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This contains list of 90 oldest buildings in the world.

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SNo,Building,Country,Continent,First Built,Use,Notes1,Barnenez,France,Europe,4850BC,Passage grave,"Located in northern Finistre and partially restored. According to Andr Malraux it would have been better named The Prehistoric Parthenon. The structure is 72 m long, 25 m wide and over 8 m high."2,Tumulus of Bougon,France,Europe,4700BC,Tumulus,"A complex of tombs with varying dates near Poitiers, the oldest being F0."3,Tumulus Saint-Michel,France,Europe,4500BC,Tumulus,"The tumulus forms what is almost an artificial hillock of more than 30,000m3 (125m long, 60m wide and 10m high)."4,Knap of Howar,Scotland,Europe,3700BC,House,Oldest preserved stone house in north west Europe.5,?gantija,Malta,Europe,3700BC,Temple,Two structures on the island of Gozo. The second was built four centuries after the oldest.6,West Kennet Long Barrow,England,Europe,3650BC,Tomb,Located near Silbury Hill and Avebury stone circle.7,Listoghil,Ireland,Europe,3550BC,Passage Tomb,"At the centre of the Carrowmore passage tomb cluster, a simple box-shaped chamber is surrounded by a kerb c.34m in diameter and partly covered by a cairn. It has been partly reconstructed."8,Sechin Bajo,Peru,South America,3500BC,Plaza,The oldest known building in the Americas.9,La Hougue Bie,Jersey,Europe,3500BC,Passage grave,An 18.6metre long passage chamber. The chapel above is medieval.10,Midhowe Chambered Cairn,Scotland,Europe,3500BC,Tomb,A well preserved example of the Orkney-Cromarty type on the island of Rousay.11,Gavrinis passage tomb,France,Europe,3500BC,Tomb,"On a small island, situated in the Gulf of Morbihan."12,Wayland's Smithy,England,Europe,3460BC,Chamber tomb,A barrow constructed on top of an older burial chamber.13,Unstan Chambered Cairn,Scotland,Europe,3450 BC,Tomb,"Excavated in 1884, when grave goods were found, giving their name to Unstan ware."14,Knowe of Yarso chambered cairn,Scotland,Europe,3350 BC,Tomb,One of several Rousay tombs. It contained numerous deer skeletons when excavated in the 1930s.15,Quanterness chambered cairn,Scotland,Europe,3250 BC,Tomb,The remains of 157 individuals were found inside when excavated in the 1970s.16,Skara Brae,Scotland,Europe,3180BC,Settlement,Northern Europe's best preserved Neolithic village.17,Tomb of the Eagles,Scotland,Europe,3150 BC,Tomb,"In use for 800 years or more. Numerous bird bones were found here, predominantly White-tailed Sea Eagle."18,Newgrange,Ireland,Europe,31002900BC,Burial,Partially reconstructed around original passage grave.19,Tarxien Temples,Malta,Europe,3100 BC,Temples,"Described by Colin Renfrew as ""the oldest free-standing monuments in the world""."20,Dolmen de Bagneux,France,Europe,3000BC,Dolmen,"This is the largest dolmen in France, and perhaps the world, the overall length of the dolmen is 23m (75ft), with the internal chamber at over 18m (60ft) in length and at least 3m high."21,Grey Cairns of Camster,Scotland,Europe,3000 BC or older,Tomb,Located near Upper Camster in Caithness.22,Hulbjerg Jttestue,Denmark,Europe,3000BC,Passage grave,The grave is concealed by a round barrow on the southern tip of the island of Langeland. One of the skulls found there showed traces of the world's earliest dentistry work.23,Maikop kurgans,Russia,Europe,3000 BC,Tomb,"There are numerous tombs, some perhaps originating in the Maikop culture, in the North Caucasus."24,Taversoe Tuick chambered cairn,Scotland,Europe,3000 