Download List of Major Rivers in India and Their Outflow ,Regions


This List Contains The Rivers Of India With Their Discharge Into Either The Bay Of Bengal And Arabian Sea.

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No.,Region,River,Length (km),Outflow,Note1,Indo-Gangetic plain,Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna,2948,Bay of Bengal,"Trans-boundary, 3rd largest discharge in the world"2,Indo-Gangetic plain,Indus,3200,Arabian Sea,"Trans-boundary, flows mainly through Ladakh in India"3,West Coast,West flowing rivers south of Tapti,NA,Arabian Sea,"Includes Periyar, Vaigai, Sharavathi, Kali, Mandovi, Zuari"4,Deccan,Godavari,1465,Bay of Bengal,Largest river in South India5,Deccan,Krishna,1400,Bay of Bengal,2nd largest river in South India6,East Coast,Mahanadi,858,Bay of Bengal,7,Central India,Narmada,1312,Arabian Sea,Largest west flowing river within India8,East Coast,Brahmi-Baitarani,480,Bay of Bengal,Second largest river in Odisha9,South India,Cauvery,765,Bay of Bengal,Largest river of Tamil Nadu10,East Coast,East flowing rivers between Mahanadi and Godavari,NA,Bay of Bengal,Includes Vamsadhara11,Central India,Tapti,724,Arabian Sea,12,East Coast,Subarnarekha,470,Bay of Bengal,13,Central India,Mahi,580,Arabian Sea,14,South India,Penner,597,Bay of Bengal,,,,,,,,,,,