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This file contains list of wars occurs in Indian history

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Battle,Part of,Place,Winner,Loser,RemarksBattle of the Ten Kings,,near the Ravi River in Punjab.,King sudas of Trustu-Bharata Tribe,Ten Kings,"Rigvedic tribes were conquered by Sudas. Bharatas settle in Kurukshetra. Emergence of Kuru Kingdom"Kurukshetra War,,"Kurukshetra, modern-day Haryana,India",Territory-less Pandavas of the Kurus with the support of the mighty Panchala tribe and others.,"Kauravas (Kuru tribe) with capital at Hastinapura and their allies","Reunification of the Kuru states of Hastinapura and Indraprastha under the Pandavas. Return of Panchal lands held by Drona to the original Panchala state."Conquest of the Nanda Empire,,Nanda Empire in Northern India,Maurya Empire,Nanda Empire,Battle of the Hydaspes,,the bank of Hydaspes,Seleucid Empire,Paurava Kingdom,"The battle is historically significant for opening up India to Greek political (Seleucid, Greco-Bactrian, Indo-Greek) and cultural influences (Greco-Buddhist art), which continued to have an impact for many centuries"SeleucidMauryan war,,,Maurya Empire,Seleucid Empire,"Chandragupta got married to the daughter of Seleucus"Kalinga War,,,Maurya Empire,Kingdom of Kalinga,"Ashoka adapted Buddhism, and he started preaching Dharma Vijaya."Battle of Pullalur,,Pullalur,Chalukya Dynasty,Pallava Kingdom,Battle of Manimangala,,Manimangala,Pallava Kingdom,Chalukya Dynasty,Battle of Vatapi,,Vatapi,Pallava Kingdom,Chalukya Dynasty,Battle of Sri Purambiyam,Rise of the Medieval Cholas,Thirupurambiyam,Pallava Kingdom,Pandya Kingdom,Battle of Takkolam,,Takkolam,Rashtrakuta Dynasty,Chola Empire,Battle of Kandalur Salai,,Kandalur,Chola Empire,Chera Dynasty,Battle of Donur,,Donur,Chola Empire,Western Chalukya Empire,Battle of Koppam,,Koppam,Chola Empire,Chalukya Dynasty,Battle of Kudal-Sangamam,,Kudalsangamama,Chola Empire,Western Chalukya Empire,Battle of Vijayawada,,Vijayawada,Chola Empire,Western Chalukya Empire,Battle of Nettur,,Nettur,Chola EmpirePandya Kingdom,Pandya Kingdom,First Battle of Tarain,,Tarain,Chauhan Dynasty,Ghurid Empire,Second Battle of Tarain,,Tarain,Ghurid Empire,Chauhan Dynasty,"The victory of Mu'izz al-Din was decisive, he took Bihar province in 1193 eradicating Buddhism in that area."Battle of Chandawar,,Firozabad,Ghurid Empire,Gahadavala Dynasty,Battle of Beas River,,Beas River,Delhi Sultanate,Mongol Empire,Battle of Jalandhar,,Jalandhar,Delhi Sultanate,Mongol Empire,Battle of Sind,,Sindh,Delhi Sultanate,Mongol Empire,Battle of Kili,,Kili,Delhi Sultanate,Mongol Empire,Siege of Ranthombore,,Ranthombore,Delhi Sultanate,Chauhan Dynasty,Siege of Chittorgarh,,Chittorgarh,Delhi Sultanate,Guhila Dynasty,Battle of Amroha,,Amroha,Delhi Sultanate,Mongol Empire,Battle of Jalore,,Jalore,Delhi Sultanate,Chahamanas of Naddula,Battle of Mandalgarh and Banas,,Kumbalmer,Rajput Rajya(Participating factions: Mewar Kingdom),"Delhi Sultanate(Ruled by the Khalji Dynasty)","Bloodied by these engagements, the Sultan did not attack Mewar for another ten years."Battle of Nagaur,,Nagaur,Rajput Rajya(Participating factions: Mewar Kingdom),"Delhi Sultanate(Participating factions: Nagaur Sultanate and Gujarat Sultanate)",Battle of Cochin,,Kochi,Portuguese EmpireKingdom of Cochin,Samoothiri of Kozhikode,Battle of Cannanore,,Kannur,Portuguese Empire,"Delhi Sultanate(Participating factions: Gujarat Sultanate)",Battle of Chaul,,Chaul,"Samoothiri of KozhikodeDelhi Sultanate(Participating factions: Gujarat Sultanate)",Portuguese Empire,Portuguese conquest of Goa,,Goa,Portuguese Empire,Bijapur Sultanate,Battle of Khatoli,,Khatoli,Rana Sanga,Ibrahim Lodhi,Battle of Dholpur,,Dholpur,Rana Sanga,Ibrahim Lodhi,Battle of Gagron,,Gagron,Rana Sanga,Mahmud Khilji of Malwa,Invasion of Mewar,,Mewar,????,"Sultan Muzaffar Shah II sent an army under Malik Ayaz",retreated to Gujarat.Battle of Panipat,Mughal conquest of India,Panipat,Babur,Ibrahim Lodhi,Battle of Khanwa,Mughal conquest of India,Khanwa,Babur,Rana