List of Rivers of Guatemala


This list contains 86 rivers of Guatemala with there draining into location.
Draining Into Sl. No Comments River Name Pacific Ocean 1 Achiguate River Pacific Ocean 2 Acomé River Pacific Ocean 3 Also connects to Lake Edward and the Semliki River via the Kazinga Channel Aguacapa River Gulf of Honduras 4 Jequetepeque River Belize River (Belize) Gulf of Mexico 5 Juruá River or Yurua Blanco River (San Marcos) Gulf of Honduras 6 La Leche River Bobos River Gulf of Mexico 7 Lacramarca River Cabajchum River Pacific Ocean 8 Lake Titicaca Cabúz River Gulf of Honduras 9 Llaucano River Cahabón River Gulf of Mexico 10 Locumba River Cancuén River Gulf of Honduras 11 Lurín River Chahal River Pacific Ocean 12 Madeira River (Brazil) Chisna River Gulf of Mexico 13 Madre de Dios River Chixoy River (Río Negro) Gulf of Honduras 14 Mala River Chiyu River Gulf of Honduras 15 Mamuripi River Chocón Machacas River Gulf of Honduras 16 Mantaro River Chocón River Pacific Ocean 17 Manú River Coyolate River Gulf of Mexico 18 Atlantic Ocean Cuilco River Pacific Ocean 19 Atlantic Ocean Cutzulchimá River Gulf of Honduras 20 Atlantic Ocean Dulce River Pacific Ocean 21 Pacific Ocean El Tambor River Gulf of Honduras 22 Atlantic Ocean Franco River Gulf of Honduras 23 Atlantic Ocean Gracias a Dios River Gulf of Mexico 24 Pacific Ocean Grijalva River (Mexico) Gulf of Honduras 25 Atlantic Ocean Hondo River (Río Azul) Pacific Ocean 26 Atlantic Ocean Icán River Pacific Ocean 27 Atlantic Ocean Ixben River Gulf of Mexico 28 Pacific Ocean Ixcán River Pacific Ocean 29 Atlantic Ocean Ixtacapa River Gulf of Honduras 30 Atlantic Ocean Jalapa River Gulf of Honduras 31 Atlantic Ocean Jupilingo River Gulf of Mexico 32 Pacific Ocean Lacantún River (Mexico) Pacific Ocean 33 Pacific Ocean Lake Amatitlán Gulf of Honduras 34 Pacific Ocean Lake Izabal Gulf of Honduras 35 Lanquin River Gulf of Honduras 36 Las Animas River Gulf of Mexico 37 Las Manzanas River Gulf of Honduras 38 Las Vacas River Pacific Ocean 39 Lempa River Pacific Ocean 40 Los Esclavos River Gulf of Mexico 41 Machaquila River Pacific Ocean 42 Madre Vieja River Pacific Ocean 43 María Linda River Gulf of Honduras 44 Matanzas River Pacific Ocean 45 Michatoya River Gulf of Honduras 46 Moho River Gulf of Honduras 47 Mopan River Gulf of Honduras 48 Motagua River Pacific Ocean 49 Mujulia River Pacific Ocean 50 Nahualate River Pacific Ocean 51 Naranjo River Gulf of Mexico 52 Nentón River Pacific Ocean 53 Nica River Pacific Ocean 54 Nil River Pacific Ocean 55 Nima I River Pacific Ocean 56 Nima River Pacific Ocean 57 Oc River Pacific Ocean 58 Ocosito River Pacific Ocean 59 Ostúa River Pacific Ocean 60 Pantaleón River Gulf of Honduras 61 Pasabien River Gulf of Mexico 62 Pasión River (Río de la Pasión) Pacific Ocean 63 Paso Hondo River Pacific Ocean 64 Paz River Pacific Ocean 65 Petacalapa River Gulf of Honduras 66 Polochic River Gulf of Mexico 67 Poxte River Gulf of Honduras 68 Río Grande de Zacapa Gulf of Mexico 69 Salamá River Gulf of Mexico 70 Salinas River Pacific Ocean 71 Samalá River Pacific Ocean 72 San Crostobal River Gulf of Mexico 73 San Juan River Gulf of Mexico 74 San Pedro River Gulf of Mexico 75 San Román River Gulf of Honduras 76 Sarstoon River (Sarstún River) Gulf of Mexico 77 Seleguá River Pacific Ocean 78 Sibinal River Pacific Ocean 79 Siguacán River Pacific Ocean 80 Sís River Pacific Ocean 81 Suchiate River Gulf of Mexico 82 Tzalá River Gulf of Mexico 83 Usumacinta River Pacific Ocean 84 Villalobos River Gulf of Mexico 85 Xalbal River (Xaclbal River) Pacific Ocean 86 Xaya River

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