List of Rivers of Spain


This list contains 172 rivers of Spain with there draining into location.
Draining into (Sea) Sl.No Draining into (River) Name Atlantic Ocean 1 Portuguese Atlantic Adaja (es) Mediterranean Sea 2 Andalucian Mediterranean Adra (es) Mediterranean Sea 3 Ebro Aguas limpias Atlantic Ocean 4 Portuguese Atlantic Águeda Atlantic Ocean 5 Portuguese Atlantic Alagón Mediterranean Sea 6 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Albaida (es) Mediterranean Sea 7 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Albentosa es Atlantic Ocean 8 Portuguese Atlantic Alberche Mediterranean Sea 9 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Alfambra(es) Atlantic Ocean 10 Portuguese Atlantic Algodor Mediterranean Sea 11 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Alhárabe Mediterranean Sea 12 Andalucian Mediterranean Almanzora Mediterranean Sea 13 Andalucian Mediterranean Andarax Atlantic Ocean 14 Spanish Atlantic Anllóns Mediterranean Sea 15 Catalonia Anoia Mediterranean Sea 16 Ebro Ara Mediterranean Sea 17 Ebro Aragón Mediterranean Sea 18 Ebro Aragón Subordán (es) Mediterranean Sea 19 Ebro Arazas Mediterranean Sea 20 Ebro Arga Mediterranean Sea 21 Ebro Asabón Atlantic Ocean 22 Spanish Atlantic Asón Mediterranean Sea 23 Ebro Aurín Atlantic Ocean 24 Spanish Atlantic Avia Mediterranean Sea 25 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Belcaire (river) (es) (ca) Atlantic Ocean 26 Costa de la Luz Bembézar (es) Mediterranean Sea 27 Ebro Bergantes Atlantic Ocean 28 Spanish Atlantic Besaya Mediterranean Sea 29 Catalonia Besòs Mediterranean Sea 30 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Bohílgues (es) Mediterranean Sea 31 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Cabriel Atlantic Ocean 32 Spanish Atlantic Cadagua Mediterranean Sea 33 Ebro Caldarés Mediterranean Sea 34 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Camarena (es) Mediterranean Sea 35 Ebro Candanchú Mediterranean Sea 36 Catalonia Cardener Atlantic Ocean 37 Spanish Atlantic Cares Atlantic Ocean 38 Portuguese Atlantic Carrión Atlantic Ocean 39 Portuguese Atlantic Cea Atlantic Ocean 40 Costa de la Luz Chanza Mediterranean Sea 41 Ebro Cidacos Mediterranean Sea 42 Ebro Cinca Atlantic Ocean 43 Portuguese Atlantic Cofio Mediterranean Sea 44 Catalonia Congost Atlantic Ocean 45 Costa de la Luz Corbones Atlantic Ocean 46 Costa de la Luz Corbones Atlantic Ocean 47 Costa de la Luz Darro Atlantic Ocean 48 Spanish Atlantic Deva Atlantic Ocean 49 Spanish Atlantic Dobra Atlantic Ocean 50 Portuguese Atlantic Duero Mediterranean Sea 51 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Ebrón Mediterranean Sea 52 Ebro Ega Mediterranean Sea 53 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) El Barranco de Palos Atlantic Ocean 54 Spanish Atlantic Eo Mediterranean Sea 55 Ebro Escarra Mediterranean Sea 56 Ebro Ésera Atlantic Ocean 57 Portuguese Atlantic Esla Mediterranean Sea 58 Catalonia Fluvià Mediterranean Sea 59 Catalonia Foix Mediterranean Sea 60 Catalonia Francolí Mediterranean Sea 61 Catalonia Gaià Mediterranean Sea 62 Ebro Gállego Atlantic Ocean 63 Portuguese Atlantic Gallo (es) Atlantic Ocean 64 Spanish Atlantic Gándara Mediterranean Sea 65 Catalonia Gavarresa Atlantic Ocean 66 Costa de la Luz Genil Atlantic Ocean 67 Costa de la Luz Guadaira Atlantic Ocean 68 Costa de la Luz Guadaíra Atlantic Ocean 69 Costa de la Luz Guadajoz (es) Atlantic Ocean 70 Costa de la Luz Guadalbullón Mediterranean Sea 71 