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This contains list of 145 state parks of Massachusetts.

The Bureau of State Parks and Recreation division of Department of Conservation and Recreation (Massachusetts) (DCR) is responsible for the maintenance and management of over 450,000 acres (1,820 sq km) of privately and state-owned forests and parks, nearly 10% of the Commonwealth's total land mass. Within the lands managed by the Bureau of State Parks and Recreation are some 29 campgrounds, over 2,000 miles (3,200 km) of trails, 87 beaches, 37 swimming, wading, and spray pools, 62 playgrounds, 55 ballfields, and 145 miles (233 km) of paved bike and rail trails.
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SNo,Park Name,County or Counties,Area in acres (ha),Date,Stream(s) and / or Lake(s) ,Remarks,,,,founded,,1,Alewife Brook Reservation,Middlesex,120acres,,"Little Pond, the Little River, and the Alewife Brook",A major portion of the Alewife Reservation is designated wetland. The Reservation is located at the end of the Minuteman Bike Path in Arlington,,,(48ha),,,2,Ames Nowell State Park,Plymouth,700acres (283ha),,Cleveland Pond,The park is primarily used for boating and fishing.3,Appalachian Trail,Berkshire,,,,90 miles (145km) of this trail are in Massachusetts.4,Ashland State Park,Middlesex,470acres (190ha),,Ashland Reservoir,5,Ashuwillticook Rail Trail,Berkshire,(11mi.),,"Cheshire Reservoir, the Hoosic River",6,Bash Bish Falls State Park,Berkshire,,,Bash Bish Falls,Massachusetts' highest single-drop waterfall lies within the park borders.7,Beartown State Forest,Berkshire,"12,000acres (4,856ha)",,Benedict Pond,Approximately 7.5 miles (12.1km) of the Appalachian Trail travels through the forest.8,Beaver Brook Reservation,Middlesex,59acres (23ha),,,The park includes a cascading waterfall and a wading pool.9,Belle Isle Marsh Reservation,Suffolk,152acres (62ha),,Belle Isle Marsh,"The reservation includes landscaped pathways, benches, and an observation tower. A portion of the Boston Harborwalk runs through the reservation."10,Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park,Worcester,"1,000acres (404ha)",,Blackstone River,The park is the midpoint of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor of the National Park System.11,Blue Hills Reservation,Norfolk,"7,000acres (2,832ha)",,"Houghton's Pond, Ponkapoag Pond",The reservation has the distinction of being the largest conservation land within a major metropolitan area.12,Borderland State Park,"Bristol, Norfolk","1,570acres (635ha)",1971,,on National Register of Historic Places13,Boston Harbor Islands State Park,"Norfolk, Plymouth, and Suffolk","1,482acres (599ha)",1996,Boston Harbor,14,Bradley Palmer State Park,Essex,721acres (291ha),,Ipswich River,"The park that features rolling meadows, lush evergreens and old carriage roads lined with rhododendrons."15,Breakheart Reservation,Essex,640acres (258ha),,"Silver Lake, Pearce Lake, Saugus River","The reservation is hardwood forest principally used for birding, fishing and hiking."16,Brimfield State Forest,Hampden,,,Dean Pond,17,C. M. Gardner State Park,Hampden,,,Westfield River,18,Callahan State Park,Middlesex,820acres (331ha),,,19,Cape Cod Rail Trail,Barnstable,(22mi.),,,20,Castle Island,Suffolk,22acres (9ha),,Boston Harbor,"The present fort, built between 1834 and 1851, is the eighth generation of forts and it is one of the oldest fortified sites in British North America."21,Charles River Reservation,"Suffolk, Middlesex",(17mi),,Charles River,"Features of the park include the Charles River Dam, the Charles River Basin and Esplanade, and John F. Kennedy Park, a small memorial park to the late president. Covers Charles River below Watertown Dam; see also Upper Charles River Reservation"22,Chester-Blandford State Forest,Hampden,,,,23,Chestnut Hill