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This contains list of 25 state parks of Indiana.

The U.S. state of Indiana state parks maintained and operated by Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Marion and Clark are the only counties to have two. Brown County, the largest state park, has the greatest number of visitors, followed by Indiana Dunes State Park. Richard Lieber was instrumental in the foundation of the Indiana State Park system. The first state park in Indiana was McCormick's Creek State Park, in Owen County in 1916, followed in the same year by Turkey Run State Park in Parke County. A steady climb in the number of state parks rose in the 1920s, mostly by donation from local authorities to the state government for the purpose of a state park. Of the initial twelve, only Muscatatuck State Park is no longer a state park, having been given back to Jennings County in 1968. It was during the Great Depression of the 1930s that much infrastructure was built within the park, constructed by New Deal agencies such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration, with the majority of this Depression-era construction still in use in the 21st Century. This delay in infrastructure was due in part to Richard Lieber believing that the parks should be kept as natural as possible.
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SNo,Name,City,County,Established,Area,Description1,Brown County,Nashville,Brown,1929,"15,776 acres (63.84km2)",Largest State Park in Indiana,,3907?N 8616?W? / ?39.11N 86.26W,,,,2,Chain O' Lakes,Albion,Noble,1960,"2,718 acres (11.00km2)",Features eight connected kettle lakes,,4120?N 8523?W? / ?41.33N 85.38W,,,,3,Charlestown,Charlestown,Clark,1996,"5,100 acres (21km2)",Built on the grounds of the old Indiana Army Ammunition Plant,,3826?N 8538?W? / ?38.43N 85.63W,,,,4,Clifty Falls,Madison,Jefferson,1920,"1,416 acres (5.73km2)",Features a canyon that has daylight only at midday,,3846?N 8525?W? / ?38.76N 85.42W,,,,5,Falls of the Ohio,Clarksville,Clark,1990,165 acres (0.67km2),"Offers views of the Falls of the Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky",,3816?37?N 8545?47?W? / ?38.277N 85.763W,,,,6,Fort Harrison,Indianapolis,Marion,1996,"1,700 acres (6.9km2)",Built on the site of old Fort Benjamin Harrison,,3952?N 8601?W? / ?39.87N 86.01W,,,,7,Harmonie,New Harmony,Posey,1966,"3,465 acres (14.02km2)",Near historic Rappite and Owenite villages.,,3804?N 8757?W? / ?38.06N 87.95W,,,,8,Indiana Dunes,Porter,Porter,1925,"2,182 acres (8.83km2)",Attached to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.,,4140?N 8702?W? / ?41.66N 87.04W,,,,9,Lincoln,Lincoln City,Spencer,1932,"1,847 acres (7.47km2)","Across from Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, it was the last state park established by Richard Lieber.",,3806?N 8600?W? / ?38.10N 86.00W,,,,10,McCormick's Creek,Spencer,Owen,1916,"1,924 acres (7.79km2)",First state park in Indiana,,3917?N 8644?W? / ?39.29N 86.73W,,,,11,Mounds,Anderson,Madison,1930,290 acres (1.2km2),,,4006?N 8537?W? / ?40.10N 85.62W,,,,12,O'Bannon Woods,Corydon,Harrison,2004,"2,000 acres (8.1km2)","Formerly the Wyandotte SRA, renamed in honor of the late Indiana governor Frank O'Bannon.",,3814?N 8618?W? / ?38.23N 86.30W,,,,13,Ouabache,Bluffton,Wells,1962,"1,104 acres (4.47km2)","Name comes from the French spelling of ""Wabash""",,4043?N 8507?W? / ?40.72N 85.11W,,,,14,Pokagon,Angola,Steuben,1925,"1,260 acres (5.1km2)",Well known for its skiing.,,4143?N 8522?W? / ?41.71N 85.36W,,,,15,Potato Creek,North Liberty,St. Joseph,1969,"3,840 acres (15.5km2)",,,4133?N 8635?W? / ?41.55N 86.58W,,,,16,Prophetstown,West Lafayette,Tippecanoe,2004,"2,000 acres (8.1km2)",,,4030?N 8650?W? / ?40.50N 86.83W,,,,17,Shades,Waveland,Montgomery,1947,"3,082 acres (12.47km2)",Only state park to ever have its own airstrip.,,3956?N 8705?W? / ?39.93N 87.08W,,,,18,Shakamak,Jasonville,"Clay, Greene and Sullivan",1929,"1,766 acres (7.15km2)",Used to be a strip mine,,3910?N 8714?W? / ?39.17N 87.24W,,,,19,Spring Mill,Mitchell,Lawrence,1927,"1,358 acres (5.50km2)","Featured a pioneer village, numerous caves, and a memorial to Gus Grissom",,3844?N 8625?W? / ?38.73N 86.42W,,,,20,Summit Lake,New Castle,Henry,1988,"2,680 acres (10.8km2)",,,4002?N 8518?W? / ?40.03N 85.30W,,,,21,Tippecanoe River,Winamac,Pulaski,1943,"2,761 acres (11.17km2)",,,4109?N 8636?W? / ?41.15N 86.60W,,,,22,Turkey Run,Marshall,Parke,1916,"2,382 acres (9.64km2)",Famous for its sandstone gorges and unique terrain,,3953?N 8713?W? / ?39.88N 87.21W,,,,23,Versailles,Versailles,Ripley,1943,"5,988 acres (24.23km2)",,,3905?N 8514?W? / ?39.08N 85.23W,,,,24,White River,Indianapolis,Marion,1979,250 acres (1.0km2),An urban park in downtown Indianapolis,,3946?N 8610?W? / ?39.77N 86.17W,,,,25,Whitewater Memorial,Liberty,Union,1949,"1,710 acres (6.9km2)",Built on land donated by four counties,,3937?N 8458?W? / ?39.61N 84.97W,,,,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,