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Guadalentín Atlantic Ocean 72 Costa de la Luz Guadalete Mediterranean Sea 73 Andalucian Mediterranean Guadalevín Mediterranean Sea 74 Andalucian Mediterranean Guadalfeo Mediterranean Sea 75 Andalucian Mediterranean Guadalhorce Atlantic Ocean 76 Costa de la Luz Guadalimar Mediterranean Sea 77 Andalucian Mediterranean Guadalmedina Atlantic Ocean 78 Costa de la Luz Guadalmellato Mediterranean Sea 79 Ebro Guadalope Atlantic Ocean 80 Costa de la Luz Guadalquivir Atlantic Ocean 81 Costa de la Luz Guadalupe Atlantic Ocean 82 Portuguese Atlantic Guadarrama Atlantic Ocean 83 Costa de la Luz Guadiamar Atlantic Ocean 84 Costa de la Luz Guadiana Atlantic Ocean 85 Costa de la Luz Guadiana Menor (es) Mediterranean Sea 86 Andalucian Mediterranean Guadiaro Atlantic Ocean 87 Costa de la Luz Guadiato (es) Mediterranean Sea 88 Ebro Guarga Atlantic Ocean 89 Portuguese Atlantic Henares Atlantic Ocean 90 Portuguese Atlantic Huebra Mediterranean Sea 91 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Huécar Atlantic Ocean 92 Spanish Atlantic Ibaizabal Atlantic Ocean 93 Costa de la Luz Jabalón Mediterranean Sea 94 Ebro Jalón Atlantic Ocean 95 Costa de la Luz Jándula (es) Atlantic Ocean 96 Portuguese Atlantic Jarama Mediterranean Sea 97 Ebro Jiloca Mediterranean Sea 98 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Júcar Mediterranean Sea 99 Ebro Lana Mayor Mediterranean Sea 100 Ebro Lanata Atlantic Ocean 101 Spanish Atlantic Leitzaran Atlantic Ocean 102 Spanish Atlantic Lérez Mediterranean Sea 103 Catalonia Llobregat Atlantic Ocean 104 Portuguese Atlantic Lozoya Mediterranean Sea 105 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Magro (es) Mediterranean Sea 106 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Maimona Atlantic Ocean 107 Costa de la Luz Majaceite Atlantic Ocean 108 Portuguese Atlantic Manzanares Atlantic Ocean 109 Costa de la Luz Matachel (es) Atlantic Ocean 110 Spanish Atlantic Miera Mediterranean Sea 111 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Mijares Atlantic Ocean 112 Spanish Atlantic Minho Mediterranean Sea 113 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Montán (es) Mediterranean Sea 114 Catalonia Muga Mediterranean Sea 115 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Mula Atlantic Ocean 116 Spanish Atlantic Mundaka Mediterranean Sea 117 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Mundo Atlantic Ocean 118 Spanish Atlantic Nalón Atlantic Ocean 119 Spanish Atlantic Nansa es Atlantic Ocean 120 Spanish Atlantic Narcea Atlantic Ocean 121 Spanish Atlantic Navia Atlantic Ocean 122 Spanish Atlantic Nervión Mediterranean Sea 123 Ebro Noguera Pallaresa Mediterranean Sea 124 Ebro Noguera Ribagorzana Atlantic Ocean 125 Costa de la Luz Odiel Atlantic Ocean 126 Portuguese Atlantic Odra Atlantic Ocean 127 Portuguese Atlantic Órbigo Atlantic Ocean 128 Spanish Atlantic Oria Atlantic Ocean 129 Spanish Atlantic Pas Atlantic Ocean 130 Portuguese Atlantic Perales Mediterranean Sea 131 Ebro Piedra Atlantic Ocean 132 Spanish Atlantic Pisueña Atlantic Ocean 133 Portuguese Atlantic Pisuerga Mediterranean Sea 134 Andalucian Mediterranean Poqueira Mediterranean Sea 135 Ebro Queiles Mediterranean Sea 136 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Rambla de la Viuda (es) Atlantic Ocean 137 Costa de la Luz Rio Tinto Mediterranean Sea 138 Catalonia Ripoll Atlantic Ocean 139 Costa de la Luz Rivera de Huelva Atlantic Ocean 140 Spanish Atlantic Saja Atlantic