BC,Tomb,"Unusually, there is an upper and lower chamber."25,Holm of Papa chambered cairn,Scotland,Europe,3000 BC,Tomb,The central chamber is over 20 metres long.26,Barpa Langass,Scotland,Europe,3000BC,Tomb,The best preserved chambered cairn in the Hebrides.27,Cuween Hill Chambered Cairn,Scotland,Europe,3000 BC,Tomb,"Excavated in 1901, when it was found to contain the bones of men, dogs and oxen."28,Quoyness cairn,Scotland,Europe,2900 BC,Tomb,An arc of Bronze Age mounds surrounds this cairn on the island of Sanday.29,Maeshowe,Scotland,Europe,2800 BC,Tomb,The entrance passage is 36 feet (11m) long and leads to the central chamber measuring about 15 feet (4.6m) on each side.30,Monte d'Accoddi,Italy,Europe,27002000BC,Possibly an open-air temple.,"""A trapezoidal platform on an artificial mound, reached by a sloped causeway."""31,Pyramid of Djoser,Egypt,Africa,26672648BC,Burial,Earliest large-scale cut stone construction.32,Dholavira,India,Asia,2650BC-2100BC,"Brick water reservoirs, with steps, circular graves & ruins of well planned town",A complex of ruins with varying dates at Dholavira.33,Mehrgarh,Pakistan,Asia,2600BC,Mud brick storage structures,A complex of ruins with varying dates near Bolan Pass.34,Caral,Peru,South America,2600BC,Pyramid,Once thought to be the oldest building in South America.35,Pyramid of Meidum,Egypt,Africa,c. 2580 BC,Tomb,Fourth Dynasty structure completed by Sneferu.36,Bent Pyramid,Egypt,Africa,c. 2580 BC,Tomb,A second structure completed by Sneferu.37,Red Pyramid,Egypt,Africa,c. 2580 BC,Tomb,Third large pyramid completed by Sneferu.38,Great Pyramid of Giza,Egypt,Africa,2560BC,Tomb,Mausoleum for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu.39,Knowth,Ireland,Europe,Between 2500-2000 BC,Passage grave,40,Pyramid of Khafre,Egypt,Africa,c. 2500 BC,Tomb,One of the Pyramids of Giza.41,Pyramid of Menkaure,Egypt,Africa,c. 2500 BC,Tomb,Menkaure was probably Khafre's successor.42,Dowth,Ireland,Europe,2500 BC,Tomb,The cairn is about 85 metres (280ft) in diameter and 15 metres (50ft) high.43,Pyramid of Userkaf,Egypt,Africa,c. 2480BC,Tomb,Located close to Pyramid of Djoser.44,Pyramid of Sahure,Egypt,Africa,c. 2480 BC,Tomb,Built for Sahure.45,Pyramid of Neferirkare Kakai,Egypt,Africa,c. 2460 BC,Tomb,Built for Neferirkare Kakai.46,Pyramid of Neferefre,Egypt,Africa,c. 2455 BC,Tomb,Never completed but does contain a tomb.47,Pyramid of Niuserre,Egypt,Africa,c. 2425 BC,Tomb,48,Pyramid of Djedkare-Isesi,Egypt,Africa,c. 2370 BC,Tomb,49,Pyramid of Unas,Egypt,Africa,c. 2340 BC,Tomb,50,Pyramid of Teti,Egypt,Africa,c. 2330 BC,Tomb,51,Labbacallee,Ireland,Europe,c. 2300 BC,Tomb,The largest wedge tomb in Ireland.52,Pyramid of Merenre,Egypt,Africa,c. 2275 BC,Tomb,Built for Merenre Nemtyemsaf I but not completed.53,Pyramid of Pepi II Neferkare,Egypt,Africa,c. 2180 BC,Tomb,54,Crantit cairn,Scotland,Europe,2130 BC,Tomb,Discovered in 1998 near Kirkwall.55,Dolmen de Viera,Spain,Europe,2000 BC,Tomb,The Dolmen de Viera or Dolmen de los Hermanos Viera is a dolmena type of single-chamber megalithic tomb56,Rubha an Dnain passage grave,Scotland,Europe,2000 BC or older,Tomb,57,Corrimony chambered cairn,Scotland,Europe,2000 BC or older,Tomb,A Clava-type passage grave surrounded by a circle of 11 standing stones.58,Knossos,Greece,Europe,20001300BC,Palace,Minoan structure on a Neolithic site.59,Bryn Celli Ddu,Wales,Europe,2000BC,Tomb,Located on the island of Anglesey.60,Balnuaran of Clava,Scotland,Europe,2000 BC,Tomb,"The largest of three is the north-east cairn, which was partially reconstructed