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This contains list of 23 state parks of Kentucky.

Maintained by the Kentucky Department of Parks, Kentucky's system of 50 state parks has been referred to as "the nation's finest" and experiences more repeat business annually than those of any other U.S. State. The state's diverse geography provides a variety of environments to experience. From mountain lakes to expansive caves to forests teeming with wildlife, park-goers have their choice of attractions, and they are all within a day's drive of each other.
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SNo,Park,Location,Area1,Carr Creek State Park,Knott County,Lake: 750 acres (3.0km2)2,Columbus-Belmont State Park,Hickman County,156 acres (0.63km2)3,Dawkins Line Rail Trail,Johnson and Magoffin Counties,4,"E. P. ""Tom"" Sawyer State Park",Louisville,370 acres (1.5km2)5,Fishtrap Lake State Park,Pikeville,Park: 300 acres (1.2km2),,,"Lake:1,131 acres (4.6km2)"6,Fort Boonesborough State Park,Richmond,153 acres (0.62km2)7,General Burnside State Park,Pulaski County,430 acres (1.7km2)8,Grayson Lake State Park,Carter County,"Park: 1,200 acres (4.9km2)",,,"Lake: 1,512 acres (6.1km2)"9,Green River Lake State Park,Taylor County,"Park: 1,331 acres (5.4km2)",,,"Lake: 8,200 acres (33km2)"10,John James Audubon State Park,Henderson County,Park: 692 acres (2.8km2),,,Lakes: 28 acres (0.11km2) & 9 acres (0.04km2)11,Kincaid Lake State Park,Pendleton County,Park: 850 acres (3.4km2),,,Lake: 183 acres (0.74km2)12,Kingdom Come State Park,Harlan County,"Park: 1,027 acres (4.2km2)",,,Lake: 3 acres (0.01km2)13,Lake Malone State Park,Muhlenberg County,Park: 338 acres (1.4km2),,,Lake: 788 acres (3.2km2)14,Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park,Laurel County,896 acres (3.6km2)15,Lincoln Homestead State Park,Washington County,120 acres (0.49km2)16,Mineral Mound State Park,Eddyville,541 acres (2.2km2)17,My Old Kentucky Home State Park,Bardstown,285 acres (1.2km2)18,Nolin Lake State Park,Edmonson County,Park: 333 acres (1.3km2),,,"Lake: 5,795 acres (23km2)"19,Old Fort Harrod State Park,Harrodsburg,15 acres (0.06km2)20,Paintsville Lake State Park,Johnson County,Park: 242 acres (1.0km2),,,"Lake: 1,139 acres (4.6km2)"21,Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail,"Bell, Harlan, Letcher, and Pike Counties",Under construction22,Taylorsville Lake State Park,Spencer County,"Park: 1,625 acres (6.6km2)",,,"Lake: 3,050 acres (12km2)"23,Yatesville Lake State Park,Lawrence County,"Lake: 2,300 acres (9.3km2)",,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,Original source :,,,