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This contains list of 24 state parks of Nevada.

This list of Nevada state parks comprises protected areas managed by the U.S. state of Nevada, which include state parks, state historic sites, and state recreation areas. There are currently 24 state park units, including Van Sickle Bi-State Park which opened in July 2011 and is operated in partnership with the state of California. The system is managed by the Nevada Division of State Parks within the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The Division of State Parks was created by an act of the Nevada Legislature in 1963. Their mission statement reads: "The Division of State Parks plans, develops and maintains a system of parks and recreation areas for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors. The Division also preserves areas of scenic, historic and scientific significance in Nevada." The parks are grouped into a Northern Region and a Southern Region.
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SNo,Park name,County or,Area in,Elevation,Year estab-,Remarks,,counties,acres (ha),,lished,1,Beaver Dam State Park,Lincoln,"2,393 acres (968ha)","5,348ft (1,630m)",1935,Preserves a section of Beaver Dam Wash in eastern Nevada's most remote state park.2,Belmont Courthouse State Historic Park,Nye,,"7,392ft (2,253m)",1974,Interprets a partially restored 1876 courthouse in the ghost town of Belmont.3,BerlinIchthyosaur State Park,Nye,"1,540 acres (620ha)","6,975ft (2,126m)",1957,Preserves several in situ ichthyosaur fossils and the ghost town of Berlin.4,Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area,Clark,,,1996,Overlooks the Colorado River within the town limits of Laughlin.5,Cathedral Gorge State Park,Lincoln,"1,608 acres (651ha)","4,819ft (1,469m)",1935,Showcases a gorge with soft bentonite walls eroded into dramatic spires.6,Cave Lake State Park,White Pine,"4,160 acres (1,680ha)","7,198ft (2,194m)",,Features a 32-acre (13ha) reservoir in the northern Schell Creek Range.7,Dayton State Park,Lyon,152 acres (62ha),"4,360ft (1,330m)",1977,Features a stretch of the Carson River and the site of an 1861 mill built to process silver ore from the Comstock Lode.8,Echo Canyon State Park,Lincoln,"1,080 acres (440ha)","5,348ft (1,630m)",1970,Adjoins a 65-acre (26ha) reservoir.9,Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site,Lincoln,,"3,402ft (1,037m)",2005,Preserves a rural schoolhouse used from 19221967. Closed since 2008 due to unrepaired flood damage on Nevada State Route 317.10,Fort Churchill State Historic Park,Lyon,,"4,255ft (1,297m)",1957,"Encompasses the ruins of a U.S. Army fort staffed 18601869, plus a waystation on the Pony Express and Central Overland Routes, and a corridor along the Carson River connecting to Lahontan State Recreation Area."11,KershawRyan State Park,Lincoln,,"4,805ft (1,465m)",1935,Features a verdant canyon first homesteaded in 1873.12,Lahontan State Recreation Area,Churchill and Lyon,,"4,258ft (1,298m)",1971,"Surrounds Lake Lahontan, a 10,000-acre (4,000ha) reservoir on the Carson River."13,Lake Tahoe  Nevada State Park,Carson City and Washoe,"14,301 acres (5,787ha)","7,880ft (2,400m)",1963,Comprises six units on the northeastern shore of Lake Tahoe and its backcountry.14,Mormon Station State Historic Park,Douglas,3.5 acres (1.4ha),"4,783ft (1,458m)",1955,"Interprets Nevada's first permanent nonnative settlement, established in 1851 on the California Trail by Mormon pioneers."15,Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park,Clark,,"1,923ft (586m)",1991,"Interprets a partially reconstructed fort built by Mormon missionaries in 1855, the first nonnative structure in what would become Las Vegas."16,Rye Patch State Recreation Area,Pershing,,"4,137ft (1,261m)",1971,"Adjoins the 11,000-acre (4,500ha) Rye Patch Reservoir on the Humboldt River."17,South Fork State Recreation Area,Elko,"4,000 acres (1,600ha)","5,226ft (1,593m)",,"Surrounds the 1,650-acre (670ha) South Fork Reservoir on the South Fork Humboldt River."18,Spring Mountain Ranch State Park,Clark,520 acres (210ha),"3,727ft (1,136m)",1974,Preserves the historic Sandstone Ranch established in 1876.19,Spring Valley State Park,Lincoln,,"5,869ft (1,789m)",1969,Adjoins the 65-acre (26ha) Eagle Valley Reservoir.20,Valley of Fire State Park,Clark,"34,880 acres (14,120ha)","2,464ft (751m)",1935,Showcases red sandstone formations in Nevada's oldest and largest state park.21,Van Sickle Bi-State Park,Douglas,725 acres (293ha),"6,283ft (1,915m)",2011,"Managed by the Nevada Division of State Parks in conjunction with the California State Parks. 575 acres lie within Nevada while 150 are within El Dorado County, California."22,Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park,White Pine,160 acres (65ha),"7,054ft (2,150m)",1994,Preserves six 30-foot-high (9.1m) charcoal ovens used from 18761879 to produce fuel for smelting silver ore.23,Washoe Lake State Park,Washoe,"8,053 acres (3,259ha)","5,033ft (1,534m)",1977,"Provides recreation opportunities on Washoe Lake, between Carson City and Reno."24,Wild Horse State Recreation Area,Elko,140 acres (57ha),"6,250ft (1,900m)",,"Provides water recreation on the northeast shore of 2,830-acre (1,150ha) Wild Horse Reservoir on the Owyhee River.",,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,