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This contains list of 53 state parks of Montana.

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SNo,Park Name,County or Counties,Area in acres (ha),Date,Stream(s) and / or Lake(s) ,Remarks,,,,founded,,1,Ackley Lake State Park,Judith Basin,160 acres (65ha),,Ackley Lake,2,Anaconda Smelter Stack State Park,Deer Lodge,12 acres (4.9ha),1986,,"The park cannot actually be accessed, but only viewed from a distance."3,Bannack State Park,Beaverhead,"1,529 acres (619ha)",1954,,The well-preserved ghost town of a one-time territorial capital.4,Beaverhead Rock State Park,Madison,71 acres (29ha),,Beaverhead River,5,Beavertail Hill State Park,Missoula,65 acres (26ha),,Clark Fork,6,Big Arm State Park,Lake,217 acres (88ha),,Flathead Lake,Unit of Flathead Lake State Park7,Black Sandy State Park,Lewis and Clark,43 acres (17ha),,Hauser Reservoir,8,Brush Lake State Park,Sheridan,450 acres (180ha),,Brush Lake,There are no fish in this lake due to the mineral makeup of the water.9,Chief Plenty Coups State Park,Big Horn,195 acres (79ha),1965,,10,Clark's Lookout State Park,Beaverhead,7 acres (2.8ha),1985,Beaverhead River,11,Cooney State Park,Carbon,309 acres (125ha),1969,Cooney Reservoir,12,Council Grove State Park,Missoula,187 acres (76ha),,,13,Elkhorn State Park,Jefferson,1 acre (0.40ha),,,14,Finley Point State Park,Lake,28 acres (11ha),,Flathead Lake,Unit of Flathead Lake State Park15,First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park,Cascade,"1,481 acres (599ha)",1972,,Formerly Ulm Pishkun State Park16,Fish Creek State Park,Mineral,"6,200 acres (2,500ha)",2010,Fish Creek,17,Fort Owen State Park,Ravalli,2 acres (0.81ha),,,18,Frenchtown Pond State Park,Missoula,41 acres (17ha),1972,Frenchtown Pond,19,Giant Springs State Park,Cascade,675 acres (273ha),1972,,20,Granite Ghost Town State Park,Granite,1 acre (0.40ha),,,Abandoned 1890's silver boomtown.21,Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park,Sweet Grass,98 acres (40ha),,,22,Hell Creek State Park,Garfield,337 acres (136ha),,Fort Peck Lake,23,Lake Elmo State Park,Yellowstone,183 acres (74ha),,,24,Lake Mary Ronan State Park,Lake,120 acres (49ha),,Flathead Lake,25,Les Mason State Park,Flathead,8 acres (3.2ha),,,26,Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park,Jefferson,"2,920 acres (1,180ha)",1937,,27,Logan State Park,Lincoln,18 acres (7.3ha),,Middle Thompson Lake,28,Lone Pine State Park,Flathead,251 acres (102ha),1947,,29,Lost Creek State Park,Deer Lodge,502 acres (203ha),,Lost Creek,30,Madison Buffalo Jump State Park,Gallatin,638 acres (258ha),,,31,Makoshika State Park,Dawson,"11,634 acres (4,708ha)",1953,,32,Marias River State Park,Toole,"2,011 acres (814ha)",,,33,Medicine Rocks State Park,Carter,330 acres (130ha),,,34,Missouri Headwaters State Park,Gallatin,532 acres (215ha),,"Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers",35,North Shore State Park,Flathead,160 acres (65ha),,,36,Painted Rocks State Park,Ravalli,23 acres (9.3ha),,"Painted Rocks Reservoir, Bitterroot River",37,Pictograph Cave State Park,Yellowstone,93 acres (38ha),1969,,38,Pirogue Island State Park,Custer,210 acres (85ha),,Yellowstone River,39,Placid Lake State Park,Powell,31 acres (13ha),,Placid Lake,40,Rosebud Battlefield State Park,Big Horn,"3,052 acres (1,235ha)",1978,,41,Salmon Lake State Park,Missoula,42 acres (17ha),,"Salmon Lake, Clearwater River",42,Sluice Boxes State Park,Cascade,"1,451 acres (587ha)",,,43,Smith River State Park,Meagher,1 acre (0.40ha),1960,Smith River,59-mile (95km) segment of the river with only one public put-in and one public take-out for the entire stretch.44,Spring Meadow Lake State Park,Lewis and Clark,61 acres (25ha),,Spring Meadow Lake,45,Thompson Falls State Park,Sanders,36 acres (15ha),,"Clark Fork, Noxon Rapids Reservoir",46,Tongue River Reservoir State Park,Big Horn,642 acres (260ha),,Tongue River Reservoir,47,Tower Rock State Park,Cascade,140 acres (57ha),,,48,Travelers' Rest State Park,Missoula,41 acres (17ha),2001,Lolo Creek,49,Wayfarers State Park,Lake,67 acres (27ha),,Flathead Lake,Unit of Flathead Lake State Park50,West Shore State Park,Lake,129 acres (52ha),,Flathead Lake,Unit of Flathead Lake State Park51,Whitefish Lake State Park,Flathead,10 acres (4.0ha),,Whitefish Lake,52,Wild Horse Island State Park,Lake,"2,164 acres (876ha)",,Flathead Lake,Unit of Flathead Lake State Park53,Yellow Bay State Park,Lake,15 acres (6.1ha),,"Flathead Lake, Yellow Bay Creek",Unit of Flathead Lake State Park,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,