.6 km (14.0 mi) Sanxia River  Hualien County 46 37 km (23 mi) Shoufeng River  New Taipei City 47 27 km (17 mi) Shuang River  Taichung City 48 19 km (12 mi) Shuili River  Yunlin County 49 33 km (21 mi) Tahukou River   New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taipei City, Hsinchu County  50 159 km (99 mi) Tamsui River  Hsinchu County 51 63 km (39 mi) Touqian River  Tainan City 52 28 km (17 mi) Touqian River  Chiayi County, Tainan City, Tainan City 53 130 km (81 mi) Tsengwen River  Hualien County 54 53 km (33 mi) Wanli River  Taichung City 55 37 km (23 mi) Wanta River  Pingtung County 56 Wuluo River  New Taipei City, Taipei City 57 82 km (51 mi) Xindian River   Hualien County  58 81 km (50 mi) Xiuguluan River  Tainan City 59 41 km (25 mi) Yanshui River  Yilan County 60 25 km (16 mi) Yilan River  Kaohsiung City 61 50 km (31 mi) Zhuokou River  Nantou County, Changhua County, Yunlin County  62 186 km (116 mi) Zhuoshui River  Sarawak South China Sea Katibas River 63 Sarawak South China Sea Kayan River 64 Kedah Strait of Malacca Kedah River 65 Sabah South China Sea Keguraan River 66 Kelantan South China Sea Kelantan River 67 Terengganu South China Sea Keluang Besar River 68 Terengganu South China Sea Kemaman River 69 Kelantan South China Sea Kemasin River 70 Sarawak South China Sea Kemena River 71 Selangor Strait of Malacca Kemensah River 72 Kedah Strait of Malacca Kerian River 73 Penang Strait of Malacca Kerian River 74 Perak Strait of Malacca Kerian River 75 Sarawak South China Sea Kerian River, Sarawak 76 Terengganu South China Sea Kertih River 77 Johor Strait of Malacca Kesang River 78 Malacca Strait of Malacca Kesang River 79 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Kesang River 80 Sabah South China Sea Kimanis River 81 Sabah Sulu Sea Kinabatangan River 82 Perak Strait of Malacca Kinta River 83 Sabah South China Sea Klagan River 84 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Strait of Malacca Klang River 85 Selangor Strait of Malacca Klang River 86 Sabah South China Sea Klias River 87 Sabah South China Sea Kolapis River 88 Sabah South China Sea Kretam Besar River 89 Pahang South China Sea Kuantan River 90 Perak Strait of Malacca Kurau River 91 Selangor Strait of Malacca Kuyoh River 92 Selangor Strait of Malacca Labu River 93 Sabah Sulu Sea Labuk River 94 Sabah South China Sea Lakutan River 95 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Strait of Malacca Langat River 96 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Langat River 97 Selangor Strait of Malacca Langat River 98 Sabah South China Sea Langkon River 99 Perak Strait of Malacca Larut River (Jaha River) 100 Sarawak South China Sea Lawas River 101 Johor Tebrau Strait Lebam River 102 Sarawak South China Sea Likau River 103 Sarawak South China Sea Limbang River 104 Malacca Strait of Malacca Linggi River 105 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Linggi River 106 Pahang South China Sea Lipis River 107 Sabah Sulu Sea Liwagu River 108 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Lukut Besar River 109 Sarawak South China Sea Lupar River 110 Malacca Strait of Malacca Malacca River 111 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Malacca River 112 Sarawak South China Sea Maludam River 113 Sabah South China Sea Mamahat River 114 Sabah South China Sea Manalunan River 115 Perak Strait of Malacca Manjung River 116 Sarawak South China Sea Maong River 117 Terengganu South China Sea Marang River 118 Sabah South China Sea Maruap River 119 Sarawak South China Sea Matu River 120 Sabah South China Sea Membakut River 121 Sabah South China Sea Mengalong River 122 Sabah South China Sea Mengkabong River 123 Johor South China Sea Mengkibol River 124 Kedah Strait of Malacca Merbok River 125 Terengganu South China Sea Mercang River 126 Pahang South China Sea Mercung River 127 Sabah South China Sea Merotai River 128 Johor South China Sea Mersing River 129 Sabah South China Sea Milau River 130 Sarawak South China Sea Miri River 131 Sabah South China Sea Moyog River 132 Johor Strait of Malacca Muar River 133 Malacca Strait of Malacca Muar River 134 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Muar River 135 Kedah Strait of Malacca Muda River 136 Sarawak South China Sea Mukah River 137 Sabah South China Sea Mumiang River 138 Sarawak South China Sea Niah River 139 Sarawak South China Sea Nyalau River 140 Sarawak South China Sea Oya River 141 Sabah South China Sea Padas River 