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This contains 115 Nobel Prize Winners Of United Kingdom.

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SNo,Year,Name,Category,Comments1,2014,John O'Keefe, Physiology or Medicine, born in the United States2,2013,Michael Levitt, Chemistry, as an Israeli citizen3,2013,Peter Higgs, Physics,4,2012,John B. Gurdon, Physiology or Medicine,5,2010,Konstantin Novoselov, Physics, born in Russia6,2010,Robert G. Edwards, Physiology or Medicine,7,2007,Doris Lessing, Literature, born in Iran8,2007,Sir Martin J. Evans, Physiology or Medicine,9,2007,Oliver Smithies, Physiology or Medicine,10,2005,Harold Pinter, Literature,11,2003,Clive W. J. Granger, Economics,12,2003,Anthony J. Leggett, Physics,13,2003,Peter Mansfield, Physiology or Medicine,14,2002,Sydney Brenner, Physiology or Medicine, born in South Africa15,2002,John E. Sulston, Physiology or Medicine,16,2001,Tim Hunt, Physiology or Medicine,17,2001,Paul Nurse, Physiology or Medicine,18,2001,V.S. Naipaul, Literature, born in Trinidad19,1998,David Trimble, Peace,20,1998,John Pople, Chemistry,21,1997,John E. Walker, Chemistry,22,1996,Harold Kroto, Chemistry,23,1996,James A. Mirrlees, Economics,24,1995,Joseph Rotblat, Peace," born in then Russian Empire, now Poland"25,1993,Richard J. Roberts, Physiology or Medicine,26,1993,Michael Smith, Chemistry,27,1991,Ronald Coase,based in the United States Economics,28,1988,James W. Black, Physiology or Medicine,29,1984,Niels Kaj Jerne, Physiology or Medicine,30,1984,Csar Milstein, Physiology or Medicine, born in Argentina31,1984,Richard Stone, Economics,32,1983,William Golding, Literature,33,1982,Aaron Klug, Chemistry, born in Lithuania34,1982,John Robert Vane, Physiology or Medicine,35,1981,Elias Canetti, Literature, born in Bulgaria36,1980,Frederick Sanger, Chemistry,37,1979,Arthur Lewis, Economics, born on St. Lucia38,1979,Godfrey Hounsfield, Physiology or Medicine,39,1978,Peter D. Mitchell, Chemistry,40,1977,James Meade, Economics,41,1977,Nevill Francis Mott, Physics,42,1977,Amnesty International, Peace,43,1976,Betty Williams, Peace,44,1975,John Cornforth, Chemistry, born in Australia45,1974,Christian de Duve, Physiology or Medicine,46,1974,Friedrich Hayek, Economics, born in Austria47,1974,Martin Ryle, Physics,48,1974,Antony Hewish, Physics,49,1973,Patrick White, Literature,50,1973,Geoffrey Wilkinson, Chemistry,51,1973,Brian David Josephson, Physics,52,1972,Rodney Robert Porter, Physiology or Medicine,53,1972,John Hicks, Economics,54,1971,Dennis Gabor, Physics, born in Hungary55,1970,Bernard Katz, Physiology or Medicine, born in Germany56,1969,Derek Harold Richard Barton, Chemistry,57,1967,Ronald George Wreyford Norrish, Chemistry,58,1967,George Porter, Chemistry,59,1964,Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Chemistry,60,1963,Andrew Huxley, Physiology or Medicine,61,1963,Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Physiology or Medicine,62,1962,John Kendrew, Chemistry,63,1962,Max Perutz, Chemistry, born in Austria64,1962,Francis Crick, Physiology or Medicine,65,1962,Maurice Wilkins, Physiology or Medicine, born in New Zealand66,1960,Peter Medawar, Physiology or Medicine, born in Brazil (British citizen only)67,1959,Philip Noel-Baker, Peace,68,1958,Frederick Sanger, Chemistry,69,1957,Alexander R. Todd, Chemistry, Baron Todd70,1956,Cyril Norman Hinshelwood, Chemistry,71,1954,Max Born, Physics," born in then Germany, now Poland"72,1953,Winston Churchill, Literature,73,1953,Hans Adolf Krebs, Physiology or Medicine, born in Germany74,1952,Archer John Porter Martin, Chemistry,75,1952,Richard Laurence Millington Synge, Chemistry,76,1951,John Cockcroft, Physics,77,1950,Bertrand Russell, Literature,78,1950,Cecil Frank Powell, Physics,79,1949,John Boyd Orr, Peace,80,1948,T. S. Eliot, Literature, born in the United States81,1948,Patrick Blackett, Physics, Baron Blackett82,1947,Edward Victor Appleton, Physics,83,1947,Robert Robinson, Chemistry,84,1947,Friends Service Council, Peace,85,1945,Ernst Boris Chain, Physiology or Medicine, born in Germany86,1945,Alexander Fleming, Physiology or Medicine,87,1937,George Paget Thomson, Physics,88,1937,Robert Cecil, Peace, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood89,1937,Norman Haworth, Chemistry,90,1936,Henry Hallett Dale, Physiology or Medicine,91,1935,James Chadwick, Physics,92,1934,Arthur Henderson, Peace,93,1933,Norman Angell, Peace,94,1933,Paul Dirac, Physics,95,1932,Charles Scott Sherrington, Physiology or Medicine,96,1932,John Galsworthy, Literature,97,1932,Edgar Adrian, Physiology or Medicine, 1st Baron Adrian98,1929,Arthur Harden, Chemistry,99,1929,Frederick Hopkins, Physiology or Medicine,100,1928,Owen Willans Richardson, Physics,101,1927,Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, Physics,102,1925,Austen Chamberlain, Peace,103,1923,John James Rickard Macleod, Physiology or Medicine,104,1922,Francis William Aston, Chemistry,105,1921,Frederick Soddy, Chemistry,106,1917,Charles Glover Barkla, Physics,107,1915,William Henry Bragg, Physics,108,1915,William Lawrence Bragg, Physics, born in Australia109,1908,Ernest Rutherford, Chemistry, born in New Zealand110,1907,Rudyard Kipling, Literature," born in Bombay, India"111,1906,J. J. Thomson, Physics,112,1904,John Strutt, Physics, 3rd Baron Rayleigh113,1904,William Ramsay, Chemistry,114,1903,William Randal Cremer, Peace,115,1902,Ronald Ross, Physiology or Medicine," born in Almora, India",,,,"For more information, kindly visit : ",,,,