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This contains list of 43 state parks of Colorado.

The Colorado State Parks system integrates outdoor recreation with tourism. There are currently forty-two parks open to the public, there are two in development. Colorado State Parks host over eleven million visitors each year. Colorado State Parks celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2009. This agency also takes lead in managing Colorado's boating, off-highway vehicle, snowmobile, river-outfitter licensing, and trails programs.
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SNo,Park Name,County or,Area ,Year,,Counties,,opened1,Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area,"Chaffee,","6,193 acres (2,506ha)",1998,,"Fremont,",,,,"Lake,",,,,Pueblo,,2,Barr Lake State Park,Adams,"2,715 acres (1,099ha)",19773,Bonny Lake State Park,Yuma,"4,793 acres (1,940ha)",19664,Boyd Lake State Park,Larimer,334 acres (135ha),19655,Castlewood Canyon State Park,Douglas,"2,621 acres (1,061ha)",19646,Chatfield State Park,"Douglas,","3,895 acres (1,576ha)",1975,,Jefferson,,7,Cherry Creek State Park,Arapahoe,"3,346 acres (1,354ha)",19598,Cheyenne Mountain State Park,El Paso,"1,680 acres (680ha)",20069,Crawford State Park,"Delta,",734 acres (297ha),1964,,Montrose,,10,Eldorado Canyon State Park,Boulder,885 acres (358ha),197811,Eleven Mile State Park,Park,"7,662 acres (3,101ha)",197012,Golden Gate Canyon State Park,"Jefferson,","11,998 acres (4,855ha)",1960,,Gilpin,,13,Harvey Gap State Park,Garfield,320 acres (130ha),198714,Highline Lake State Park,Mesa,563 acres (228ha),196715,Jackson Lake State Park,Morgan,"3,305 acres (1,337ha)",196516,James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park,Mesa,890 acres (360ha),199417,John Martin Reservoir State Park,Bent,"13,176 acres (5,332ha)",200118,Lake Pueblo State Park,Pueblo,"10,279 acres (4,160ha)",197519,Lathrop State Park,Huerfano,"1,596 acres (646ha)",196220,Lone Mesa State Park,Dolores,"11,702 acres (4,736ha)",N/A21,Lory State Park,Larimer,"2,492 acres (1,008ha)",197522,Mancos State Park,Montezuma,553 acres (224ha),198723,Mueller State Park,Teller,"5,112 acres (2,069ha)",198824,Navajo State Park,"Archuleta,","5,087 acres (2,059ha)",1964,,La Plata,,25,North Sterling State Park,Logan,"5,700 acres (2,300ha)",199226,Paonia State Park,Gunnison,"1,857 acres (752ha)",196427,Pearl Lake State Park,Routt,300 acres (120ha),196428,Ridgway State Park,Ouray,"3,201 acres (1,295ha)",198929,Rifle Falls State Park,Garfield,48 acres (19ha),196630,Rifle Gap State Park,Garfield,"1,341 acres (543ha)",196631,Roxborough State Park,Douglas,"3,317 acres (1,342ha)",197532,San Luis State Park,Alamosa,586 acres (237ha),199333,Spinney Mountain State Park,Park,"6,080 acres (2,460ha)",198734,St. Vrain State Park,Weld,688 acres (278ha),196535,Stagecoach State Park,Routt,"1,641 acres (664ha)",196536,State Forest State Park,"Jackson,","70,838 acres (28,667ha)",1970,,Larimer,,37,Staunton State Park,"Park,","3,652 acres (1,478ha)",2013,,Jefferson,,38,Steamboat Lake State Park,Routt,"2,820 acres (1,140ha)",196739,Sweitzer Lake State Park,Delta,210 acres (85ha),197240,Sylvan Lake State Park,Eagle,"1,548 acres (626ha)",198741,Trinidad Lake State Park,Las Animas,"2,860 acres (1,160ha)",198042,Vega State Park,Mesa,"1,823 acres (738ha)",196743,Yampa River State Park,"Routt,","3,112 acres (1,259ha)",1998,,Moffat,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,