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This contains list of 50 US state & their capitals.

In 33 of the 50 U.S. states, the state capital is not the state's most populous city. Only two of the state capitals — Trenton, New Jersey, and Carson City, Nevada — border another state, while Juneau, Alaska, shares a border with the Canadian province of British Columbia.[a] The dates listed in the following table indicate the year in which the city started to continuously serve as the state's sole capital. Most states have changed their capital city at least once—see Historical state capitals for details.

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State Capitals of the United States,,,,,,,,,,SNo,State,Abr.,Date of statehood,Capital,Capital since,Land area (mi),Most populous city?,Municipal population,Metropolitan population,Notes1,Alabama,AL,1819,Montgomery,1846,155.4,No,"2,05,764","3,74,536",Birmingham is the state's largest city2,Alaska,AK,1959,Juneau,1906,2716.7,No,"31,275",,Juneau is the largest capital by land area. Anchorage is the state's largest city.3,Arizona,AZ,1912,Phoenix,1889,474.9,Yes,"14,45,632","41,92,887",Phoenix is the most populous U.S. state capital and only capital with more than 1 million citizens4,Arkansas,AR,1836,Little Rock,1821,116.2,Yes,"1,93,524","8,77,091",5,California,CA,1850,Sacramento,1854,97.2,No,"4,66,488","25,27,123",The Supreme Court of California is headquartered in San Francisco. Los Angeles is the state's largest city.6,Colorado,CO,1876,Denver,1867,153.4,Yes,"6,00,158","25,52,195",Denver was called Denver City until 1882.7,Connecticut,CT,1788,Hartford,1875,17.3,No,"1,24,512","12,12,381","Bridgeport is the state's largest city, but Hartford is the largest metro area."8,Delaware,DE,1787,Dover,1777,22.4,No,"36,047","1,62,310",Longest-serving capital in terms of statehood. Wilmington is the state's largest city.9,Florida,FL,1845,Tallahassee,1824,95.7,No,"1,81,412","3,67,413","Jacksonville is the largest city, and Miami has the largest metro area."10,Georgia,GA,1788,Atlanta,1868,131.7,Yes,"4,20,003","52,68,860",Atlanta is the state capital with the most populous metro area in the U.S.11,Hawaii,HI,1959,Honolulu,1845,85.7,Yes,"3,37,256","9,53,207",12,Idaho,ID,1890,Boise,1865,63.8,Yes,"2,05,671","6,16,561",13,Illinois,IL,1818,Springfield,1837,54,No,"1,16,250","2,08,182",Chicago is the state's largest city.14,Indiana,IN,1816,Indianapolis,1825,361.5,Yes,"8,29,718","17,56,221",Indianapolis is the second largest city in the Midwest.15,Iowa,IA,1846,Des Moines,1857,75.8,Yes,"2,03,433","5,80,255",16,Kansas,KS,1861,Topeka,1856,56,No,"1,27,473","2,30,824",Wichita is the state's largest city.17,Kentucky,KY,1792,Frankfort,1792,14.7,No,"25,527","70,758",Louisville is the state's largest city. Frankfort ranks as the twelfth most populous city in the state.18,Louisiana,LA,1812,Baton Rouge,1880,76.8,No,"2,29,553","8,02,484",New Orleans is the state's largest city and home to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Louisiana is home to the tallest state capitol building.19,Maine,ME,1820,Augusta,1832,55.4,No,"19,136","1,17,114","Augusta was officially made the capital 1827, but the legislature did not sit there until 1832. Portland is the state's largest city."20,Maryland,MD,1788,Annapolis,1694,6.73,No,"38,394",,Annapolis is the third-longest serving capital in the United States after Santa Fe and Boston. Its capitol building is the oldest still in use. It is also the smallest capital by land area. Baltimore is the state's largest city.21,Massachusetts,MA,1788,Boston,1630,48.4,Yes,"6,17,594","45,22,858","Boston is the longest continuously serving capital in the United States. The Boston-Worcester-Manchester Combined Statistical Area encompasses the state capitals of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island."22,Michigan,MI,1837,Lansing,1847,35,No,"1,14,297","4,64,036",Lansing is the only state capital that is not also the county seat of the county in which it is situated.