Sanga,Battle of Chanderi,Mughal conquest of India,Chanderi,Babur,Medini Rai,Battle of Ghaghra,Mughal conquest of India,Ghaghra or Gogara,Babur,Afghans,Battle of Chausal,Mughal conquest of India,Chausal,Sher shah,Mughal emperor Humayun,"Humayun escaped by crossing over the river."Battle of Kanauj,Mughal conquest of India,Kanauj or Billgram,Sher Shah Suri,Mughal emperor Humayun,"Sher Shah Suri, occupied the city of Agra ."Battle of Sammel,Mughal conquest of India,Sammel,,,Battle of Tughlaqabad,Mughal conquest of India,Delhi,King 'Hem Chandra Vikramaditya',Akbar,Battle of Panipat,Mughal conquest of India,Panipat,Bairam Khan (For Akbar),"Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (Hemu)",Battle of Talikota,,Bannihatti or Tallikota,Unified Army of the five Deccan Sultanates defeated,Vijayanagara Army,"Vijayanagara General Ramaraju was killed in the battlefield."Battle of Haldighati,Mughal conquest of India,Haldighati,Akbar,Rana of Mewar Pratap,Battle of Bhuchar Mori,Mughal conquest of India,Bhuchar Mor,Mirza Aziz Koka,army of Halar,Battle of Swally,,Swally,British East India Company,Portuguese,Battle of Amritsar,Mughal-Sikh Wars,Amritsar,Sikh Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Kartarpur,Mughal-Sikh Wars,Kartarpur,Sikh Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Pratapgad,,Pratapgad,Maratha Empire,Adilshahi Dynasty,Afzal Khan vanquished by Shivaji.Battle of Kolhapur,,Kolhapur,Maratha Empire,Adilshahi Dynasty,Battle of Pavan Khind,Imperial Maratha Conquests,Vishalgad,Maratha Empire,Adilshahi Dynasty,"10,000-strong Adilshahi army defeated by 300 Marathas under the command of Baji Prabhu Deshpande."Battle of Surat,Imperial Maratha Conquests,Surat,Maratha Empire,Mughal Empire,Surat sacked by the Marathas.Battle of Purandar,Imperial Maratha Conquests,Purandar,Maratha Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Sinhagad,Imperial Maratha Conquests,Sinhagad,Maratha Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Aravalli hills,,Aravalli hills,Rajput,Mughals,First Battle of Anandpur,Mughal-Sikh Wars,Anandpur,Sikh Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Chappar Chiri,Mughal-Sikh Wars,Sirhind,Sikh Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Rahon,Mughal-Sikh Wars,Rahon,Sikh Empire,Mughal Empire,Battle of Delhi,,Delhi,Maratha Empire,Mughal Empire,Delhi lootedBattle of Colachel,,Colachel,Kingdom of Travancore,Dutch East India Company,Siege of Trichinopoly,Maratha invasions of Bengal,"Trichinopoly,Bengal Subah",Maratha Empire,Mughal Empire,"First of the six Maratha invasions of Bengal, between August 1741 to May 1751."Siege of Trichinopoly,Maratha invasions of Bengal,Trichinopoly,Mughal Empire,Maratha Empire,Battle of Madras,War of the Austrian Succession,Madras,French East India Company,British East India Company,Battle of Ambur,,Ambur,"French East India Company, Chanda Sahib, Muzaffar Jung",Nawab of Arcot,Siege of Arcot,,Arcot,British East India Company,"Nawab of Arcot, French East India Company",Battle of Arnee,,Arnee,"British East India Company, Maratha","French East India Company, Nawab of Arcot",Battle of Chingleput,,Chingleput,"British East India Company, Nawab of Arcot",French East India Company,Siege of Trichinopoly,Second Carnatic War,Trichinopoly,,,Battle of Golden Rock,Second Carnatic War,Golden Rock,British East India Company,French East India Company,Battle of Seringham,,Srirangam Island,British East India Company,"French East India Company troops and Chanda Sahib",Siege of Calcutta,,Calcutta,Nawab of Bengal,British East India Company,Battle of Bobbili,,Bobbili,,,Battle of Plassey,,Plassey,Robert Clive,Siraj ud-Daulah,Battle of Lahore,"Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani",Lahore,Marathas and Sikhs,Durrani Empire,Siege of Pondicherry,Third Carnatic War,Pondicherry,British East India Company,French East India Company,Third Battle of Panipat,,Panipat,Ahmad Shah Abdali,Marathas,Battle of Wandiwash,,Wandiwash,British East India Company,French East India Company,Battle of