Reservation,Suffolk,,1870,Chestnut Hill Reservoir,"The Chestnut Hill Reservoir Historic District is considered a nineteenth-century masterpiece of engineering, urban planning and landscape design."24,Chicopee Memorial State Park,Hampden,575acres (232ha),,Cooley Brook Reservoir,"The park includes two 25-acre (100,000m2) ponds."25,Clarksburg State Park,Berkshire,368acres (149ha),,Mauserts Pond,"adjoins the 3,011acre Clarksburg State Forest"26,C. M. Gardner State Park,Hampden,,,Westfield River,27,Cochituate State Park,Middlesex,,,Lake Cochituate,28,Connecticut River Greenway State Park,"Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire",,,Connecticut River,The park consists of a number of separate state land holdings in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.29,Cutler Park,Norfolk,700acres (283ha),,Charles River,"It contains the largest remaining fresh water marsh on the middle Charles, and includes a boardwalk through a cattail marsh out onto an island."30,D.A.R. State Forest,Hampshire,"1,770acres (716ha)",1929,Upper and Lower Highland Lake,31,Demarest Lloyd State Park,Bristol,,,,32,Dighton Rock State Park,Bristol,85acres (34ha),,,Dighton Rock is an 11-foot (3.4m) high glacial erratic covered with petroglyphs and has since been moved to a museum at the park.33,Dorchester Shores Reservation,Suffolk,,,Neponset River,The reservation comprises two beaches and a park.34,Douglas State Forest,Worcester,"5,730acres (2,318ha)",,Wallum Lake,features include a rare Atlantic White Cedar swamp and 7.8 miles (12.6km) of the Midstate Trail35,Dunn State Park,Worcester,119acres (48ha),,Dunn Pond,36,Ellisville Harbor State Park,Plymouth,,,Ellisville Harbor,"Walking trails overlooking a tidal marsh, sandy/rocky beach at trail end"37,Elm Bank Reservation,Norfolk,182acres (74ha),c. 1996,Charles River,"Benjamin Pierce Cheney's property, now run by Massachusetts Horticultural Society"38,Erving State Forest,Franklin,"4,000acres (1,618ha)",,Millers River,The 110-mile (180km) Metacomet-Monadnock Trail passes through a western parcel of the state forest.39,F. Gilbert Hills State Forest,Norfolk,"1,027acres (416ha)",,,40,Fall River Heritage State Park,Bristol,8.5acres (4ha),,Taunton River,41,Federated Women's Club State Forest,Worcester,984acres (398ha),,Fever Brook,42,Fort Phoenix State Reservation,Bristol,,,,Revolutionary War fort; 1/2 mile of Buzzards Bay beachfront43,Fort Revere Park,Plymouth,8acres (3.25ha),,,"On Telegraph Hill in Hull, Massachusetts. Remnants of two seacoast fortifications, water tower with observation deck, military history museum and picnic facilities"44,Freetown-Fall River State Forest,Bristol,"5,441acres (2,201ha)",1930,,"The park includes Profile Rock, a granite outcropping which local Native Americans believe to be the image of Chief Massasoit. Also in the forest is a 227-acre (0.92km2) Wampanoag reservation"45,Gardner Heritage State Park,Worcester,,,,Restored 19th century fire station with exhibits46,Georgetown-Rowley State Forest,Essex,"1,112acres (450ha)",,,47,Granville State Forest,Hampden,"2,426acres (982ha)",,Hubbard River,48,Great Brook Farm State Park,Middlesex,"1,000acres (405ha)",,Meadow Pond,49,Greycourt State Park,Essex,,2001,,The park is built atop the restored ruins of the Charles H. Tenney estate.50,Halibut Point State Park,Essex,,,,Features a former granite quarry and 60ft (18m) tower with coastal views51,Hammond Pond Reservation,Middlesex,,,,52,Hampton Ponds State Park,Hampden,,,Pequot Pond,53,Harold Parker State Forest,Essex,"3,000acres (1215ha)",,,54,Hemlock Gorge Reservation,Middlesex,23acres (9.3ha),,Charles River,55,Holyoke Heritage State Park,Hampden,,,,The park features include a visitor center with exhibits about paper manufacturing and Holyoke's industrial and cultural history.56,Hopkinton State Park,Middlesex,"1,450acres (586ha)",,Hopkinton