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The Mughal era is a historic period of the Mughal Empire in South Asia (mainly Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) that was ruled by members of the Barlas Mongol Timurid Dynasty. It ruled from the early 16th century to the early 18th century when the Mughal emperors' power dwindled. It ended with the establishment of the British Raj in 1858. The Mughal emperors were Central Asian Turko-Mongols from modern-day Uzbekistan, who claimed direct descent from both Genghis Khan (through his son Chagatai Khan) and Timur. At the height of their power in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, they controlled much of the Indian subcontinent, extending from Bengal in the east to Kabul & Sindh in the west, Kashmir in the north to the Kaveri basin in the south. Its population at that time has been estimated as between 110 and 150 million(quarter of the world's population), over a territory of more than 3.2 million square kilometres (1.2 million square miles).
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SNo,Titular Name,Birth Name,Birth,Reign,Death,Notes1,B?bur,Zahir-ud-din Muhammad,23 February 1483,30 April 1526  26 December 1530,5 January 1531 (age 47),2,Humayun,Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Humayun,17 March 1508,26 December 1530  17 May 1540,27 January 1556 (age 47),,,,,,,,,(1st reign),,,,3,Sher Shah Suri,Farid Khan,1486,17 May 1540  22 May 1545,22 May 1545,4,Islam Shah Suri,Jalal Khan,?,26 May 1545  22 November 1554,22 November 1554,5,Humayun,Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Humayun,17 March 1508,22 February 1555  27 January 1556,27 January 1556 (age 47),,,,,,,,,(2nd reign),,,,6,Akbar-e-Azam,Jalal-ud-din Muhammad,14 October 1542,27 January 1556  27 October 1605,27 October 1605 (aged 63),7,Jahangir,Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim,20 September 1569,15 October 1605  8 November 1627,8 November 1627 (aged 58),8,Shah-Jahan-e-Azam,Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram,5 January 1592,8 November 1627  2 August 1658,22 January 1666 (aged 74),9,Alamgir,Muhy-ud-din Muhammad Aurangzeb,4 November 1618,31 July 1658  3 March 1707,3 March 1707 (aged 88),10,Azam Shah,Abu'l Faaiz Qutb-ud-Din Muhammad Azam,28 June 1653,14 March 1707  8 June 1707,8 June 1707 (aged 53),11,Bahadur Shah,Qutb ud-Din Muhammad Mu'azzam,14 October 1643,19 June 1707  27 February 1712,27 February 1712 (aged 68),"He made settlements with the Marathas, tranquilized the Rajputs, and became friendly with the Sikhs in the Punjab.",,,,,,,,,,"(4 years, 253 days)",,12,Jahandar Shah,Ma'az-ud-Din Jahandar Shah Bahadur,9 May 1661,27 February 1712  11 February 1713,12 February 1713 (aged 51),Highly influenced by his Grand Vizier Zulfikar Khan.,,,,,,,,,,"(0 years, 350 days)",,13,Farrukhsiyar,Farrukhsiyar,20 August 1685,11 January 1713  28 February 1719,29 April 1719 (aged 33),"Granted a firman to the East India Company in 1717 granting them duty-free trading rights for Bengal, strengthening their posts in east coast.",,,,,,,,,,"(6 years, 48 days)",,14,Rafi ud-Darajat,Rafi ud-Darajat,30 November 1699,28 February  6 June 1719,9 June 1719 (aged 19),Rise of Syed Brothers as power brokers.,,,,,,,,,,"(0 years, 98 days)",,15,Shah Jahan II,Rafi ud-Daulah,June 1696,6 June 1719  19 September 1719,19 September 1719 (aged 23),----,,,,,,,,,,"(0 years, 105 days)",,16,Muhammad Shah,Roshan Akhtar Bahadur,17 August 1702,27 September 1719  26 April 1748,26 April 1748 (aged 45),"Got rid of the Syed Brothers. Fought a long war with the Marathas, losing Deccan and Malwa in the process. Suffered the invasion of Nadir Shah of Persia in 1739. He was the last emperor to possess effective control over the empire.",,,,,,,,,,"(28 years, 212 days)",,17,Ahmad Shah Bahadur,Ahmad Shah Bahadur,23 December 1725,26 April 1748  2 June 1754,1 January 1775 (aged 49),Mughal forces defeated by the Marathas at the Battle of Sikandarabad,,,,,,,,,,"(6 years, 37 days)",,18,Alamgir II,Aziz-ud-din,6 June 1699,2 June 1754  29 November 1759,29 November 1759 (aged 60),Domination of Vizier Imad-ul-Mulk,,,,,,,,,,"(5 years, 180 days)",,19,Shah Jahan III,Muhi-ul-millat,,10 December 1759  10 October 1760,1772,"consolidation of the Nizam of Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha, during the Battle of Buxar. Hyder Ali becomes Sultan of Mysore in 1761;"20,Shah Alam II,Ali Gauhar,25 June 1728,"24 December 1759  19 November 1806 (46 years, 330 days)",19 November 1806 (aged 78),The execution of Tipu Sultan of Mysore in 179921,Akbar Shah II,Mirza Akbar,22 April 1760,19 November 1806  28 September 1837,28 September 1837 (age 77),Titular figurehead under British protection.22,Bahadur Shah II,Abu Zafar Sirajuddin Muhammad Bahadur Shah Zafar,24 October 1775,"28 September 1837  14 September 1857 (19 years, 351 days)",7 November 1862,Last Mughal Emperor. Deposed by the British and exiled to Burma after the Indian Rebellion of 1857,,,,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,,,,,,,Original source :,,,,,,