Sialkot,"Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani",Sialkot,Durrani Empire,Sukerchakia Misl,Battle of Gujranwala,"Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani",Gujranwala,Sukerchakia Misl,Durrani Empire,Battle of Rakshasbhuvan,,Rakshasbhuvan,Maratha Empire,Nizam of Hyderabad,Battle of Buxar,,Buxar,Hector Munro,"Combined armies of Nawab Mir Qasim(Bengal),Nawab Shuja-ud-daulah(Awadh)& Mughal emperor Shah Alam",Siege of Ambur,First Anglo-Mysore War,Ambur,Kingdom of Mysore Hyder Ali,British East India Company,Battle of Maonda and Mandholi,,Maonda and Mandholi,Jaipur,Bharatpur,Battle of Maonda and Mandholi,Jaipur-Bharatpur,Maonda and Mandholi,Jaipur,Bharatpur,Battle of Saunshi,Maratha-Mysore War,Gajendragarh,Kingdom of Mysore,Maratha Empire,Siege of Pondicherry,American War of Independence,Pondicherry,British East India Company,French East India Company,Battle of Pollilur,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Pollilur,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Negapatam,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Negapatam,British,,Battle of Pollilur,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Pollilur,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Porto Novo,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Porto Novo,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Sholinghur,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Sholinghur,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Pune,,Pune,Maratha Empire,British East India Company,Siege of Tellicherry,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Tellicherry,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Vellore,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Vellore,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Cuddalore,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Cuddalore,Kingdom of Mysore,British East India Company,Siege of Mangalore,Second Anglo-Mysore War,Mangalore,Kingdom of Mysore,British East India Company,"Hyder Ali dies. Treaty of Mangalore signed."Siege of Nargund,Maratha-Mysore War,Nargund,Kingdom of Mysore,Maratha Empire,Siege of Badami,Maratha-Mysore War,Badami,Maratha Empire,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Adoni,Maratha-Mysore War,Adoni,Kingdom of Mysore,Maratha Empire,Battle of Gajendragad,Maratha-Mysore War,Gajendragad,Maratha Empire,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Savanur,Maratha-Mysore War,Savanur,Kingdom of Mysore,Maratha Empire,Battle of Lalsot,,Lalsot,Jaipur and Jodhpur,Mahadaji Shinde,Siege of Bahadur Benda,Maratha-Mysore War,Bahadur Benda,Kingdom of Mysore,Maratha Empire,Battle of the Nedumkotta,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Nedumkotta,Travancore,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Calicut,Third Anglo-Mysore War,"Calicut, Malabar coast",Travancore and British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Capture of Cannanore,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Cannanore,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Sittimungulum,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Sittimungulum,Kingdom of Mysore,British East India Company,Siege of Bangalore,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Bangalore,,,Siege of Coimbatore,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Coimbatore,Kingdom of Mysore,"Travancore and British East India Company",Siege of Darwar,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Darwar,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Goorumconda,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Goorumconda,Nizam of Hyderabad and British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Koppal,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Koppal,Nizam of Hyderabad and British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Nundydroog,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Nundydroog,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Siege of