Reservoir,"The park features a bathing pond for swimming that is physically separated from the reservoir, where nonmotorized boating is permitted"57,Horseneck Beach State Reservation,Bristol,600acres (243ha),,,"Popular for its two mile (3km) long sandy beach on the shore of Buzzards Bay. Also camping, fishing and a salt marsh."58,Jug End State Reservation and Wildlife Management Area,Berkshire,"1,158acres (469ha)",,,59,Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest,Franklin,"7,882acres (3,190ha)",1997,"Hallockville Pond, Crooked Pond",60,Lake Dennison Recreation Area,Worcester,"4,221acres (1,708ha)",,Lake Dennison,The park is an extension of Otter River State Forest61,Lake Lorraine State Park,Hampden,,,,62,Lake Wyola State Park,Franklin,,,Lake Wyola,63,Lawrence Heritage State Park,Essex,23acres (9ha),,,64,Leominster State Forest,Worcester,"4,300acres (1740ha)",,,The Midstate Trail runs through the western edge of the forest.65,Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest,Middlesex,"1,140acres (461ha)",,,66,Lowell Heritage State Park,Middlesex,,1975,Merrimack River,a precursor to the Lowell National Historical Park the park preserves the city's seminal role in the American Industrial Revolution67,Lower Neponset River Trail,Suffolk,,,,68,Lynn Heritage State Park,Essex,,,,69,Lynn Shore Reservation,Essex,,,,70,Manuel F. Correllus State Forest,Dukes,"5,100acres (2063ha)",1908,Little Pond,"In the interior of Martha's Vineyard, the park is the focus of one of the largest environmental restoration projects in the country."71,Massasoit State Park,Bristol,,,"Lake Rico, Furnace Pond, King's Pond, Middle Pond, Little Bearhole Pond, and Big Bearhole Pond",72,Maudslay State Park,Essex,,,Merrimack River,73,Middlesex Fells Reservation,Middlesex,"2,575acres (1,042ha)",,Bellevue and Spot Ponds,74,Mohawk Trail State Forest,Franklin,"6,400acres (2,589ha)",,,"includes Cold River Virgin Forest, National Natural Landmark, Apr 1980."75,Monroe State Forest,Franklin,,,Dunbar Brook,76,Moore State Park,Worcester,730acres (295ha),,Eames Pond,77,Mount Everett State Reservation,Berkshire,"1,356acres (548ha)",,Guilder Pond,78,Mount Grace State Forest,Franklin,"1,458acres (590ha)",,,79,Mount Greylock State Reservation,Berkshire,,1898,,80,Mount Holyoke Range State Park,Hampshire,"3,000acres (1,214ha)",,,81,Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation,Franklin,,,,82,Mount Tom State Reservation,Hampden,"2,082acres (842ha)",,,83,Mount Washington State Forest,Berkshire,,,,84,Myles Standish Monument State Reservation,Plymouth,,,,A 120ft (37m) tower with 125 steps that overlooks Plymouth Harbor and Duxbury Beach.85,Myles Standish State Forest,Plymouth,,,,"Pitch pine and scrub oak forest with sixteen ponds for fishing, canoeing, swimming. Camping on four of the ponds, bicycle trails, equestrian trails and ""horse camping""."86,Mystic River Reservation,Middlesex,,1893,Mystic Lakes; Mystic River,87,Nahant Beach Reservation,Essex,,,,88,Nantasket Beach Reservation,Plymouth,,,,89,Nashua River Rail Trail,Middlesex,,,,90,Nasketucket Bay State Reservation,Plymouth,,1999,,91,Natural Bridge State Park,Berkshire,,,Hudson Brook,"It contains the only natural white marble arch/bridge in North America. The natural bridge spanning Hudson Brook, was formed by glacial melt about 11,000 BC, from 550 million year old bedrock."92,Neponset River Reservation,Suffolk,,,,93,Nickerson State Park,Barnstable,"1,900acres (768ha)",,Cliff Pond,94,Norwottuck Rail Trail,Hampshire,9.5-mile (15.3km),1992,Connecticut River,95,October Mountain State Forest,Berkshire,,,,96,Otter River State Forest,Worcester,,1915,"Otter River, Millers River",97,Pearl Hill State Park,Middlesex,"1,000acres (405ha)",,Park Hill Brook,98,Pilgrim Memorial State Park,Plymouth,,,,site of Plymouth Rock99,Pittsfield State Forest,Berkshire,,,,100,Pope