Download Excel File List of Governors of Northern Mariana Islands


This list provides information about the governors of Northern Mariana Islands. It includes details about when they served, which political party they belonged to, and the specific elections they won. The list is conveniently available in multiple file formats, including MS Excel, CSV, PDF, and a compressed file that contains all the formats.

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S.No.,Officeholder (BirthDeath),Elected,Took office,Left office1,"Arnold Palacios(born 1955)",2022,"January 9, 2023",Incumbent2,"Ralph Torres(born 1979)",2018,"December 29, 2015","January 9, 2023"3,"Eloy Inos(19492015)",2014,"February 20, 2013","December 29, 2015"4,"Benigno Fitial(born 1945)","20052009","January 9, 2006","February 20, 2013"5,"Juan Babauta(born 1953)",2001,"January 14, 2002","January 9, 2006"6,"Pedro Tenorio(19342018)",1997,"January 12, 1998","January 14, 2002"7,"Froilan Tenorio(19392020)",1993,"January 10, 1994","January 12, 1998"8,"Lorenzo I. De Leon Guerrero(19352006)",1989,"January 8, 1990","January 10, 1994"9,"Pedro Tenorio(19342018)","19811985","January 11, 1982","January 8, 1990"10,"Carlos S. Camacho(born 1937)",1977,"January 9, 1978","January 11, 1982",,,,,,,,