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This contains list of 280 state parks of California.

This is a list of parks, historic resources, reserves and recreation areas in the California State Park system.
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SNo,Park name,Designation,County or,Area in,Year estab-,Status,Remarks,,,counties,acres (ha),lished,,1,Admiral William Standley State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Mendocino,45 acres (18ha),1944,,Boasts redwoods plus salmon and steelhead fishing on the Eel River.2,Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park,State park,Shasta,"5,930 acres (2,400ha)",1975,,Preserves a wilderness of freshwater springs and geologically recent lava flows.3,Albany State Marine Reserve,Park property,Alameda,,1985,"In development, not open to public",4,Anderson Marsh State Historic Park,State historic park,Lake,"1,298 acres (525ha)",1982,Funding agreement pending,Preserves a tule marsh and ancient archaeological sites of the Pomo people.5,Andrew Molera State Park,State park,Monterey,"4,766 acres (1,929ha)",1968,,Offers a primitive walk-in campground on the Big Sur coast.6,Angel Island State Park,State park,Marin and San Francisco,756 acres (306ha),1955,,"Interprets an island in San Francisco Bay whose history encompasses Coast Miwok prehistory, ranching, the 19101940 Angel Island Immigration Station, and long military use."7,Annadel State Park,State park,Sonoma,"5,092 acres (2,061ha)",1971,Funding agreement pending,Supports a variety of day-use activities at the northern end of Sonoma Valley.8,Ao Nuevo State Park,State park,San Mateo,"4,209 acres (1,703ha)",1985,,"Encompasses Ao Nuevo Island and Ao Nuevo Point, which boasts the world's largest mainland rookery of northern elephant seals."9,Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve,State natural reserve,Los Angeles,"1,781 acres (721ha)",1976,,"Showcases the state's most-consistent blooms of California poppy, in the high Mojave Desert."10,Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,397 acres (161ha),1979,Funding agreement pending,Interprets the Native American cultures of the Great Basin and surrounding regions in a 1928 folk art building on the NRHP.11,Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,State park,"San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside","585,930 acres (237,120ha)",1933,,Preserves a vast tract of the Colorado Desert in California's largest state park.12,Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Sonoma,752 acres (304ha),1934,,Preserves a grove of coast redwoods.13,Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park,State park,Los Angeles,566 acres (229ha),1993,,Preserves a remnant stand of Joshua trees and junipers in the Antelope Valley.14,Asilomar State Beach,State beach,Monterey,107 acres (43ha),1951,,Balances protection of rocky coast and dune habitat with public access. The 1913 Asilomar Conference Grounds are a National Historic Landmark.15,Auburn State Recreation Area,State recreation area,El Dorado and Placer,"42,377 acres (17,149ha)",1966,,Offers numerous recreational opportunities along the North and Middle Forks of the American River.16,Austin Creek State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Sonoma,"5,927 acres (2,399ha)",1964,Funding agreement pending,"Features a rugged wilderness on Austin Creek, adjacent to Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve."17,Azalea State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Humboldt,30 acres (12ha),1943,,Harbors a profusion of spring-blooming western azaleas.18,Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park,State historic park,Napa,0.75 acres (0.30ha),1974,Open under Napa County management,Showcases a restored 1846 water-powered grist mill in Napa Valley. The mill is on the NRHP.19,Bean Hollow State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,44 acres (18ha),1958,,Offers fishing and beachcombing among tide pools.20,Benbow Lake State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Humboldt,"1,142 acres (462ha)",1958,,Centers on a reservoir on the South Fork Eel River.21,Benicia Capitol State Historic Park,State historic park,Solano,0.86 acres (0.35ha),1951,Funding agreement pending,"Interprets the third and oldest-surviving California capitol, used 185354. The building is on the NRHP."22,Benicia State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Solano,447 acres (181ha),1957,Funding agreement pending,Preserves a tidal wetland on the Carquinez Strait.23,Bethany Reservoir State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Alameda,609 acres (246ha),1974,,Offers windsurfing and other water recreation on the Bethany Reservoir.24,Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park,State historic park,Butte,5.2 acres (2.1ha),1964,Funding agreement pending,Offers tours of the 1868 Victorian mansion of influential settlers John and Annie Bidwell. The mansion is on the NRHP.25,Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park,State park,Butte and Glenn,349 acres (141ha),1979,,Preserves riparian habitat on the Sacramento River and its