Savendroog,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Savendroog,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Arakere,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Arakere,Nizam of Hyderabad and British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Capture of Hooly Honore,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Koodli,Maratha Empire and British East India Company,,Siege of Seringapatam,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Seringapatam,"Maratha Empire, Nizam of Hyderabad and British East India Company",Kingdom of Mysore,"Tipu sultan is defeated.Treaty of Seringapatam"Capture of Shimoga,Third Anglo-Mysore War,Shimoga,Maratha Empire and British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Battle of Mallavelly,Fourth Anglo-Mysore War,Mallavelly,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Tipu sultan is defeated and killed.Battle of Seedaseer,Fourth Anglo-Mysore War,Seedaseer,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Tipu sultan is defeated and killed.Siege of Seringapatam,Fourth Anglo-Mysore War,Seringapatam,British East India Company,Kingdom of Mysore,Tipu sultan is defeated and killed.Battle of Sultanpet Tope,Fourth Anglo-Mysore War,Sultanpet Tope,Kingdom of Mysore,British East India Company,Tipu sultan is defeated and killed.Battle of Malpura,,Malpura,Sawai Pratap Singh,Daulat Rao Sindhia,Battle of Panamarathukotta,,Wayanad,Pazhassi Raja's forces,British East India Company,Battle of Assaye,,Assaye,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Delhi,Second Anglo-Maratha War,Delhi,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Laswari,Second Anglo-Maratha War,Laswari,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Argaon,,Argaon,,,Capture of Gawilghur,Second Anglo-Maratha War,Gawilghur,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Deeg,,Deeg,,,Battle of Mukandwara Pass,,Mukandwara Pass,,,Battle of Farrukhabad,,Farrukhabad,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Siege of Deeg Fort,Second Anglo-Maratha War,Deeg Fort,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Siege of Delhi,Second Anglo-Maratha War,Delhi,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Bharatpur,,Bharatpur,Maratha Empire,British East India Company,Battle of Quilon,,Cantonment Maidan in Quilon,British East India Company,Kingdom of Travancore,Gurkha-Sikh War,Sikh-Nepali War,Kangra Fort,Sikh,Gurkha army,Kurichiya revolt,,Wayanad,British East India Company,Kurichiya and Kurumba tribes,Battle of Mahidpur,,Mahidpur,,,Battle of Khadki,,Khadki,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Koregaon,,Koregaon Bhima (Pune),British East India Company,"Peshwa faction of the Maratha Confederacy",Battle of Peshawar,Afghan-Sikh Wars,Peshawar,Sikh,Emirate of Afghanistan,Battle of Jamrud,Afghan-Sikh Wars,Jamrud,Sikh,Emirate of Afghanistan,First Anglo-Afghan War,,Afghanistan,British East India Company,"Dost Mohammad Khan (Emir of Afghanistan)",Gwalior Campaign,,Gwalior,British East India Company,Maratha Empire,Battle of Ferozeshah,First Anglo-Sikh War,Ferozeshah,British East India Company,Sikh Empire,Battle of Mudki,First Anglo-Sikh War,Mudki,British East India Company,Sikh Empire,Battle of Aliwal,First Anglo-Sikh War,Aliwal,British East India Company,Sikh Empire,Battle of Sobraon,First Anglo-Sikh War,Sobraon,British East India Company,Sikh Empire,Battle of Ramnagar,Second Anglo-Sikh War,Ramnagar,Sikh Empire,British East India Company,Battle of Chillianwala,Second Anglo-Sikh War,Chillianwala,Sikh Empire,British East India Company,Battle of Gujrat,Second Anglo-Sikh War,Gujrat,British East India Company,Sikh Empire,Siege of Multan,Second Anglo-Sikh War,Multan,British East India Company,Multan,Battle of Agra,Indian rebellion of 1857,Agra,British East India Company,Indian rebels,Battle of Aong,Indian rebellion of 1857,Aong,British East India Company,"Rebel Company soldiers""",Battle of Badli-ki-Serai,Indian rebellion of 1857,Badli-ki-Serai,British East India Company,Indian rebels,Second Battle of Cawnpore,Indian rebellion of 1857,,British East India Company,Indian rebels,Battle of