Ocean 141 Costa de la Luz San Pedro Atlantic Ocean 142 Spanish Atlantic Sar Mediterranean Sea 143 Ebro Seco Mediterranean Sea 144 Ebro Segre Mediterranean Sea Mediterranean Sea 145 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Segura Atlantic Ocean 146 Spanish Atlantic Sella Mediterranean Sea 147 Catalonia Sénia Atlantic Ocean 148 Spanish Atlantic Sil Mediterranean Sea 149 Ebro Sotón Atlantic Ocean 150 Portuguese Atlantic Tajo Atlantic Ocean 151 Spanish Atlantic Tambre Atlantic Ocean 152 Portuguese Atlantic Tamega Mediterranean Sea 153 Catalonia Ter Atlantic Ocean 154 Portuguese Atlantic Tiétar Mediterranean Sea 155 Catalonia Tordera Atlantic Ocean 156 Portuguese Atlantic Tormes Atlantic Ocean 157 Portuguese Atlantic Trabancos Mediterranean Sea 158 Andalucian Mediterranean Trevélez Mediterranean Sea 159 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Tuéjar es Mediterranean Sea 160 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Turia Atlantic Ocean 161 Spanish Atlantic Ulla Atlantic Ocean 162 Spanish Atlantic Urola Atlantic Ocean 163 Spanish Atlantic Urumea Mediterranean Sea 164 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Valbona Mediterranean Sea 165 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Valdemembra Atlantic Ocean 166 Portuguese Atlantic Valderaduey (es) Atlantic Ocean 167 Costa de la Luz Viar (es) Mediterranean Sea 168 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Villahermosa (es) Mediterranean Sea 169 Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia) Vinalopó Atlantic Ocean 170 Costa de la Luz Yeguas Atlantic Ocean 171 Costa de la Luz Záncara Atlantic Ocean 172 Costa de la Luz Zújar Pranto River 173 Salak River Pilas River 174 Samarahan River Quarteira River 175 Samawang River Queijais River 176 Samusam River Rabaçal River 177 Sangga Besar River(Sepetang River) Rabagão River 178 Sanglang River Raia River 179 Santi River Ramalhoso River 180 Santubong River Real River (Portugal) 181 Sapagaya River Sabor River 182 Sarang Buaya River Sado River 183 Sarawak River Safarujo River 184 Saribas River Salas River 185 Sarupai Sadupai River Saltadouro River 186 Sebuyau River Sardoura River 187 Sedili Besar River Sátão River 188 Sedili Kechil River Seco River (Portugal) 189 Segaliud River Selho River 190 Segama River Sever River 191 Segamat River Silves River 192 Segget River Sizandro River 193 Sekong Besar River Sor River (Portugal) 194 Selangor River Sordo River (Portugal) 195 Sematan River Sorraia River 196 Sembakung River Sótão River 197 Sembrong River Soure River 198 Semenyih River Sousa River 199 Semerak River Sul River 200 Semerak River Tábuas River 201 Sengarong River Tâmega River 202 Sepagaya River Tanha River 203 Sepang River Távora River 204 Sepang River Tedinho River 205 Serudong River Tedo River 206 Setiu River Teixeira River (Douro) 207 Siang Siang River Teixeira River (Vouga) 208 Sibu Laut River Tejo River (River Tagus) 209 Sibuku River Terva River 210 Sibunga Besar River Tinhela River 211 Sibuti River Tinhesa River 212 Silabukan River Tornada River 213 Simandalan River Torre River 214 Similajau River Torto River 215 Sinsilog River Torto River (Mira) 216 Skudai River Torto River (Portel) 217 Skudai River Tio Touro River 218 Sparan River Trancão River 219 Suai River Tripeiro River 220 Suanlamba Besar River Tua River 221 Sugut River Tuela River 222 Sulaman River Temilobos River 223 Tahan River Uíma River 224 Tandek River

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