tributary Big Chico Creek.26,Big Basin Redwoods State Park,State park,Santa Cruz,"18,050 acres (7,300ha)",1902,,"Established as California's first state park, to preserve coast redwoods on Waddell Creek."27,Bodie State Historic Park,State historic park,Mono,"1,016 acres (411ha)",1962,,"Preserves the ghost town of Bodie, whose gold-mining heyday ran from 18771881, and is now a National Historic Landmark."28,Bolsa Chica State Beach,State beach,Orange,169 acres (68ha),1960,,Offers surf fishing and catching grunion by hand.29,Border Field State Park,State park,San Diego,"1,316 acres (533ha)",1972,,"Occupies the southwesternmost point of the contiguous U.S., on the Mexico  United States border. Part of the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve."30,Bothe-Napa Valley State Park,State park,Napa and Sonoma,"1,991 acres (806ha)",1960,Open under Napa County management,Contains the farthest inland coast redwoods in a California state park.31,Brannan Island State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Sacramento,329 acres (133ha),1952,,Offers water recreation amid a maze of channels in the SacramentoSan Joaquin River Delta.32,Burleigh H. Murray Ranch,Park property,San Mateo,"1,325 acres (536ha)",1979,,Encompasses a hidden valley with a historic ranch established in 1857.33,Burton Creek State Park,State park,Placer,"1,890 acres (760ha)",1976,,Offers 6 miles (9.7km) of unpaved roadway for hiking and cross-country skiing.34,Butano State Park,State park,San Mateo,"4,728 acres (1,913ha)",1956,,Showcases a secluded redwood-filled valley.35,Butte City Project,Park property,Butte,37 acres (15ha),2007,"In development, not open to public",36,Calaveras Big Trees State Park,State park,Calaveras and Tuolumne,"6,498 acres (2,630ha)",1931,,Protects two large groves of giant sequoias.37,California Citrus State Historic Park,State historic park,Riverside,248 acres (100ha),1984,,Interprets the influence of the state's citrus industry.38,California State Capitol Museum,Park property,Sacramento,40 acres (16ha),1982,,Offers exhibits and tours of the California State Capitol and its grounds.39,California State Mining and Mineral Museum,Park property,Mariposa,,1999,,Exhibits the official state mineral collection and displays on the region's influential mining heritage.40,California State Railroad Museum,Point of interest,Sacramento,,,,"Celebrates the history of rail transportation in California with museum displays, 21 restored locomotives, and a heritage railway along the Sacramento River."41,Candlestick Point State Recreation Area,State recreation area,San Francisco,204 acres (83ha),1972,,"Constitutes California's first urban state recreation area, on the west shore of San Francisco Bay."42,Cardiff State Beach,State beach,San Diego,507 acres (205ha),1949,,"Provides a sandy, warm-water beach outside San Diego."43,Carlsbad State Beach,State beach,San Diego,44 acres (18ha),1933,,Features a small beach at the foot of coastal bluffs.44,Carmel River State Beach,State beach,Monterey,297 acres (120ha),1953,,Protects a 1-mile-long (1.6km) beach and a lagoon at the mouth of the Carmel River which attracts many migratory birds.45,Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,Alameda and San Joaquin,"5,075 acres (2,054ha)",1979,,Provides off-roading opportunities in the Diablo Range around the former townsite of Carnegie.46,Carpinteria State Beach,State beach,Santa Barbara and Ventura,62 acres (25ha),1932,,Offers a mile-long beach in the city of Carpinteria.47,Caspar Headlands State Beach,State beach,Mendocino,75 acres (30ha),1972,,48,Caspar Headlands State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Mendocino,2.7 acres (1.1ha),1972,,Preserves a small strip of rugged coastline.49,Castaic Lake State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Los Angeles,"4,224 acres (1,709ha)",1965,,Features 29 miles (47km) of shoreline on Castaic Lake.50,Castle Crags State Park,State park,Shasta,"3,905 acres (1,580ha)",1934,Funding agreement pending,"Provides access to the Castle Crags Wilderness, with its 6,000-foot-tall (1,800m) rock crags."51,Castle Rock State Park,State park,"Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Mateo","5,242 acres (2,121ha)",1968,Funded by donations into 2013,Encompasses a wild forest with rock climbing opportunities along the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains.52,Castro Adobe,Park property,Santa Cruz,1 acre (0.40ha),2002,"In development, not open to public",Comprises the grand 1849 hacienda of the prominent Castro family on their Rancho San Andrs. The hacienda is on the NRHP.53,Caswell Memorial State Park,State park,San Joaquin,258 acres (104ha),1952,,Preserves a riparian forest along the Stanislaus River.54,Cayucos State Beach,State beach,San Luis Obispo,16 acres (6.5ha),1940,,Provides a swimming and surfing beach in the beach town of Cayucos.55,China Camp State Park,State park,Marin,"1,514 acres (613ha)",1976,Funding agreement pending,Surrounds an 1880s Chinese American shrimp-fishing village and salt marshes on San Pablo Bay.56,Chino Hills State Park,State park,"Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino","14,173 