Chinhat,Indian rebellion of 1857,Chinhat,Indian rebels,,Siege of Delhi,Indian rebellion of 1857,Delhi,British East India Company,Mughal Empire and Indian rebels,Siege of Lucknow,Indian rebellion of 1857,Lucknow,,,Battle of Najafgarh,Indian rebellion of 1857,Najafgarh,British East India Company,Indian rebels,Siege of Cawnpore,Indian rebellion of 1857,Cawnpore,"""Nana Sahib's forces - Rebel Company soldiers""",British East India Company,Battle of Kintoor,Indian rebellion of 1857,Kintoor,British East India Company,Indian rebels,Capture of Lucknow,Indian rebellion of 1857,Lucknow,British East India Company,Oudh and Indian rebels,Bhutan War,,Bhutan War,British East India Company,Bhutan,Hazara Expedition of 1888,,Hazara,British India,Tribes of Kala Dhaka,Chitral Expedition,,Chitral,British East India Company,,Battle of Saragarhi,Tirah Campaign War,Saragarhi,British India,Pashtuns,Siege of Malakand,Anglo-Afghan wars,Malakand,British India,Pashtuns,First Mohmand Campaign,,Peshawar,British India,Mohmands,Third Anglo-Afghan War,Anglo-Afghan wars,"North-West Frontier of India and Afghanistan",British India,Emirate of Afghanistan,"It ended in an armistice.The Durand Line was established."Second Mohmand Campaign,,Peshawar,British India,Mohmands,Arakan Campaign 19421943,Burma Campaign,Arakan,Empire of Japan,UK and British India,Battle of Imphal,Burma Campaign,Imphal,UK and British India,Empire of Japan,"Battle of Pokoku and Irrawaddy River operations",Burma Campaign,Pakokku,UK and British India,Empire of Japan,Indian annexation of Hyderabad,,Hyderabad State,Dominion of India,Hyderabad State,Annexation of Portuguese India,,Goa,India,Portugal,Lahore Front,Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,"Lahore, Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Battle of Asal Uttar,Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,Asal Utta,India,Pakistan,Battle of Phillora,Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,"Phillora, Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Operation Dwarka,Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,Dwarka,India,Pakistan,Battle of Burki,Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,"Burki, Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Battle of Chawinda,Indo-Pakistani War of 1965,Chawinda,India,Pakistan,Defence of Kamalpur,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,"Kamalpur, East Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Battle of Atgram,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,"Atgram, East Pakistan",5 Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army,"31st Punjab regiment of the Pakistan Army",Battle of Boyra,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,Boyra,Indian Air Force,Pakistani Air Force,Battle of Hilli,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,"Hilli, East Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Operation Chengiz Khan,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,India,India,Pakistan,Operation Cactus-Lilly,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,East Pakistan,India,Pakistan,Battle of Gazipur,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,"Gazipur, East Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Battle of Longewala,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,Longewala,India,Pakistan,Battle of Basantar,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,Barapind,India,Pakistan,Operation Trident,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,"Arabian Sea, off Karachi port, Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Operation Python,Indo-Pakistani War of 1971,"Arabian Sea, 12 nmi off Karachi port, Pakistan",India,Pakistan,Operation Meghdoot,Siachen conflict,"Siachen Glacier, Jammu and Kashmir",India,Pakistan,Operation Rajiv,Siachen conflict,Jammu and Kashmir,India,Pakistan,Battle of Tololing,Kargil War,"Tololing, Jammu and Kashmir",India,Pakistan,Atlantique incident,,Rann of Kutch,Indian Air Force,"A Breguet Atlantic patrol plane of the Pakistan Naval Air Arm",,,,,,,,,,,