142 Sarawak South China Sea Padungan River 143 Pahang South China Sea Pahang River 144 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Pahang River 145 Sabah Sulu Sea Paitan River 146 Terengganu South China Sea Paka River, Terengganu 147 Sarawak South China Sea Pandaruan River 148 Sabah South China Sea Papar River 149 Johor Strait of Malacca Parit Botak Channel 150 Sabah South China Sea Pegagau River 151 Johor Tebrau Strait Pelentong River, Johor 152 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Pelentong River, Negeri Sembilan 153 Penang Strait of Malacca Penang River 154 Selangor Strait of Malacca Penchala River 155 Pahang South China Sea Penur River 156 Kedah Strait of Malacca Perai River 157 Penang Strait of Malacca Perai River 158 Perak Strait of Malacca Perak River 159 Kedah Strait of Malacca Perlis River 160 Perlis Strait of Malacca Perlis River 161 Sabah South China Sea Pimpin River 162 Johor Strait of Malacca Pontian Besar River 163 Pahang South China Sea Pontian River, Pahang 164 Johor South China Sea Pulai River 165 Johor Tebrau Strait Pulai River 166 Sarawak South China Sea Rajang River 167 Sarawak South China Sea Rambungan River 168 Pahang South China Sea Rompin River 169 Sabah South China Sea Sabahan River 170 Sarawak South China Sea Sadong River 171 Sabah South China Sea Sahabat River 172 Sarawak South China Sea Salak River 173 Sarawak South China Sea Samarahan River 174 Sabah South China Sea Samawang River 175 Sarawak South China Sea Samusam River 176 Perak Strait of Malacca Sangga Besar River(Sepetang River) 177 Johor Strait of Malacca Sanglang River 178 Johor Tebrau Strait Santi River 179 Sarawak South China Sea Santubong River 180 Sabah South China Sea Sapagaya River 181 Johor Strait of Malacca Sarang Buaya River 182 Sarawak South China Sea Sarawak River 183 Sarawak South China Sea Saribas River 184 Sarawak South China Sea Sarupai Sadupai River 185 Sarawak South China Sea Sebuyau River 186 Johor Strait of Malacca Sedili Besar River 187 Johor Strait of Malacca Sedili Kechil River 188 Sabah South China Sea Segaliud River 189 Sabah Sulu Sea Segama River 190 Johor Strait of Malacca Segamat River 191 Johor Tebrau Strait Segget River 192 Sabah South China Sea Sekong Besar River 193 Selangor Strait of Malacca Selangor River 194 Sarawak South China Sea Sematan River 195 Sarawak South China Sea Sembakung River 196 Johor South China Sea Sembrong River 197 Selangor Strait of Malacca Semenyih River 198 Kelantan South China Sea Semerak River 199 Terengganu South China Sea Semerak River 200 Sabah South China Sea Sengarong River 201 Sabah South China Sea Sepagaya River 202 Negeri Sembilan Strait of Malacca Sepang River 203 Selangor Strait of Malacca Sepang River 204 Sabah Celebes Sea Serudong River 205 Terengganu South China Sea Setiu River 206 Sarawak South China Sea Siang Siang River 207 Sarawak South China Sea Sibu Laut River 208 Sabah Sulu Sea Sibuku River 209 Sabah South China Sea Sibunga Besar River 210 Sarawak South China Sea Sibuti River 211 Sabah Celebes Sea Silabukan River 212 Sabah South China Sea Simandalan River 213 Sarawak South China Sea Similajau River 214 Sabah South China Sea Sinsilog River 215 Johor South China Sea Skudai River 216 Johor Tebrau Strait Skudai River 217 Sarawak South China Sea Sparan River 218 Sarawak South China Sea Suai River 219 Sabah South China Sea Suanlamba Besar River 220 Sabah Sulu Sea Sugut River 221 Sabah South China Sea Sulaman River 222 Pahang South China Sea Tahan River 223 Sabah South China Sea Tandek River 224 Sabah South China Sea Tanjung Labian River 225 Sarawak South China Sea Tatau River 226 Sabah South China Sea Tatulit River 227 Sabah Celebes Sea Tawau River 228 Johor Tebrau Strait Tebrau River 229 Sabah South China Sea Tegupi River 230 Sabah South China Sea Telaga River 231 Sarawak South China Sea Telong River 232 Pahang South China Sea Tembeling River 233 Perak Strait of Malacca Temerloh River 234 Sabah South China Sea Tempasuk River 235 Selangor Strait of Malacca Tengi River 236 Terengganu South China Sea Terengganu River 237 Sarawak South China Sea Terusan River 238 Sabah Celebes Sea Tingkayu River 239 Perak Strait of Malacca Tiram River, Perak 240 Sabah South China Sea Tiram River, Sabah 241 Sabah South China Sea Tuaran River 242 Sabah South China Sea Ulu Tungku River 243 Sabah South China Sea Umas Umas River 244 Kedah Strait of Malacca Yan Kechil River 245

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