acres (5,736ha)",1981,,Preserves a large tract of the Chino Hills.57,Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park,State historic park,Santa Barbara,7.5 acres (3.0ha),1976,,Preserves a sandstone cave bearing rock art of the Chumash people.58,Clay Pit State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,Butte,220 acres (89ha),1981,,Provides off-roading opportunities in the shallow clay pit excavated for material to build the Oroville Dam.59,Clear Lake State Park,State park,Lake,590 acres (240ha),1949,,"Provides recreation opportunities on the southwest shore of Clear Lake, the largest freshwater lake within California's borders."60,Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park,State historic park,Tulare,"3,715 acres (1,503ha)",1973,,"Interprets the town of Allensworth, founded in 1908 as a haven for African Americans by Colonel Allen Allensworth and other community leaders. The town is a district on the NRHP."61,Columbia State Historic Park,State historic park,Tuolumne,273 acres (110ha),1946,,"Interprets Columbia's preserved Gold Rush-era downtown, a National Historic Landmark District."62,Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Colusa,301 acres (122ha),1955,Open under Colusa management,Adjoins a stretch of the Sacramento River known for its fishing.63,Corona del Mar State Beach,State beach,Orange,30 acres (12ha),1947,,Provides a half-mile-long swimming beach adjacent to the Newport Beach harbor jetty.64,Cowell Ranch/John Marsh State Historic Park,State historic park,Contra Costa,"3,676 acres (1,488ha)",1981,"In development, not open to public",Includes Rancho Los Meganos and the 1856 ranchhouse of John Marsh.65,Crystal Cove State Park,State park,Orange,"3,936 acres (1,593ha)",1979,,"Encompasses cliffbound coastline, inland chaparral canyons, and the NRHP-listed Crystal Cove Historic District of 1920s and 30s beach cottages."66,Cuyamaca Rancho State Park,State park,San Diego,"24,693 acres (9,993ha)",1933,,"Preserves an expansive tract of forests and meadows above 5,000 feet (1,500m) in the Laguna Mountains, on the former Rancho Cuyamaca."67,D. L. Bliss State Park,State park,El Dorado,"2,149 acres (870ha)",1929,,Features a balancing rock and the Rubicon Point Light on the shore of Lake Tahoe.68,Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park,State park,Del Norte,"31,261 acres (12,651ha)",1925,,Preserves old-growth coast redwoods and is managed cooperatively with RNSP.69,Delta Meadows,Park property,Sacramento,472 acres (191ha),1985,Closed to the public,Preserves undeveloped wet meadows and sloughs in the SacramentoSan Joaquin River Delta.70,Dockweiler State Beach,State beach,Los Angeles,91 acres (37ha),1948,,"Features 3 miles (4.8km) of beach and a hang gliding training site, adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport."71,Doheny State Beach,State beach,Orange,254 acres (103ha),1931,,Offers surfing and beach-front camping in Dana Point.72,Donner Memorial State Park,State park,Nevada and Placer,"3,293 acres (1,333ha)",1928,,"Interprets the site where the Donner Party was trapped by weather in the Sierra Nevada during the winter of 18461847, now a National Historic Landmark."73,Eastshore State Park,State seashore,Alameda and Contra Costa,442 acres (179ha),1985,,Encompasses several remnant and restored parcels along the East Bay waterfront.74,Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State Park,State park,El Dorado,"2,324 acres (940ha)",1965,,Comprises the Lake Tahoe estate and 1903 summer home of banker Isaias W. Hellman.75,El Capitn State Beach,State beach,Santa Barbara,"2,634 acres (1,066ha)",1953,,Features a narrow beach at the foot of coastal bluffs where monarch butterflies congregate in autumn.76,El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park,State historic park,Santa Barbara,5.8 acres (2.3ha),1966,,"Preserves components of a Spanish presidio dating back to 1782, now on the NRHP."77,Emerald Bay State Park,State park,El Dorado,"1,533 acres (620ha)",1953,,"Contains Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay and Fannette Island plus the 1929 Vikingsholm mansion, which is on the NRHP."78,Emeryville Crescent State Marine Reserve,Park property,Alameda and Contra Costa,,1985,Closed to the public,"Preserves a marsh on San Francisco Bay, managed as part of Eastshore State Park."79,Emma Wood State Beach,State beach,Ventura,112 acres (45ha),1957,,Contains a surfing beach and an estuary at the mouth of the Ventura River.80,Empire Mine State Historic Park,State historic park,Nevada,853 acres (345ha),1975,,"Offers tours of an underground gold mine which operated from 1850 to 1956, plus its surface surroundings. The mine is on the NRHP."81,Estero Bluffs State Park,State park,San Luis Obispo,353 acres (143ha),2000,,Preserves diverse coastal habitats on Estero Bay.82,Folsom Lake State Recreation Area,State recreation area,"El Dorado, Placer, and Sacramento","19,564 acres (7,917ha)",1956,,"Surrounds Folsom and Natoma Lakes, reservoirs on the American River."83,Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park,State historic park,Sacramento,35 acres (14ha),1956,,"Interprets an 1895 hydroelectricity plant, now a National Historic and Historic Civil Engineering Landmark."84,The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park,State park,Santa Cruz,"10,223 acres (4,137ha)",1963,,Preserves a tract of secondary forest donated by the family of former owner Nisene Marks.85,Fort Humboldt State Historic Park,State historic park,Humboldt,18 acres (7.3ha),1955,Funding agreement pending,"Situated on its commanding bluff adjacent to Humboldt Bay, park interprets relations between U.S. army (present at fort 18531870), Native American groups, and settlers. Site includes a logging museum and logging equipment displays."86,Fort Ord Dunes State Park,State park,Monterey,980 acres (400ha),2009,,Reclaims coastline overlooking Monterey Bay on former property of the decommissioned Fort Ord.87,Fort Ross State Historic Park,State historic park,Sonoma,"3,393 acres (1,373ha)",1909,,"Interprets the partially reconstructed Fort Ross, an 18121841 Russian-American Company outpost that was the southernmost settlement in the Russian colonization of the Americas. The fort is a National Historic Landmark."88,Fort Tejon State Historic Park,State historic park,Kern,647 acres (262ha),1940,,Interprets the U.S. Army fort staffed 18541864 to monitor the Sebastian Indian Reservation. The fort is on the NRHP.89,Franks Tract State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Contra Costa,"3,523 acres (1,426ha)",1959,,Encompasses a flooded area in the SacramentoSan Joaquin River Delta accessible only by water.90,Fremont Peak State Park,State park,Monterey and San Benito,162 acres (66ha),1934,,Provides views of the surrounding landscape from atop Fremont Peak and of the night sky from the Fremont Peak Observatory.91,Garrapata State Park,State park,Monterey,"2,939 acres (1,189ha)",1979,Funding agreement pending,Preserves a largely hidden stretch of wild coast.92,Gaviota State Park,State park,Santa Barbara,"2,787 acres (1,128ha)",1953,,"Flanks the narrow gorge of Gaviota Creek, which funnels Sundowner winds onto the popular beach area."93,George J. Hatfield State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Merced,46.5 acres (18.8ha),1953,Funding agreement pending,Adjoins the Merced River.94,Governor's Mansion State Historic Park,State historic park,Sacramento,0.78 acres (0.32ha),1903,Funded by local partnership,Interprets the 1877 mansion that housed 13 of California's governors and their families from 1903 to 1967.95,Gray Whale Cove State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,3.1 acres (1.3ha),1966,,"Embraces a steep-walled cove, near the Devil's Slide, where gray whales are often seen close to shore."96,Great Valley Grasslands State Park,State park,Merced,"2,826 acres (1,144ha)",1982,,Preserves a remnant of the native grasslands once extensive in the Central Valley.97,Greenwood State Beach,State beach,Mendocino,47 acres (19ha),1978,Funding agreement pending,Features a picturesque beach in Elk and a visitor center interpreting the town's lumbering history.98,Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park,State park,Humboldt,430 acres (170ha),1943,Funded by local partnership,Harbors groves of coast redwoods in three separate units along the Van Duzen River.99,Grover Hot Springs State Park,State park,Alpine,553 acres (224ha),1959,,Boasts hot springs that feed a swimming pool complex in an alpine meadow.100,Half Moon Bay State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,181 acres (73ha),1956,,Encompasses four popular sandy beaches on Half Moon Bay.101,Harmony Headlands State Park,State park,San Luis Obispo,748 acres (303ha),2003,,Preserves an undeveloped parcel of Pacific coast.102,Harry A. Merlo State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Humboldt,955 acres (386ha),1982,,Offers fishing on Big Lagoon adjacent to Humboldt Lagoons State Park103,Hatton Canyon,Park property,Monterey,130 acres (53ha),2002,"In development, not open to public",Preserves a canyon in Carmel saved from a planned freeway route.104,Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument,State historical monument,San Luis Obispo,209 acres (85ha),1958,,"Offers tours of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst's opulent 115-room ""Hearst Castle,"" designed by architect Julia Morgan between 1919 and 1947."105,Hearst San Simeon State Park,State park,San Luis Obispo,"2,309 acres (934ha)",1932,,"Preserves rocky coast and rare habitats like mima mounds and Monterey pine forest, as well as a 5,850-year-old Native American archaeological site."106,Heber Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,Imperial,342 acres (138ha),1998,,"Attracts ATV riders to sandy, tamarisk-dotted dunes along a former course of the Alamo River."107,Hendy Woods State Park,State park,Mendocino,816 acres (330ha),1958,Funding agreement pending,Preserves two groves of old-growth coast redwoods in the Anderson Valley.108,Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park,State park,Santa Cruz,"4,623 acres (1,871ha)",1953,,Boasts its Redwood Grove and other old-growth forest.109,Henry W. Coe State Park,State park,Santa