[citation needed] Detroit is the state's largest city.23,Minnesota,MN,1858,Saint Paul,1849,52.8,No,"2,85,068","35,02,891",Minneapolis is the state's largest city; it and Saint Paul form the core of the state's largest metropolitan area.24,Mississippi,MS,1817,Jackson,1821,104.9,Yes,"1,73,514","5,39,057",25,Missouri,MO,1821,Jefferson City,1826,27.3,No,"43,079","1,49,807","Kansas City is the state's largest city, and Greater St. Louis is the state's largest metropolitan area."26,Montana,MT,1889,Helena,1875,14,No,"28,190","74,801",Billings is the state's largest city.27,Nebraska,NE,1867,Lincoln,1867,74.6,No,"2,58,379","3,02,157",Omaha is the state's largest city.28,Nevada,NV,1864,Carson City,1861,143.4,No,"55,274",,Las Vegas is the state's largest city.29,New Hampshire,NH,1788,Concord,1808,64.3,No,"42,695",,Manchester is the state's largest city.30,New Jersey,NJ,1787,Trenton,1784,7.66,No,"84,913","3,66,513",Newark is the state's largest city. Trenton served as the US capital for a short period in the late 18th century.31,New Mexico,NM,1912,Santa Fe,1610,37.3,No,"75,764","1,83,732",Santa Fe is the longest serving capital in the United States. El Paso del Norte served as the capital of the Santa Fe de Nuevo Mxico colony-in-exile during the Pueblo Revolt of 16801692. Santa Fe has the highest elevation of any state capital. Albuquerque is the state's largest city.32,New York,NY,1788,Albany,1797,21.4,No,"97,856","8,57,592",New York City is the state's largest city.33,North Carolina,NC,1789,Raleigh,1792,114.6,No,"4,03,892","11,30,490",Charlotte is the state's largest city.34,North Dakota,ND,1889,Bismarck,1883,26.9,No,"61,272","1,08,779",Fargo is the state's largest city.35,Ohio,OH,1803,Columbus,1816,210.3,Yes,"7,87,033","18,36,536","Columbus is Ohio's largest city, and the fourth-largest state capital, but the Cincinnati and Cleveland metropolitan areas are both larger."36,Oklahoma,OK,1907,Oklahoma City,1910,607,Yes,"5,80,000","12,52,987",Oklahoma City is the shortest serving current state capital in the United States.37,Oregon,OR,1859,Salem,1855,45.7,No,"1,54,637","3,90,738",Portland is the state's largest city.38,Pennsylvania,PA,1787,Harrisburg,1812,8.11,No,"49,528","6,47,390",Philadelphia is the state's largest city.39,Rhode Island,RI,1790,Providence,1900,18.5,Yes,"1,78,042","16,30,956","Providence also served as the capital 16361686 and 16891776. It was one of five co-capitals 17761853, and one of two co-capitals 18531900."40,South Carolina,SC,1788,Columbia,1786,125.2,Yes,"1,31,686","9,13,797",Columbia is the largest city in South Carolina but second largest metro area and combined statistical area behind Greenville.41,South Dakota,SD,1889,Pierre,1889,13,No,"13,646",,Sioux Falls is the state's largest city.42,Tennessee,TN,1796,Nashville,1826,473.3,No,"6,35,710","15,82,264","Memphis is the state's largest city, and Nashville is the largest metro area."43,Texas,TX,1845,Austin,1839,251.5,No,"8,42,592","17,16,291","Houston is the state's largest city and the previous capital, and DallasFort Worth is the largest metro area. Austin is the largest state capital that is not also the state's largest city. Texas would have the tallest state capitol building if all of the underground work were above ground."44,Utah,UT,1896,Salt Lake City,1858,109.1,Yes,"1,86,440","11,24,197",45,Vermont,VT,1791,Montpelier,1805,10.2,No,"7,855",,Montpelier is the least populous U.S. state capital. Burlington is the state's largest city.46,Virginia,VA,1788,Richmond,1780,60.1,No,"2,04,214","12,31,675","Virginia Beach is the state's largest city, and Northern Virginia is the state's largest metro area."47,Washington,WA,1889,Olympia,1853,16.7,No,"46,478","2,34,670",Seattle is the state's largest city.48,West Virginia,WV,1863,Charleston,1885,31.6,Yes,"51,400","3,04,214",49,Wisconsin,WI,1848,Madison,1838,68.7,No,"2,33,209","5,61,505",Milwaukee is the state's largest city.50,Wyoming,WY,1890,Cheyenne,1869,21.1,Yes,"59,466","91,738",,,,,,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,,,,,