Download Excel File List of Boroughs & Census Areas in Alaska


This list contains information on the boroughs and census areas of Alaska. The state is divided into 19 organized boroughs, each with its own local government, as well as one Unorganized Borough. The list provides details such as FIPS codes, areas, classifications, populations and densities.

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S.No.,Borough,FIPS code,Density,Population,Area,Borough seat,Class,Est.,Origin,Etymology1,Aleutians East Borough,013,0.49,3398,"6,985sqmi(18,091km)",Sand Point,Second,1987,-,"Its location in the east Aleutian Islands, which are themselves of uncertain linguistic origin; possibly derived from Chukchi word aliat (""island"")"2,Anchorage,020,168.79,288121,"1,707sqmi(4,421km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",Unified Home Rule,1964/1975,"Anchorage Borough formed in 1964, merged with city in 1975 to form unified city-borough","Derived from the presence of a safe place to anchor and unload supplies for construction of the Alaska Railroad circa 1913, thereby creating a community."3,Bristol Bay Borough,060,1.74,838,"482sqmi(1,248km)",Naknek,Second,1962,-,"Named in 1778 by Capt. James Cook for George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol."4,Denali Borough,068,0.13,1593,"12,641sqmi(32,740km)",Healy,Home Rule,1990,-,"From Denali, the tallest North American mountain, which means ""great one"" in the Dena'ina language"5,Fairbanks North Star Borough,090,13.03,95593,"7,335sqmi(18,998km)",Fairbanks,Second,1964,-,"Named for its borough seat of Fairbanks, named in turn for Charles Fairbanks (1852 - 1918), U.S. Senator from Indiana and vice president under Theodore Roosevelt, and for Polaris, the North Star"6,Haines Borough,100,0.88,2071,"2,343sqmi(6,068km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",Home Rule,"1968(Consolidated 2002)",-,"After Haines, which was itself named for Mrs. F.E. Haines, the key fundraiser for the construction of a Presbyterian mission in the town."7,Juneau,110,11.82,31973,"2,704sqmi(7,003km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",Unified Home Rule,1970,The cities of Juneau and Douglas merged with the surrounding borough to form the municipality,"Joseph ""Joe"" Juneau, prospector and co-founder of the city."8,Kenai Peninsula Borough,122,3.73,59767,"16,017sqmi(41,484km)",Soldotna,Second,1964,-,"The Kenai Peninsula, whose name may be derived from Kenayskaya, the Russian name for Cook Inlet."9,Ketchikan Gateway Borough,130,2.83,13754,"4,857sqmi(12,580km)",Ketchikan,Second,1963,-,The borough seat of Ketchikan and the borough's gateway location on the Alaska-Canada border.10,Kodiak Island Borough,150,1.91,12787,"6,689sqmi(17,324km)",Kodiak,Second,1963,-,"Named after Kodiak Island, which may itself be named for the Koniag people"11,Lake and Peninsula Borough,164,0.06,1416,"23,832sqmi(61,725km)",King Salmon,Home Rule,1989,-,"The borough's many large lakes, and the Alaska Peninsula"12,Matanuska-Susitna Borough,170,4.48,110686,"24,707sqmi(63,991km)",Palmer,Second,1964,-,Named for the valley that the Matanuska and Susitna Rivers form.13,North Slope Borough,185,0.12,10972,"88,824sqmi(230,053km)",Utqiavik,Home Rule,1972,-,The Alaska North Slope along the Brooks Range.14,Northwest Arctic Borough,188,0.21,7560,"35,663sqmi(92,367km)",Kotzebue,Home Rule,1986,"In 1986, residents of Kotzebue and 10 other area villages voted to form the Northwest Arctic Borough (with boundaries coincident with those of NANA), to be economically based on taxing the Red Dog mine, then under development.",Its geographic location and position above the Arctic Circle.15,Petersburg Borough,195,1.16,3356,"2,901sqmi(7,514km)",Petersburg,Home Rule,2013,Incorporated after voters approved borough formation in December 2012.,"Named for Norwegian immigrant Peter Buschmann, founder of the former city of Petersburg."16,Sitka,220,2.93,8407,"2,870sqmi(7,433km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",Unified Home Rule,1971,-,"Derived from Tlingit word Shee At'ik, meaning ""People on the outside of Shee (Baranof Island)."""17,Skagway,230,2.61,1132,"434sqmi(1,124km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",First,2007,-,"Derived from Tlingit word Shgagwi, meaning ""a windy place with white caps on the water."""18,Unorganized Borough,-,0.24,76490,"319,852sqmi(828,413km)",-,-,1961,"The Borough Act of 1961 created The Unorganized Borough including all of Alaska not within a Unified, Home rule, First class or Second class borough.","A legal entity in Alaska, covering those parts of Alaska not within an incorporated borough; it is directly administered by the State of Alaska."19,Wrangell,275,0.8,2055,"2,556sqmi(6,620km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",Unified Home Rule,2008,formerly part of Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area,"Ferdinand von Wrangel, Russian administrator of Alaska, 1840-49."20,Yakutat,282,0.09,704,"7,623sqmi(19,743km)","(Consolidatedcity-borough)",Home Rule,1992,-,Yakutat Bay and the Yakutat Alaska Native people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,