Clara and Stanislaus,"89,164 acres (36,083ha)",1959,Funded by donations into 2015,Encompasses a sprawling wilderness of ridges and steep canyons in the Diablo Range.110,Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,San Benito,"6,624 acres (2,681ha)",1975,,Offers a variety of off-roading tracks and events in the hills outside Hollister.111,Humboldt Lagoons State Park,State park,Humboldt,"2,256 acres (913ha)",1931,,"Protects part of the largest lagoon system in the United States, including Big Lagoon, Stone Lagoon, and Freshwater Lagoon."112,Humboldt Redwoods State Park,State park,Humboldt,"51,651 acres (20,902ha)",1921,,"Preserves the world's largest remaining old-growth coast redwood forest, including Stratosphere Giant, the fourth-tallest known tree."113,Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,Los Angeles and Ventura,"18,533 acres (7,500ha)",1978,,"Offers 130 miles (210km) of off-highway tracks, connecting to more routes in Los Padres National Forest."114,Huntington State Beach,State beach,Orange,121 acres (49ha),1942,,"Contains 2 miles (3.2km) of wide, flat beach in the city of Huntington Beach."115,Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park,State historic park,Amador,135 acres (55ha),1962,,"Interprets an outcrop with 1,185 mortar holes where Native Americans ground acorns into flour."116,Indio Hills Palms,Park property,Riverside,"5,630 acres (2,280ha)",1983,,Harbors a profusion of California fan palms growing along the San Andreas Fault in the Indio Hills. Part of the multi-agency Coachella Valley Preserve.117,Jack London State Historic Park,State historic park,Sonoma,"1,611 acres (652ha)",1959,Open under Valley of the Moon Natural History Association management,"Contains several structures from the ranch of author Jack London and his wife Charmian London, as well as their grave. The ranch is a National Historic Landmark."118,Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park,State park,Del Norte,"10,430 acres (4,220ha)",1939,,Honors explorer Jedediah Smith with a tract of coast redwoods along the Smith River. Part of Redwood National and State Parks.119,John B. Dewitt Redwoods State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Humboldt,"1,164 acres (471ha)",1929,In development and not open to public,Contains three undeveloped coast redwood groves split off from Humboldt Redwoods State Park in 2001.120,John Little State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Monterey,21 acres (8.5ha),1953,,Protects rugged cliffs on the Big Sur coast flanking the mouth of a creek.121,Jug Handle State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Mendocino,776 acres (314ha),1976,Funded by donations into 2013,Interprets a series of marine terraces each exhibiting a different stage of ecological succession.122,Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park,State park,Monterey,"3,762 acres (1,522ha)",1962,,"Stretches from the Big Sur coast up to 3,000-foot (910m) ridges. Includes the iconic seaside McWay Falls."123,Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Los Angeles,401 acres (162ha),1984,,Offers urban open space in the Baldwin Hills of Los Angeles.124,Kings Beach State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Placer,7.7 acres (3.1ha),1974,,Encompasses 700 feet (210m) of lakefront on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.125,Kruse Rhododendron State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Sonoma,317 acres (128ha),1934,,Harbors a secondary forest with spring-blooming rhododendrons adjacent to Salt Point State Park.126,La Pursima Mission State Historic Park,State historic park,Santa Barbara,"1,934 acres (783ha)",1935,,"Contains the 1813 La Purisima Mission, the most completely restored Spanish mission in California."127,Lake Del Valle State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Alameda,"3,732 acres (1,510ha)",1967,,"Surrounds Lake Del Valle, a reservoir on the Arroyo del Valle managed by the East Bay Regional Park District."128,Lake Oroville State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Butte,"29,447 acres (11,917ha)",1967,,"Surrounds Lake Oroville, a reservoir on the Feather River."129,Lake Perris State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Riverside,"6,675 acres (2,701ha)",1974,,"Contains the southernmost reservoir in the 701-mile (1,128km) California State Water Project and the Ya'i Heki' Regional Indian Museum."130,Lake Valley State Recreation Area,State recreation area,El Dorado,155 acres (63ha),1985,,Offers an 18-hole golf course in the High Sierras.131,Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park,State historic park,Sacramento,0.88 acres (0.36ha),1978,Funding agreement pending,"Offers tours of governor and tycoon Leland Stanford's restored 1856 mansion, now a National Historic Landmark."132,Leo Carrillo State Park,State park,Los Angeles and Ventura,"2,513 acres (1,017ha)",1953,,Honors actor and conservationist Leo Carrillo with a 1.5-mile (2.4km) beach. Part of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.133,Leucadia State Beach,State beach,San Diego,10.6 acres (4.3ha),1949,,"Comprises