John Paul II Park Reservation,Suffolk,,2001,,Reclaimed former landfill and commercial area bordering Neponset River estuary.101,Purgatory Chasm State Reservation,Worcester,,1919,,"The Chasm was created when glacial meltwater from a burst ice dam ripped out blocks of bedrock at the end of the last Ice Age (14,000 years ago)."102,Quabbin Reservoir,Hampshire,,,,103,Quincy Quarries Reservation,Norfolk,22acres (9ha),1985,,104,Quincy Shores Reservation,Norfolk,,,,105,Quinsigamond State Park,Worcester,,,,106,Revere Beach Reservation,Suffolk,,1896,,107,Robinson State Park,Hampden,852acres (344ha),,Westfield River,108,Roxbury Heritage State Park,Suffolk,,,,The 1750 Dillaway-Thomas House and a small park109,Rumney Marsh Reservation,"Essex, Suffolk",600acres (245+ha),,Saugus River; Pines River,110,Rutland State Park,Worcester,300acres (121ha),,Whitehall Pond,"Swimming, picknicking and boating."111,Salisbury Beach State Reservation,Essex,521acres (210ha),,,"The park's main feature is its 3.8-mile (6.1km)-long beach, one of the most popular in the Commonwealth."112,Sandisfield State Forest,Berkshire,,,York Lake,113,Sandy Point State Reservation,Essex,77acres (31ha),,,114,Savoy Mountain State Forest,Berkshire,,,,115,Scusset Beach State Reservation,Barnstable,,,,"On Cape Cod Bay at the east end of the Cape Cod Canal, a popular swimming and camping area."116,Shawme-Crowell State Forest,Barnstable,700acres (383ha),,,Forested 285 site campground117,Skinner State Park,Hampshire,,,Connecticut River,118,South Cape Beach State Park,Barnstable,,,,A component of the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve with a one mile (1.6km) stretch of beach.119,Southwest Corridor Park,Suffolk,52acres (21ha),,,"Greenway of 4.7mi (7.6km) that runs South End, Back Bay, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods"120,Spencer State Forest,Worcester,965acres (390ha),,Howe Pond,121,Squantum Point Park,Norfolk,,2001,,122,Stony Brook Reservation,Suffolk,475acres (192ha),,Turtle Pond,123,Streeter Point Recreation Area,Worcester,450acres (182ha),,East Brimfield Reservoir,124,Sudbury Reservoir,Middlesex; Worcester,"4,943acres (2,000ha)",,Sudbury Reservoir,125,Tolland State Forest,Berkshire,,,Otis Reservoir,126,Upper Charles River Reservation,"Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk",,,Charles River,"Covers Charles River between Watertown Dam and Riverdale Park, West Roxbury; see also Charles River Reservation"127,Upton State Forest,Worcester,"2,660acres (1,076ha)",,,Has Civilian Conservation Corps structures128,Wachusett Mountain State Reservation,Worcester,"3,000acres (1214ha)",,,129,Wachusett Reservoir,Worcester,,,Nashua River; Quinapoxet River,130,Wahconah Falls State Park,Berkshire,,,Wahconah Falls Brook,131,Walden Pond State Reservation,Middlesex,462acres (187ha),1922,Walden Pond,132,Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve,Barnstable,,,Waquoit Bay; Quashnet River; Childs River; several ponds,133,Ware River Watershed Area,Worcester,"23,000acres (9,300ha)",,,134,Watson Pond State Park,Bristol,10acres (4ha),,,135,Webb Memorial State Park,Norfolk,,1980,Hingham Bay,136,Wells State Park,Worcester,"1,400acres (566ha)",,Walker Pond,137,Wendell State Forest,Franklin,"7,566acres (3,061ha)",,"Millers River, Quabbin Reservoir",138,Western Gateway Heritage State Park,Berkshire,,,,139,Weymouth Back River Reservation,Norfolk,,,,Abigail Adams and Stodder's Neck sites140,Whitehall State Park,Middlesex,,,Whitehall Reservoir,141,Willard Brook State Forest,Middlesex,"2,597acres (1,051ha)",,,142,Willowdale State Forest,Essex,,,Hood Pond,143,Wilson Mountain Reservation,Norfolk,213acres (86ha),1995,,144,Windsor State Forest,Berkshire,,,Westfield River,145,Wompatuck State Park,Plymouth,"4,000acres (1,618ha)",1967,Aaron River Reservoir,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,