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This contains list of 16 Presidents of Cuba.

This is a list of the Presidents of Cuba from 1902 until the present day.
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#,Name,Party,Term,(BirthDeath),,Presidents of the Republic of Cuba,,,1,Toms Estrada Palma,Moderate Party,20 May 1902  28 September 1906,(18321908),,Governors appointed by the United States,,,,William Howard Taft,Governor appointed by the U.S.,29 September  13 October 1906,(18571930),,,Charles Edward Magoon,Governor appointed by the U.S.,13 October 1906  28 January 1909,(18611920),,Presidents of the Republic of Cuba,,,2,Jos Miguel Gmez,Liberal Party,28 January 1909  20 May 1913,(18581921),,3,Mario Garca Menocal,Conservative Party,20 May 1913  20 May 1921,(18661941),,4,Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso,Cuban Popular Party-National League,20 May 1921  20 May 1925,(18611934),,5,Gerardo Machado,Liberal Party,20 May 1925  24 August 1933,(18711939),,In exile after 12 August 1933,Alberto Herrera y Franchi,Military,12 August  13 August 1933,(18741954),,Provisional president,Carlos Manuel de Cspedes y Quesada,A.B.C. Revolutionary Society,13 August  5 September 1933,(18711939),,Provisional PresidentExecutive Commission of the Provisional Government of Cuba,,,5  10 September 1933,Ramn Grau,Cuban Revolutionary Party,,(18871969),,,Guillermo Portela y Mller,Liberal Party,,(18861958),,,Jos Miguel Irisarri y Gamio,Conservative Party,,(18951968),,,Sergio Carb y Morera,Cuban Popular Party-National League,,(18911971),,,Porfirio Franca y lvarez de la Campa,Liberal Party,,(18781950),,Presidents of the Republic of Cuba,,,6,Ramn Grau,Cuban Revolutionary Party,10 September 1933  15 January 1934,(18871969),,,Carlos Hevia,Cuban Revolutionary Party,15  18 January 1934,(19001964),,Provisional President,Manuel Mrquez Sterling,Independent,18-Jan-34,(18721934),,Provisional President,Carlos Mendieta,National Union,18 January 1934  11 December 1935,(18731960),,Provisional President,Jos Agripino Barnet,National Union,11 December 1935  20 May 1936,(18641945),,Provisional President7,Miguel Mariano Gmez,National Union,20 May  24 December 1936,(18891950),,8,Federico Laredo Br,National Union,24 December 1936  10 October 1940,(18751946),,9,Fulgencio Batista,Democratic Socialist Coalition (CSD),10 October 1940  10 October 1944,(19011973),,10,Ramn Grau,Cuban Revolutionary Party (Authentic),10 October 1944  10 October 1948,(18871969),,11,Carlos Pro Socarrs,Cuban Revolutionary Party (Authentic),10 October 1948  10 March 1952,(19031977),,,Fulgencio Batista,Military,10 March 1952  24 February 1955,(19011973),United Action Party,Provisional President12,,Progressive Action Party,24 February 1955  1 January 1959,Anselmo Alliegro y Mil,Progressive Party,1  2 January 1959,(18991961),,Provisional President,Carlos Manuel Piedra,Independent,2  3 January 1959,(18951988),,Provisional President13,Manuel Urrutia Lle,Independent,3 January  18 July 1959,(19011981),,14,Osvaldo Dortics Torrado,Integrated Revolutionary Organizations,18 July 1959  2 December 1976,(19191983),United Party of the Cuban Socialist Revolution,,,Communist Party of Cuba,Presidents of the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba,,,15,Fidel Castro,Communist Party of Cuba,2 December 1976  24 February 2008,(1926 ),,,Ral Castro,Communist Party of Cuba,31 July 2006  24 February 2008,(1931 ),,Acting President16,,,24 February 2008  Incumbent,,,For other more formats kindly visit,,,,,,Original source :,,,