a small, rocky beach in Encinitas."134,Lighthouse Field State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,38 acres (15ha),1978,,Features the Steamer Lane surf break and a lighthouse containing the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum.135,Limekiln State Park,State park,Monterey,711 acres (288ha),1994,,Contains four lime kilns from an 1887 lime-smelting operation on the Big Sur coast.136,Little River State Beach,State beach,Humboldt,152 acres (62ha),1931,,Comprises a broad open beach with dunes.137,Los Angeles State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,32 acres (13ha),2001,,Provides urban open space on the site of an 1875 train station where many travelers first arrived in Los Angeles.138,Los Encinos State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,4.7 acres (1.9ha),1949,Funded by donations into 2013,139,Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,San Luis Obispo,85 acres (34ha),1972,,140,MacKerricher State Park,State park,Mendocino,"2,519 acres (1,019ha)",1949,,141,Mailliard Woods State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Mendocino,242 acres (98ha),1945,,142,Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park,State historic park,Nevada,"3,143 acres (1,272ha)",1965,Funding agreement pending,143,Malibu Creek State Park,State park,Los Angeles,"8,215 acres (3,324ha)",1974,,144,Malibu Lagoon State Beach,State beach,Los Angeles,110 acres (45ha),1951,,145,Manchester State Park,State park,Mendocino,"5,272 acres (2,134ha)",1955,,146,Mandalay State Beach,State beach,Ventura,92 acres (37ha),1985,,147,Manresa State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,138 acres (56ha),1948,,148,Marconi Conference Center State Historic Park,State historic park,Marin,62 acres (25ha),1976,,149,Marina State Beach,State Beach,Monterey,171 acres (69ha),1977,,150,Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park,State historic park,El Dorado,575 acres (233ha),1942,,151,Martial Cottle Park State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Santa Clara,137 acres (55ha),2003,"In development, not open to public",152,McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park,State park,Shasta,910 acres (370ha),1920,,153,McConnell State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Merced,74 acres (30ha),1949,Funding agreement pending,154,McGrath State Beach,State beach,Ventura,314 acres (127ha),1948,Open due to local fundraising,155,Mendocino Headlands State Park,State park,Mendocino,"7,709 acres (3,120ha)",1972,,156,Mendocino Woodlands State Park,State park,Mendocino,720 acres (290ha),1977,,157,Millerton Lake State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Fresno and Madera,"6,857 acres (2,775ha)",1957,,Includes 40 miles (64km) of shoreline on Millerton Lake and the 1867 Millerton County Courthouse.158,Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Mono,"55,300 acres (22,400ha)",1982,Open due to partnership,159,Montaa de Oro State Park,State park,San Luis Obispo,"10,366 acres (4,195ha)",1934,,160,Montara State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,780 acres (320ha),1959,,161,Monterey State Historic Park,State historic park,Monterey,9.6 acres (3.9ha),1916,,162,Monterey State Beach,State beach,Monterey,114 acres (46ha),1960,,163,Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Mendocino,"2,743 acres (1,110ha)",1947,,164,Moonlight State Beach,State beach,San Diego,15 acres (6.1ha),1949,,165,Morro Bay State Park,State park,San Luis Obispo,"2,783 acres (1,126ha)",1934,,166,Morro Strand State Beach,State beach,San Luis Obispo,183 acres (74ha),1932,Funding agreement pending,167,Moss Landing State Beach,State beach,Monterey County,60 acres (24ha),1972,,168,Mount Diablo State Park,State park,Contra Costa,"20,124 acres (8,144ha)",1931,,169,Mount San Jacinto State Park,State park,Riverside,"13,718 acres (5,551ha)",1930,,170,Mount Tamalpais State Park,State park,Marin,"6,243 acres (2,526ha)",1928,,171,Natural Bridges State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,62 acres (25ha),1933,,172,Navarro River Redwoods State Park,State park,Mendocino,727 acres (294ha),1928,,173,New Brighton State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,157 acres (64ha),1933,,174,Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,San Luis Obispo,"2,675 acres (1,083ha)",1974,,175,Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,Imperial and San Diego,"50,553 acres (20,458ha)",1976,,Offers off-roading opportunities adjacent to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.176,Old Sacramento State Historic Park,State historic park,Sacramento,293 acres (119ha),1967,,177,Old Town San Diego State Historic Park,State historic park,San Diego,29 acres (12ha),1967,,178,Olompali State Historic Park,State historic park,Marin,700 acres (280ha),1977,Funding agreement pending,179,Pacheco State Park,State park,Merced and Santa Clara,"6,894 acres (2,790ha)",1995,,180,Pacifica State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,21 acres (8.5ha),1979,,181,Palomar Mountain State Park,State park,San Diego,"1,909 acres (773ha)",1932,Funded by donations into 