Download Excel File List Of Nobel Prize Winners Of China


This list provides information about the Nobel prize winners of China. It includes 8 laureates who have been awarded the Nobel Prize. The list includes details such as the year of the award, the names of the laureates, and the respective categories in which they were recognized. The list can be obtained in various file formats such as MS Excel, CSV, PDF, and a compressed file that contains all the formats.

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S.No.,Year,Nobel Laureates,Category1,2015,Tu Youyou, Physiology or Medicine2,2012,Mo Yan, Literature3,2010,Liu Xiaobo, Peace4,2009,Charles K. Kao, Physics5,2000,Gao Xingjian, Literature6,1998,Daniel C. Tsui, Physics7,1957,Chen-Ning Yang, Physics8,1957,Tsung-Dao Lee, Physics,,,,,,