in the 19th century. The central cairn may have been used as a funeral pyre."61,"Vinquoy cairn, Eday",Scotland,Europe,2000 BC,Tomb,62,Pyramid of Amenemhat I,Egypt,Africa,c. 1960 BC,Tomb,63,Pyramid of Senusret I,Egypt,Africa,c. 1920 BC,Tomb,64,Pyramid of Senusret II,Egypt,Africa,c. 1875 BC,Tomb,65,Pyramid of Senusret III,Egypt,Africa,c. 1835 BC,Tomb,Built for Senusret III66,Black Pyramid,Egypt,Africa,c. 1820 BC,Tomb,"Built for Amenemhat III, it has multiple structural deficits."67,Hawara,Egypt,Africa,c. 1810 BC,Tomb,Also built for Amenemhat III.68,Pyramid of Khendjer,Egypt,Africa,c. 1760 BC,Tomb,Built for pharaoh Khendjer69,Nuraghe Santu Antine,Italy,Europe,1600BC,Possibly a fort,The tallest of these megalithic edifices found in Sardinia.70,Su Nuraxi di Barumini,Italy,Europe,1500BC,Possibly a fort or a palace,"The palace of Barumini is formed by a huge quatrefoiled nuraghe, whose central tower is its oldest construction. Originally it was almost 20 metres high and divided into three floors."71,Nuraghe La Prisciona,Italy,Europe,1400BC,Possibly a fort,"The monument has a central tower and 2 side towers, the former with an entrance defined by a massive lintel of 3.20 m. The central chamber has a false dome, which is more than 6 meters high."72,The Ziggurat of Dur-Kurigalzu,Iraq,Asia,14th century BC,Probably religious rituals,Built for the Kassite King Kurigalzu I.73,Treasury of Atreus,Greece,Europe,1250BC,Tomb,The tallest and widest dome in the world for over a thousand years.74,Chogha Zanbil,Iran,Asia,1250BC,Temple,One of the few extant ziggurats outside of Mesopotamia.75,Naveta d'Es Tudons,Spain,Europe,1200-750BC,Ossuary,The most famous megalithic chamber tomb in Minorca.76,Dn Aonghasa,Ireland,Europe,1100BC,Fort,"Dn Aonghasa, also called Dun Aengus, has been described as one of the most spectacular prehistoric monuments in western Europe. The drystone walled hillfort is made up of 4 widely spaced concentric ramparts."77,The King's Grave,Sweden,Europe,1000BC,Tomb,Near Kivik is the remains of an unusually grand Nordic Bronze Age double burial.78,Cuicuilco Circular Pyramid,Mexico,North America,800600BC,Ceremonial center,One of the oldest standing structures of the Mesoamerican cultures. First steps in the creation of a sun based calendar.79,Van Fortress,Turkey,Asia,750 BC,Fortress,Massive Urartean stone fortification overlooking Tushpa.80,Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia,Italy,Europe,700 BC,Tombs,"These Etruscan necropolises contain thousands of tombs, some organized in a city-like plan."81,Temple of Hera,Italy,Europe,550BC,Temple,Part of a complex of three great temples in Doric style.82,Tomb of Cyrus,Iran,Asia,530 BC,Tomb,"Tomb of Cyrus the Great, located in Pasargadae"83,Parthenon,Greece,Europe,432447BC,Temple,In the Acropolis of Athens84,Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak,Bulgaria,Europe,300400BC,Tomb,"Located near Seutopolis, the capital city of the Thracian king Seuthes III, and part of a large necropolis."85,Sanchi Stupa,India,Asia,300BC,Buddhist temple,In the village of Sanchi86,Dhamek Stupa,India,Asia,249BC,Buddhist Temple,"In Sarnath, Varanasi"87,Broch of Mousa,Scotland,Europe,100BC,Broch,Located in Shetland it is amongst the best-preserved prehistoric buildings in Europe.88,Dun Carloway,Scotland,Europe,100BC,Broch,Built in the first century BCE89,Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum,Hong Kong,Asia,25 AD,Tomb,90,Colosseum,Italy,Europe,7080 AD,Amphitheatre,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,