2013,182,Patrick's Point State Park,State park,Humboldt,652 acres (264ha),1930,,183,Pelican State Beach,State beach,Del Norte,5.2 acres (2.1ha),1947,,184,Pescadero State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,700 acres (280ha),1958,,185,Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park,State historic park,Sonoma,41 acres (17ha),1951,Funded by donations into 2013,186,Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park,State park,Monterey,"1,391 acres (563ha)",1933,,187,Picacho State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Imperial,"6,759 acres (2,735ha)",1960,,188,Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park,State historic park,San Mateo,76 acres (31ha),1981,,189,Po Pico State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,5.5 acres (2.2ha),1917,Funding agreement pending,190,Pismo State Beach,State beach,San Luis Obispo,"1,412 acres (571ha)",1935,,191,Placerita Canyon State Park,State park,Los Angeles,342 acres (138ha),1949,,192,Plumas-Eureka State Park,State park,Plumas,"4,424 acres (1,790ha)",1959,Funded by donations into 2014,193,Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park,State historic park,Mendocino,383 acres (155ha),2002,Funding agreement pending,194,Point Dume State Beach,State beach,Ventura,37 acres (15ha),1958,,195,Point Lobos Ranch,Park property,Monterey,"1,329 acres (538ha)",1998,"In development, not open to public",196,Point Lobos State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Monterey,"1,325 acres (536ha)",1933,,197,Point Montara Light Station,Park property,San Mateo,6 acres (2.4ha),1982,,198,Point Mugu State Park,State park,Ventura,"13,947 acres (5,644ha)",1966,,199,Point Sal State Beach,State beach,Santa Barbara,84 acres (34ha),1948,,200,Point Sur State Historic Park,State historic park,Monterey,92 acres (37ha),1986,,Contains the still-operational 1889 Point Sur Lighthouse and a former U.S. Navy SOSUS base. The lighthouse is on the NRHP.201,Pomponio State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,421 acres (170ha),1960,,202,Portola Redwoods State Park,State park,San Mateo,"2,608 acres (1,055ha)",1945,Funding agreement pending,203,Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area,State vehicular recreation area,Sacramento,"2,786 acres (1,127ha)",1990,,Offers open off-roading at the foot of the Sierra Nevada as well as a go-kart track and 4WD obstacle course.204,Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park,State park,Humboldt,"14,187 acres (5,741ha)",1923,,205,Providence Mountains State Recreation Area,State recreation area,San Bernardino,"5,890 acres (2,380ha)",1956,Closed to the public,206,Railtown 1897 State Historic Park,State historic park,Tuolumne,24 acres (9.7ha),1982,Funding agreement pending,207,Red Rock Canyon State Park,State park,Kern,"25,325 acres (10,249ha)",1970,,208,Refugio State Beach,State beach,Santa Barbara,905 acres (366ha),1950,,209,Reynolds Wayside Campground,Wayside campground,Mendocino,66 acres (27ha),1966,,Preserves a parcel of old-growth redwoods and Douglas fir beside U.S. Route 101. The campground was removed in 1976.210,Richardson Grove State Park,State park,Humboldt,"1,772 acres (717ha)",1922,,211,Rio de Los Angeles State Park,State recreation area,Los Angeles,58 acres (23ha),2001,,212,Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach,State beach,Los Angeles,37 acres (15ha),1978,,213,Robert Louis Stevenson State Park,State park,"Napa, Sonoma, and Lake","5,990 acres (2,420ha)",1949,,214,Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach,State beach,Alameda,132 acres (53ha),1961,,215,Russian Gulch State Park,State park,Mendocino,"1,305 acres (528ha)",1933,Funding agreement pending,216,Saddleback Butte State Park,State park,Los Angeles,"2,954 acres (1,195ha)",1957,,217,Salinas River State Beach,State beach,Monterey and Santa Cruz,281.84 acres (114.06ha),1960,,218,Salt Point State Park,State park,Sonoma,"5,684 acres (2,300ha)",1968,,219,Salton Sea State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Imperial and Riverside,"16,901 acres (6,840ha)",1951,,220,Samuel P. Taylor State Park,State park,Marin,"2,707 acres (1,095ha)",1946,,221,San Bruno Mountain State Park,State park,San Mateo,298 acres (121ha),1980,,222,San Buenaventura State Beach,State beach,Ventura,110 acres (45ha),1961,,223,San Clemente State Beach,State beach,Orange,117 acres (47ha),1931,,224,San Elijo State Beach,State beach,San Diego,588 acres (238ha),1952,,225,San Gregorio State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,414 acres (168ha),1958,,226,San Juan Bautista State Historic Park,State historic park,San Benito,6.1 acres (2.5ha),1933,,227,San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Merced,"26,036 acres (10,536ha)",1969,,228,San Onofre State Beach,State beach,San Diego,"2,107 acres (853ha)",1971,,229,San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park,State historic park,San Diego,69 acres (28ha),1918,,230,San Timoteo Canyon,Park property,Riverside,"1,148 acres (465ha)",2002,,231,Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park,State historic park,Santa Cruz,1.9 acres (0.77ha),1959,,232,Santa