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This contains list of 44 National Parks of Norway.

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SNo,Name,County(s),Est.,Area,Description1,nderdalen,Troms,1970,125km2 (48sqmi),2,BlfjellaSkjkerfjella,Nord-Trndelag,2004,"1,924km2 (743sqmi)",3,Breheimen,"Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane",2009,"1,671km2 (645sqmi)",4,Brgefjell,"Nord-Trndelag, Nordland",1963,"1,447km2 (559sqmi)",5,Dovre,Oppland,2003,289km2 (112sqmi),6,DovrefjellSunndalsfjella,"Mre og Romsdal, Oppland, Sr-Trndelag",1974,"1,693km2 (654sqmi)",7,Frder,Vestfold,2013,350km2 (140sqmi),8,Femundsmarka,"Hedmark, Sr-Trndelag",1971,573km2 (221sqmi),9,Folgefonna,Hordaland,2005,545km2 (210sqmi),10,Forlandet,Svalbard,1973,"4,647km2 (1,794sqmi)","The park covers the uninhabited island of Prins Karls Forland and the surrounding waters. Forlandet is long and narrow with tall peaks, separated in two by the low Forlandsletta. It is the northern-most habitat of harbor seal and a nesting place for Common Guillemot. Wetland birds nest at Plankeholmane and Forlandsyane, and the west coast is an overwintering site for seabirds."11,Forollhogna,"Sr-Trndelag, Hedmark",2001,"1,062km2 (410sqmi)",12,Fulufjellet,Hedmark,2012,83km2 (32sqmi),13,Gutulia,Hedmark,1968,23km2 (8.9sqmi),14,Hallingskarvet,"Buskerud, Hordaland",2006,450km2 (170sqmi),15,Hardangervidda,"Buskerud, Hordaland, Telemark",1981,"3,422km2 (1,321sqmi)",16,Indre Wijdefjorden,Svalbard,2005,"1,127km2 (435sqmi)","Located in a steep fjord landscape in northern Spitsbergen, the park covers the inner part of Wijdefjordenthe longest fjord on Svalbard. On both sides of Wijdefjorden there is High Arctic steppe vegetation, dominated by grasses and extremely dry, basic earth. Along with vegetation found on nesting cliffs, it is the most exclusive flora in Svalbard. Of the larger fjords on Svalbard, Wijdefjorden is the least affected by humans."17,Jostedalsbreen,Sogn og Fjordane,1991,"1,310km2 (510sqmi)",18,Jotunheimen,"Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane",1980,"1,151km2 (444sqmi)",19,Junkerdal,Nordland,2004,682km2 (263sqmi),20,Lhku,Nordland,2012,188km2 (73sqmi),21,Langsua,Oppland,2011,537km2 (207sqmi),22,Lierne,Nordland,2004,333km2 (129sqmi),23,LomsdalVisten,Nordland,2009,682km2 (263sqmi),24,Mysalen,Nordland,2003,51km2 (20sqmi),25,Nordenskild Land,Svalbard,2003,"1,362km2 (526sqmi)","The park covers the southern part of Nordenskild Land, on the north shore of Van Mijenfjorden. Reindalen is Svalbard's largest ice-free valley and features moraines, rock glaciers, pingos and avalanche features. The valley has a luch vegetation and the lower part is a wetland. The area is important for reindeer, Arctic fox, waders, geese and ducks."26,Nordre Isfjorden,Svalbard,2003,"2,954km2 (1,141sqmi)","Protecting the northern shore of Isfjorden on Spitsbergen, the park consists of a long shore-line with lush vegetation serving as breeding grounds for birds. The landscape varies from the barren and lunar-like to sandy plains and several meter-thick layers of deposits."27,Nordvest-Spitsbergen,Svalbard,1973,"9,914km2 (3,828sqmi)","The northwestern part of Spitsbergen has the archipelago's most varied nature and features some of the most important cultural heritage sites from whaling and Arctic exploration, such as Smeerenburg and Virgohamna. The park is habitat for Arctic fox, reindeer and Arctic char. Moffen Nature Reserve and three bird sanctuaries (Guissezholmen, Moseya and Skorpa) are important breeding grounds for birds, especially eider and geese. The warm springs of Bockfjorden give a unique local flora."28,vre Anrjohka,Finnmark,1975,"1,390km2 (540sqmi)",29,vre Dividal,Troms,1971,750km2 (290sqmi),30,vre Pasvik,Finnmark,1970,119km2 (46sqmi),"Part of PasvikInari Trilateral Park, the area is dominated by Siberian-like taiga consisting of old-growth Scots Pine, shallow lakes and bog. The traditional Skolts area is still used for reindeer husbandry. The park located in Pasvikdalen and is a habitat for brown bear and moose."31,Rago,Nordland,1971,171km2 (66sqmi),32,Reinheimen,"Oppland, Mre og Romsdal",2006,"1,969km2 (760sqmi)",33,Reisa,Troms,1986,803km2 (310sqmi),34,Rohkunborri,Troms,2011,571km2 (220sqmi),35,Rondane,"Hedmark, Oppland",1962,963km2 (372sqmi),36,SaltfjelletSvartisen,Nordland,1989,"2,102km2 (812sqmi)",37,Sassen  Bnsow Land,Svalbard,2003,"1,230km2 (470sqmi)","The park covers Tempelfjorden, Bnsow Land and the vast fluvial plain of Sassendalen, located at the head of Isfjorden. Tempelfjorden is an important breeding ground for ringed seals, while Sassendalen and Gipsdalen are important breeding grounds for geese. Bnsow Land has the only European occurrence of polar mouse-ear and broad-sepal saxifrage."38,Seiland,Finnmark,2006,316km2 (122sqmi),39,Sjunkhatten,Nordland,2010,417km2 (161sqmi),40,Skarvan and Roltdalen,"Nord-Trndelag, Sr-Trndelag",2004,441km2 (170sqmi),41,Sr-Spitsbergen,Svalbard,1973,"13,286km2 (5,130sqmi)","Covering the southern part of Spitsbergen (Wedel Jarlsberg Land, Torell Land and Srkapp Land), the western part has jagged mountains while the eastern part is more rounded. Hornsund is an important migration area for polar bears, while four bird sanctuaries (Olsholmen, Isyane, Dunyane and Srkapp) are vital nesting grounds for migratory seabirds."42,Stabbursdalen,Finnmark,1970,747km2 (288sqmi),43,Varangerhalvya,Finnmark,2006,"1,804km2 (697sqmi)",44,Ytre Hvaler,stfold,2009,354km2 (137sqmi),,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,