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This contains list of 30 state parks of Arizona.

An Arizona state park is an area of land in the U.S. state of Arizona preserved by the state for its natural, cultural, or recreational resources. The state park system in Arizona includes both state parks and state historic parks, as well as other designations such as natural areas and recreation areas. Arizona currently has 30 state park units, which are managed wholly or partly by the Arizona State Parks government agency.In 2010 several Arizona state parks were closed due to budget cuts. Some have since reopened thanks to support in the form of donations and partnerships with local agencies.
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SNo,Park name,County,Area in acres (ha),Elevation,Date,Status,Remarks,,,,in feet (m),estab-,,,,,,,lished,,1,Alamo Lake State Park,La Paz & Mohave,"4,900 acres (2,000ha)","1,300ft (400m)",1969,Open due to donations,Features a remote reservoir on the Bill Williams River with premiere bass fishing and stargazing2,Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park,Pinal,323 acres (131ha),"2,400ft (730m)",1976,Open,Comprises Arizona's oldest and largest botanical garden3,Buckskin Mountain State Park,La Paz,"1,677 acres (679ha)",420ft (130m),1967,Open,Provides water recreation on the Colorado River in the Parker Valley4,Catalina State Park,Pima,"5,493 acres (2,223ha)","2,650ft (810m)",1974,Open,Preserves a diverse desert landscape at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains5,Cattail Cove State Park,Mohave,"2,000 acres (810ha)",450ft (140m),1970,Open,Provides water recreation on Lake Havasu6,Dead Horse Ranch State Park,Yavapai,423 acres (171ha),"3,300ft (1,000m)",1972,Open,Provides outdoor recreation along the Verde River7,Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area,Navajo,800 acres (320ha),"6,300ft (1,900m)",1994,Open,Surrounds a 150-acre (61ha) mountain reservoir8,Fort Verde State Historic Park,Yavapai,11 acres (4.5ha),"3,260ft (990m)",1970,Open 5 days a week due to local partnership,"Interprets the best-preserved Indian Wars-era fort in Arizona, active from 18711891"9,Homolovi State Park,Navajo,"4,500 acres (1,800ha)","4,900ft (1,500m)",1986,Open,Preserves several pueblo ruins and other Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites10,Jerome State Historic Park,Yavapai,,"5,000ft (1,500m)",1957,Open 5 days a week due to local partnership,Honors the Douglas family of mining entrepreneurs in their 1916 adobe mansion11,Kartchner Caverns State Park,Cochise,,"4,700ft (1,400m)",1988,Open,Preserves a limestone cave kept in near-pristine condition since its discovery in 197412,Lake Havasu State Park,Mohave,928 acres (376ha),480ft (150m),1965,Open,Provides water recreation on Lake Havasu13,Lost Dutchman State Park,Pinal,320 acres (130ha),"2,000ft (610m)",1977,Open,"Faces the Superstition Mountains, where the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is said to be hidden"14,Lyman Lake State Park,Apache,"1,200 acres (490ha)","6,000ft (1,800m)",1960,Open summers/early fall,Features Lyman Reservoir and a 14th Century pueblo ruin15,McFarland State Historic Park,Pinal,,"1,500ft (460m)",1974,Open due to local partnerships,Preserves a courthouse and jail from the Arizona Territory era16,Oracle State Park,Pinal,"3,948 acres (1,598ha)","3,700ft (1,100m)",1986,Open Saturdays spring and fall,"Features an environmental learning center, a historic ranchhouse, and wildlife habitat in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains"17,Patagonia Lake State Park,Santa Cruz,"2,658 acres (1,076ha)","3,750ft (1,140m)",1974,Open,Provides recreational opportunities on 265-acre (107ha) Patagonia Lake18,Picacho Peak State Park,Pinal,"3,747 acres (1,516ha)","2,000ft (610m)",1965,"Closed for summer 2012; re-opened Sept. 15, 2012","Features a distinctive 3,374-foot (1,028m) peak and spring wildflowers"19,Red Rock State Park,Yavapai,286 acres (116ha),"3,900ft (1,200m)",1986,Open,Preserves a section of scenic red rock canyon20,Riordan Mansion State Historic Park,Coconino,5 acres (2.0ha),"6,900ft (2,100m)",1978,Open 5 days a week,Interprets the 1904 adjoined homes of influential lumber-baron brothers Timothy and Michael Riordan21,Roper Lake State Park,Graham,338 acres (137ha),"3,130ft (950m)",1972,Open due to local partnership,Features a 32-acre (13ha) fishing reservoir and a pond fed by a natural hot spring22,San Rafael State Natural Area,Santa Cruz,"3,557 acres (1,439ha)","4,750ft (1,450m)",1999,Not open to the public,Preserves a native grassland largely free of invasive plants. A former ranch complex is now a district on the National Register of Historic Places23,Slide Rock State Park,Coconino,43 acres (17ha),"4,930ft (1,500m)",1985,Open,Features a natural waterslide and a historic apple orchard in Oak Creek Canyon24,Sonoita Creek State Natural Area,Santa Cruz,"9,584 acres (3,879ha)","3,750ft (1,140m)",1994,Open,Preserves a diverse transition zone around Sonoita Creek adjacent to Patagonia Lake State Park25,Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park,Cochise,,"4,539ft (1,383m)",1949,Open due to local partnership,"Preserves the historic 1882 courthouse, sheriffs office, and jail"26,Tonto Natural Bridge State Park,Gila,161 acres (65ha),"4,530ft (1,380m)",1969,Open,Features the world's largest natural arch made of travertine27,Tubac Presidio State Historic Park,Santa Cruz,,"3,500ft (1,100m)",1958,Open 5 days a week due to local partnership,"Preserves the ruins of the 1753 Presidio San Ignacio de Tubac, an 1885 schoolhouse, and other structures plus a museum"28,Verde River Greenway State Natural Area,Yavapai,480 acres (190ha),"3,300ft (1,000m)",1986,Open,Preserves a 6-mile (9.7km) section of the Verde River adjacent to Dead Horse Ranch State Park29,Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park,Yuma,,120ft (37m),1997,Open,Interprets an 1864 U.S. Army facility that supplied 14 military posts around the Southwest30,Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park,Yuma,,120ft (37m),1960,Open,Interprets the famous Arizona Territory prison that operated from 1876 to 1909,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,,