Monica State Beach,State beach,Los Angeles,48 acres (19ha),1948,,233,Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,671 acres (272ha),1979,,234,Schooner Gulch State Beach,State beach,Mendocino,54 acres (22ha),1983,,235,Seacliff State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,89 acres (36ha),1931,,236,Shasta State Historic Park,State historic park,Shasta,25 acres (10ha),1937,,237,Silver Strand State Beach,State beach,San Diego,"3,749 acres (1,517ha)",1932,,238,Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area,State recreation area,San Bernardino,"2,201 acres (891ha)",1978,,239,Sinkyone Wilderness State Park,State park,Mendocino and Humboldt,"7,937 acres (3,212ha)",1975,,240,Smithe Redwoods State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Mendocino,689 acres (279ha),1963,,241,Sonoma State Historic Park,State historic park,Sonoma,64 acres (26ha),1909,,242,Sonoma Coast State Park,State park,Sonoma,"10,018 acres (4,054ha)",1934,,243,South Carlsbad State Beach,State beach,San Diego,118 acres (48ha),1949,,244,South Yuba River State Park,State park,Nevada,"8,720 acres (3,530ha)",1979,,245,Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Mendocino,"1,021 acres (413ha)",1921,,246,State Indian Museum,State historic park,Sacramento,,1914,,Interprets the diverse cultures of the indigenous peoples of California.247,Stone Lake,Park property,Sacramento,"1,090 acres (440ha)",1978,,248,Sugarloaf Ridge State Park,State park,Sonoma and Napa,"4,416 acres (1,787ha)",1920,,249,Sunset State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,302 acres (122ha),1931,,250,Sutter Buttes State Park,State park,Sutter,"1,785 acres (722ha)",2003,"Privately owned, funded by the state","This state park is notable for the sutter buttes. These are small buttes: circular, eroded volcanic lava domes. The highest peak, South Butte, reaches about 2,130 feet (650 m) above sea level. Sutter Buttes are sometimes referred to as the world's smallest mountain range."251,Sutter's Fort State Historic Park,State historic park,Sacramento,5.8 acres (2.3ha),1914,,252,Tahoe State Recreation Area,State Recreation Area,Placer,62 acres (25ha),,,Campgound on Lake Tahoe253,Thornton State Beach,State beach,San Mateo,58 acres (23ha),1955,,254,Tijuana Estuary,Point of interest,San Diego,,,,255,Tolowa Dunes State Park,State park,Del Norte,"4,399 acres (1,780ha)",1983,,256,Tomales Bay State Park,State park,Marin,"2,443 acres (989ha)",1950,Open under National Park Service management,257,Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park,State historic park,Kern,560 acres (230ha),1993,,258,Topanga State Park,State park,Los Angeles,"12,666 acres (5,126ha)",1967,,259,Torrey Pines State Beach,State beach,San Diego,61 acres (25ha),1952,,260,Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,San Diego,"1,461 acres (591ha)",1952,,261,Trinidad State Beach,State beach,Humboldt,159 acres (64ha),1937,,262,Tule Elk State Natural Reserve,State natural reserve,Kern,984 acres (398ha),1932,,263,Turlock Lake State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Stanislaus,"3,559 acres (1,440ha)",1950,,264,Twin Lakes State Beach,State beach,Santa Cruz,95 acres (38ha),1955,,265,Van Damme State Park,State park,Mendocino,"2,336 acres (945ha)",1932,,"Van Damme State Park is famous for a special tract of pygmy forest. The California Pygmy Forest is displayed very nicely by a boardwalk and nature trail. California Pygmy Forests have poor soil. This weak soil creates a marsh ecosystem of stunted trees, and in the California case, three particular plants: the cypress tree, the pine tree, and the rhododendron. This dwarf forest is a vulnerable habitat, and therefore a National Natural Landmark."266,Verdugo Mountains,Park property,Los Angeles,251 acres (102ha),1984,,267,Ward Creek Project,Park property,Placer,173 acres (70ha),1978,,268,Washoe Meadows State Park,State park,El Dorado,628 acres (254ha),1985,,269,Wassama Round House State Historic Park,State historic park,Madera,27 acres (11ha),1978,,270,Watts Towers of Simon Rodia State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,0.11 acres (0.045ha),1978,,271,Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park,State historic park,Trinity,2.8 acres (1.1ha),1956,,272,Westport-Union Landing State Beach,State beach,Mendocino,58 acres (23ha),1952,,273,Wilder Ranch State Park,State park,Santa Cruz,"8,342 acres (3,376ha)",1974,,274,Wildwood Canyon,Park property,Riverside,856 acres (346ha),2002,In development,275,Will Rogers State Beach,State beach,Los Angeles,82 acres (33ha),1931,,276,Will Rogers State Historic Park,State historic park,Los Angeles,189 acres (76ha),1944,,277,William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park,State historic park,Tehama,3.9 acres (1.6ha),1951,,278,Woodland Opera House State Historic Park,State historic park,Yolo,0.26 acres (0.11ha),1980,,279,Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area,State recreation area,Tehama,323 acres (131ha),1959,,280,Zmudowski State Beach,State beach,Monterey and Santa Cruz,194 acres (79ha),1950,,,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,,